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Rick Cofer Explores Juvenile Crime Issues February 11, 2019


We hear a lot in the news about juvenile offenders who commit terrible crimes. It can be shocking to think about young people committing crimes, but sadly, juvenile crime is a reality in today’s world. Another issue, however, is that many juvenile offenders confess to crimes that they haven’t really committed. To an outsider, all of this may seem shocking and hard to understand, but experts like Rick Cofer; Austin, Texas’ Rick Cofer Law PLLC founder, attorney, know all about how the legal system works and the difficulties that young people are up against if they are arrested.

The Pressure on Juvenile Offenders

Yes, it can be difficult to understand why anyone would confess to a crime they didn’t commit.

Rick Cofer is an expert in this area of the law, however, and he has written extensively on the problem of juvenile confessions.

According to Rick Cofer, there is a sad history to the problem of juvenile criminal confessions. One of the most troubling instances of this kind of confession is the case of The Central Park Five, in 1989. In this case, five young men were arrested in the case of a woman jogger who was raped in Central Park. The young men (all minority members) were taken into custody, where they confessed to the rape under duress. It was later found, however, that another man (whose DNA matched the sample in the rape kit) was the actual rapist. Why did these young men confess to the crime? According to Cofer, it was a classic case of juveniles bowing to pressure from authority figures. Go Here for more information about Rick Coffer.

The Pressure of Authority

For adults, it can be easy to forget how difficult it is for young people to defy authority, especially when they are caught up in an arrest scenario that takes them far out of their personal safety zone. Many juveniles will bow to the pressure from police to confess just to get the situation resolved, hoping that they can then be returned to safety. All of this is why it is so important for juveniles to have full protection under the law, to avoid the problem of innocent people being wrongly convicted of crime.


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No Comments on Rick Cofer Explores Juvenile Crime Issues Launches A Delivery Drone In Indonesia February 4, 2019 is the best online trading platform in China and the Asia continent at large. It was founded by a Chinese’s entrepreneur known as Richard Liu Qiangdong together with his wife. Liu is the current Chief executive officer and chairman of the company; he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth, and development. was founded in the year 2004, but initially, it was a real mall which acted as the sole supplier of magneto-optical products.


The initial name of the mall was 360buy, and it was established in 1998. The mall did well until the year 2002 when China was affected by SARS outbreak which compromised its performance; since workers, clients were forced to remain indoors. Richard decided to shift the business into an online one, and finally, he founded Today JD is the leading platform for online trading in China.


Early this year, introduced the first drone lift in Indonesia, and the Indonesian government approved it. Launching of the drone will be a breakthrough for the delivery of parcels in South East Asia. During the launching, the country’s ministry of Transportation, Air Navigation and Civil Aviation were present. The test flight happened on 8th of January 2019, West Java Indonesia. The flight flew from Jagabita Village through Parung Panjang to Mis Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School and delivered books and backpacks to students. Go Here for more information.


The parcels delivered on that day were part of the company’s donation to the school. has a history of conducting philanthropic activities to support communities where it mainly operates. The online firm uses its high technology in helping China and providing immediate response it disasters such as earthquakes and Tsunamis affecting the country. in conjunction with its partner, which is also an e-commerce company were the first firms to bring high-quality online business in Indonesia. The two companies started their operations in the year 2016, and they served almost 20 million customers across the country. The operation leveraged the companies’ logistics, and they had ten warehouses across seven islands. The warehouses covered 483 cities and 6500 cities.


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Jacob Gottlieb Altium January 15, 2019

For anybody who is involved in healthcare investments and the healthcare industry as a whole, those people will certainly be in for some new and exciting changes. Jacob Gottlieb, who is a very highly sought after healthcare investor, is adding some new and interesting ventures into his list on the healthcare market.

Gottlieb is adding Altium Capital into the mix. Altium Capital is a healthcare-oriented company that mainly focuses on large investment opportunities that will vastly help in the growth of companies involved in the healthcare industry. There are also a few investments that Altium Capital is pursuing and have been in the past few years and these include Oramed Pharmaceuticals, or ORMP, Amarin Corporation, or AMRN, and also Oragenics.

When looking at the companies and investments that Altium Capital is going after, it is quite visible to see why Jacob Gottlieb would also like to join forces and team up with such a giant in the healthcare industry.

Gottlieb’s past was nothing but extraordinary as well, founding Visium Asset Management in 2005, with the company later peaking in the year of 2016 and reaching an $8 billion hedge fund status. The company did suffer due to an insider trading scandal, therefore, causing the loss of many members of the team and eventually bringing much of the company to a halt.

Jacob Gottlieb has been far from average as he received his Chartered Financial Analyst from the Association for Investment Management and Research. While this had happened in 2001, there has been nothing stopping him since and there are surely great things to come in his future. He will continue focusing on healthcare investing in hopes of creating a bright future for many people, whether he has to go through one investment at a time to get where he wants.

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China Ready To Transform With Jingdong January 14, 2019 a renowned and most trusted name in China’s retail market has decided to do a joint venture with Paramount Pictures & Global Play and are planning to unleash what was once considered as something unbelievable. Get ready China for a complete Transformation as, Paramount Pictures & Global Play combine force to give you Chinese release of the new TRANSFORMERS movie BUMBLEBEE.


