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Surf Air: Airline Of The Future September 4, 2018

You’ve probably heard on the news that millennials are changing the way America does business. Some companies are bitter while others are innovating to suit new tastes. And the revolution can be most easily seen in transportation.


More people are living in cities than ever before. More than 50 percent of the American population will be living in a city in the next decade. This urbanization is due to globalization, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.


Transportation has seen a revolution due to urbanization. Rideshare apps have replaced car ownership for many young people. This actually saves a lot of money. Rideshare companies allow you to be picked up on the spot without having to worry about parking. And the cost savings are tremendous.


The urban millennial doesn’t have to worry about paying for parking, oil changes, fuel, tires, windshield wipers or car insurance. It turns out that a few rideshares per week add up to weigh less than the cost of ownership. But rideshare isn’t the only way millennials are changing transportation.


Efficiency is key. A bicycle in a city like Los Angeles allows the urban millennial to zip through traffic while simultaneously providing an opportunity for a workout. And scooters are becoming the next big craze. The electrified skateboard with handlebars is even available for scooter share in some cities.


It seems that Surf Air will be the airline of the future. The private airline’s members are allowed to schedule charter flights through the company’s app. It’s almost like a rideshare for air travel.


But Surf Air continues to innovate for ease and efficiency. The airline has its own terminal at the busy LAX Airport to allow for easy departures. Bags are taken right away as the flier is treated to private security, customs and immigration checks.


Surf Air flies to destinations all around the world, but the company often uses private airports to make departure even quicker. Surf keeps relationships with ride companies, hotels and vacation tour guides to make it even easier. The company claims it saves fliers two hours per trip. It could be the airline of the future. See This Page for additional information.



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Jeff Herman Posits That Motivation Is The Definition Of Success September 3, 2018

Jeff Herman said passion is the driving force of success in the legal business. In Herman’s recent interview with Five Hundo, the founder of Herman Law and recognized trial lawyer got into the nitty gritty of his profession. “It is an extensive workload and all-encompassing job,” Herman stated, “You have to find what drives you and marry I with the law.”


Herman himself found his passion in the area of sexual abuse. He has made nationwide headlines for exposing sexual predators and protective institutions, first gaining recognition for Exposing The Archdiocese of Miami and Denver for sexual abuse involving clergy. Since then he has been a featured panelist for Forbes, People, The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. Despite his extensive experience Herman himself did not start out in sexual abuse law. In fact, he began his legal career as a commercial litigator handling negotiation for businesses.


The case that changed everything for Jeff Herman presented itself twenty years ago. Herman, who was then still a commercial litigator, was approached by parents who believed their child was being sexually abused. Herman looked into the case and discovered that abuse was indeed occurring. A convicted pedophile known as Mr. Dan was employed at the preschool, and he was sexually abusing around twenty kids in attendance there. Herman went after Mr. Dan, but also focused his attention on the preschool itself. In his investigation he discovered the preschool had neglected proper background checks that would have exposed Mr. Dan. This was a defining moment for Jeff, and the one he attributes as the chief motivator for his switch. After that case Jeff Herman dedicated his law firm to advocating for victims of abuse. See Source Article for additional information.


According to Herman, anyone who wants success in law must find such a motivator. He himself had been looking for meaning at the time, disenchanted with his current field of work. If not for that case, he might have joined the lists of lawyers who leave the profession every year. “They leave because of the unrelenting conditions,” Jeff said, “combined with a sheer lack of motivation.” For Jeff Herman, the keys to success come from motivation.


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Jeff Herman Is A Revered Sexual Abuse Attorney August 13, 2018

As a lawyer, working as a commercial litigator guarantees a good paycheck. Well, Jeff Herman was once a commercial litigator; however, he later decided to become an attorney who majored in pursuing justice for sexual abuse victims. Jeff Herman has been representing sexually abused individuals for over two decades. Well, two decades is quite an extended period of time, and Jeff Herman has been gaining more experience over the years.


Background Information


Jeff Herman’s journey as an attorney dealing with sexual abuse cases dates back to two decades ago when he decided to represent a child who had been harassed sexually by a school employee. The child’s mother approached Mr. Herman since he was a well-known lawyer at that time. Even though he was a commercial litigator, Jeff Herman saw no harm in helping out a mother who wanted the best for her child.


Although Jeff Herman was determined to seek justice for the sexually abused victim, the relocation of the school employee who had engaged in the heinous act to another region posed a significant problem. By moving to another city, the pedophile was able to evade a conviction by the jury.


Additional Information


The fact that Jeff Herman’s first case on sexual abuse wasn’t a success that did not mark the end of the road for him. In fact, Jeff Herman decided to focus on seeking justice for the sexual abuse survivors primarily. With time, Jeff Herman was tasked with handling multiple cases, and he knew that he needed assistance from other like-minded individuals; that is how the Herman Law firm came into existence.




Herman Law is well equipped with professional staff who have their way around handling sexual abuse cases. Since the firm also works with private investigators among other professionals, Herman Law always gathers facts that always help Jeff Herman to come up with a concrete case which allows him to emerge as a winner in every case that he handles. As much as being a sexual abuse attorney poses many challenges, Jeff Herman has never thought of giving up. In fact, he is a role model to many individuals who look up to him for being the man that he is today. See This Article for additional information.


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Roseann Bennett Taking Advantage Of Canine-Assisted Therapy To Assist Her Patients July 19, 2018

The reason why kids love dogs is that they are drawn to the friendliness and playfulness that a dog has. There are so many benefits to having a pet that has been documented the recent recognition is the use of dogs to change the lives of people positively. Roseann Bennett is a therapist at Hackettstown who has made good use of the dog to help the clients face the issues.