In the early stage of the 1980s, Bumblebee manages to seek refuge in an old barren junkyard right in the outskirts of Beach town, California. Meanwhile, leading an ordinary land seldom life Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) rooms around the city trying to get a place for herself in her own life broken intimidated and worried about herself finds an unorthodox and unusual Yellow VW bug.


To plunge into the real action JD along with the support of Hasbro & Transformer franchise brings you a mission red micro-shorts that present the dynamic sides of Optimus Prime and Red Knight-an exclusive Transformers Character-putting out its life in the sole cause of the protection of the Energon Fuel Source. Share the thrill and excitement of the new Transformer by experiencing the Red Knight and its power. That’s not all to uplift your excitement to a new horizon the series is accompanied by three more short miniseries powered by Panasonic and Chinese means wear brand HLA featuring Red Knight protecting the Energon.


To add up to your transformer’s collection and Hasbro bring you the fully armed Red Knight action figure ready to defend the Energon till its last breath. The action figure will be made available by Dec 29, 2018, exclusively on JD.


“Super Bumblebee Day” sales promotion will go hand to hand with the premiere of the movie in China i.e. Jan,04. On the premiere day, over 300 million customers will be able to get their Bumblebee movie-themed merchandise and exclusive collectors’ items from Hasbro, Panasonic, HLA, and more. Find More Information Here.


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The Impact of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar January 12, 2019

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has built an impressive career as a board-certified plastic surgeon. A member of the Dallas, Texas community, Dr. Jejurikar has developed a reputation as a sensitive, patient-first physician. Currently he is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute where his work focuses on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breast. Dr. Jejurikar is an innovator that is changing lives everyday.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar attended college at the University of Michigan. After getting his degree here he went on to study at the University of Michigan Medical School. He would also go on to complete his residency in plastic surgery at this institution. Now focused on work in the Dallas area, Dr. Jejurikar has worked at many major Dallas hospitals including Texas Health Surgery Center Dallas, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and the Dallas Day Surgery Center.

Dr. Jejurikar has always put the needs of others first. Because of his experience and knowledge he has had the opportunity to help people who are less fortunate. Dr. Jejurikar has gone on multiple medical mission trips including several trips to Bangladesh. He has worked together with a non-profit group called Smile Bangladesh to feed thousands of impoverished children. Dr. Jejurikar considers it a blessing to be able to do such work.

Many people have recognized the work of this surgeon. In 2013 Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received the Compassionate Doctor Certification. This award is given to doctors with excellent bedside manner. That same year Dr. Jejuirkar was ranked among the top physicians in the nation based on patient reviews. His patients see him as a sensitive caring doctor. His work has been published in several medical journals which include Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is impacting the Dallas, Texas community in a positive way.

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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Understands The Benefits Of Maintaining A Sense Of Balance In Life January 8, 2019


In order for a person to succeed at their chosen profession, it is often quite beneficial for that person to take a break from what they’re doing, so they can recharge their batteries and gain a new perspective.

In a 2018 Blog webpedia interview entitled “Paul Herdsman’s Hobbies and their Impact on NICE Global”, the COO discusses how engaging in his hobbies away from work can help him with his professional duties. The two hobbies that Mr. Herdsman benefits from the most are playing golf and fishing.

When asked about his beginnings with the hobby of fishing, Mr. Herdsman says that he was around five or six years old when he received a fishing pole as a Christmas present. Ever since the first time he tried fishing, he enjoyed it very much, and still does. See Related Link for additional information.

It wasn’t until he was finished with high school that Paul Herdsman started golfing, but as time went on, he became a big fan of the game. This business executive finds that golf is the most challenging sport he’s ever taken part in.

Even though he is very busy in his professional life, Paul Herdsman still manages to go fishing and golfing once every week. By doing so, he is able to relax and free his mind of stress and tension.

When he was younger, Mr. Herdsman used to participate in tournament fishing, but these days he is more interested in going fishing with his two daughters. It is his hope that his daughters will participate in activities such as golf and fishing in the future.

By taking part in activities such as golfing and fishing, Paul Herdsman feels that people can develop patience and problem-solving skills that can help them throughout their lives.


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Kimberly Bakker Crunchbase


Kimberly Bakker’s Company Grew From A Childhood Love Of Hosting Parities And Years Of Experience.

Kimberly Bakker seemed destined from a young age to own and operate her own event planning business. As a child, she enjoyed throwing fancy tea parties and other events for family members. Kimberly Bakker received her education from the University of Southern California and started her professional career as a Protocol Officer for a mayor.

Through her professional experiences of throwing successful parties, Bakker was able to perfect her skills. Her professional experience plus her childhood desire to throw parties resulted in Kimberly Bakker Events.

For Kimberly Bakker, starting her own business seemed like the next logical step. She already had plenty of experience with planning a wide range of events. Kimberly Bakker also had the love of creating something from nothing deeply rooted in her from her childhood. It is also important to Bakker that her own daughter understands that a mom can have a variety of responsibilities and still be a hands-on parent.

What sets Kimberly Bakker Events apart from other event planning companies is that from the beginning stages of planning to the very end Bakker adds her own personal touches. Whether it is using her grandmother’s tea set or making sure that the host has food to take home at the end of the evening, it is the attention to those details and those personal touches that people remember well after the party. Find Related Information Here.

For anyone interested in the event planning industry, Bakker cannot stress enough that organization is key. In order to keep herself and her staff organized, she makes detailed lists to keep everyone on track. Her other piece of advice is to follow your gut. Successful people truly know that their own instants will lead them to success.


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NewsWatch TV Review: Avanca Indiegogo Campaign Success January 2, 2019

NewsWatch TV is a very well acclaimed TV program that has garnered a lot of award since its erection since 1990. They are a television program that focuses on consumers, entertainment, technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, editorials, sponsored reviews, mobile application reviews, breaking medical news, government news and of course, public service announcements.

  1. Gold Marcom Award for their Nationwide 30 minute television program (2017)
  2. Platinum Marcom Award for their Nationwide 30 minute television program (2017)
  3. 2017 Videographer Award for Excellence in their 30 minute entertainment program
  4. 2016 Silver Telly Award

NewsWatch TV has displayed excellence in their industry that they have been awarded with numerous awards.

NewsWatch TV broadcasts every Monday at 7am on the AMC Network and on all Ion Television subscribers.

One of the companies that have used NewsWatch TV as a platform to advertise their products is Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign – and their goal was to raise over ten thousand dollars for their new start up product that was set to run over 30 days. They needed a platform that was sure to advertise and promote their product healthily and so the hired NewsWatch TV to create a one minute promotional segment as part of the NewsWatch TV Reviews to help promote and advertise their Indiegogo campaign.

NewsWatch TV has been able to help Avanca’s Indiegogo campaign and it actually surmounted to a huge success that was way over requirement – they were able to raise over 400 thousand dollars and that was abou 2939% way over their quote in the 30 days that the campaign run. Avanca Indiegogo Campaign’s partnership with NewsWatch TV was one of the main reasons why their crowdfunding venture was a great success. They found it that they have made one of the best decisions that they made for their company. And they highly recommend NewsWatch TV as partners for every company that has the same goal.

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Creating A Stress-Free Holiday Season With Kimberly Bakker January 1, 2019


With the holiday season around the corner, there is no doubt that along with great memories comes added stress from preparing events for our family. Much like the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas day so is the tradition of running from store to store attempting to gather everything you need for the big day.

However, this year can be different, with a little help of course. Introducing one of the most sought-after event planners in California, Kimberly Bakker. Bakker brings a plethora of experience both academically and career-wise to the table.

Today this “Momtrepreneur”, philanthropist and CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, has offered some of her advice on how to not only remove unwanted stress but prepare the best possible event for your family this coming holiday season.


The Art Of Delegation

Understandably we all want to do everything because we feel like nobody can do it how we want it exactly, however, Bakker points out that delegating the simple tasks such as preparing the table or putting out some cookies can relief unnecessary stress which in turn will make your job a whole lot easier. View Related Info Here.


Create The Conversation

Demonstrating the meaning of the holidays can be a powerful thing, therefore Kimberly Bakker suggests putting out a family heirloom as a centerpiece to create a conversation and atmosphere of togetherness. For example, Bakker uses whenever possible her late grandmother’s tea sets and silverware for her own family gatherings.


Be Apart Of your Own Event

Bakker states that often we are so busy trying to make sure that everyone has a drink in their hands and or food on the table that we forget to be a gracious host to the guest. Remember, your friends and family decided to spend the holiday season with you, so make sure that you give them your time if only for a few moments here and there.


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Vinod Gupta Shows How Persistence Can Pay Off December 31, 2018


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a successful businessman who has never forgotten his roots. His humble beginnings in a small Indian village. The lessons he learned as a child helped him grow and become a self-made millionaire. He started school at the Indian Institutions of Technology. While there Vin Gupta studied agricultural engineering. He continued his education in the United States at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied business and engineering.

After graduating, he went on to work as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturer. After realizing there was no cohesive list of mobile home dealers, he opted to compile a list by using all of the local phone books in print. After a while, Vin Gupta had compiled quite an extensive list to present to his employer.

After getting a $100 bank loan, Gupta sent out a series of letters to individuals who could take advantage of his database services. He founded American Business Information in 1972. After several years of amassing databases, his company grew to be worth $500 million. In 2010, he sold the company for $680 million.

While Gupta still dabbles in several businesses, it has always been his goal to give back to his community. Gupta recently donated nearly $1 million to the development of a women’s polytechnic institution in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan. The school, established in 2000, promotes “Women’s Education” and allows women the opportunity to achieve a post graduate degree in 24 months.

The polytechnic institute offers classes in textiles, computer applications, technology, and more. He has also set up scholarships for girls who have the desire to further their education after high school. He provides everything that is needed to ensure their success including clothing, books, buses, and more.

Additionally, Gupta has donated more than $50 million of his income toward educational endeavors and advancements. View More Information Here.



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