Bennett got the license to practice as a marriage and family therapist, and she has been in the field for the past ten years. Through the work of Roseann Bennett, her peers even recognize her. At the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family, she offers her services as the president.


Roseann is among the co-founders of the Center for Assessment and Treatment that opened their doors in 2010. From the time the company was founded, it has been of help to many people. Together with the support of the staff, Bennett ensures that she will be able to offer the best even if they don’t receive the funding to provide the services. Read This Article for more information.


They will work tirelessly to ensure that the community is helped so that they can live life’s that are free from the mental health stigma. Roseann will not turn away the patients even if they don’t have means of paying she will come up with ways to help the patients now and then.


Previously while she was working with kids, that’s where the interest of canine-assisted therapy came to her. According to kids, they find dogs to be calm to them, that’s why they will be their safety net. A kid will feel that the dog does not judge her or him and that they will be safe when the dog is around. Once the kids feel safe, then they will not have any difficulty in opening up.


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CFO Michael Burwell Brings Three Decades Of Experience To New Role At Willis Towers Watson July 17, 2018

The multinational risk management, advisory, and insurance brokerage firm Willis Towers Watson announced in a press release that they had brought on board Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer, replacing Roger Millay who has announced he plans to retire voluntarily. Michael Burwell has 31 years of experience in personal services and finance that he acquired at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. For the past decade, he has occupied senior leadership positions at PWC including chief operating officer, head of global transformation, chief financial officer, and head of transaction services in the United State.


Michael Burwell was welcomed to the team by Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Executive Officer John Haley. John Haley said that Mike is a great addition to his senior management team and will help take the company to the next level. He added that Michael Burwell has a keen understanding of managing and making results happen in a multinational and complex firm. For his part, Michael Burwell said that he was honored to join this company and looked forward to doing his part to drive long-term growth and complete ongoing integration efforts.


Michael Burwell completed his college education at Michigan State University. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in business administration he earned his CPA designation. He said that in his new role at Willis Towers Watson he will be heavily involved in rolling out their new investment management service, AMX, to the clients of this company. He said that this rollout first occurred in Europe and was just released in the United States. He said this service will help both big and small money managers reduce both the compliance and aggregation processes which will be extremely helpful in saving them both time and money. See This Article for additional information.


He says that he has a number of career accomplishments he is proud of. Perhaps the one that Michael Burwell is most proud of is the time he was tasked with increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of a professional services firm while he was its CFO. Burwell was able to eliminate $500 million in costs which was a big accomplishment but even more impressive he was able to do so without axing a single job.





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Paul Herdsman’s Beliefs On How To Become Successful July 16, 2018

Paul Herdsman co-founded a company that helps not only their customers but their employees as well. Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global is a full-service business solutions provider located in Jamaica. They offer their customers the comfort of knowing they have improved customer retention, lowered their overhead costs, and increased their revenue by working alongside their NICE Global employee.


From the employee stand point, NICE Global wants to make sure that they are happy, skilled, and are able to grow as individuals both personally and professionally (Get More Information Here).


How, then, does Mr. Herdsman measure success? Let’s look at some of Paul Herdman’s Business Tips that helped him become successful.


One of the first things he believes in is having a positive attitude. He notes that people with positive attitudes are, “better problem solvers, they have more energy, and are more resilient.” If this is an area of struggle for some people, he recommends writing a list of five things they are thankful for each night before bed.


It’s important to him as well to do work that he cares about and to have a vision for that work. After all, “A good entrepreneur is clear about the path they want their venture to take.”


Paul also believes in building the right team, making sure to pay extra attention to character and value. Part of that team must be a mentor, who has been there and is willing to help.


Likewise, character from the entrepreneur’s perspective must include understanding that we all make mistakes and the key to success is to learn from them. Understand that, though luck sometimes happens it is rare and there are no shortcuts.


Be persistent and don’t get discouraged if the business is not taking off quick enough.


Paul Herdsman believes in knowing his customers and making sure to go above and beyond.


Last but not least, Paul Herdsman believes that sometimes you have to say no. We only have twenty-four hours in a day and time is precious.




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Preston Smith of Rocketship Education Responds to NRP’s Allegations

Preston Smith of Rocketship Education Responds to NRP’s Allegations

About ten years ago, the first Rocketship School was formed in San Jose. Even though the management boasts of making an outstanding impact in the country, Rocketship Charter School has a long way to go in terms of reaching out to more scholars. And definitely, the institute has learned the value of encouraging parents to start tutoring their children at a tender age, from home.


Behind the success of Rocketship Education is Preston Smith who serves as the CEO. He is also the co-founder. He first served as a teacher before becoming the principal of Rocketship Education. He resides in San Jose.

The Report

Far from that, Rocketship Charter School has been on the limelight for the wrong reasons of late. NRP published a take-down article that attracted many prospective clients including parents to scholars. The report indicated that the institution is too strict on students. It also noted that the teachers offer rigorous lessons to their students irrespective of age. Although only two parents complained, the NRP report smudged the name of the school by suggesting that students were uncomfortable.

Smith’s Sentiments

Today, Preston Smith is telling the nation that NRP did not get it right. For starters, Rocketship Education was formed more than five years ago. It has been service its purpose since then. Even just as a boutique school when it was established, it still delivered by instigating policies that work well for students, parents, and teachers. That explains the reason behind many parents sticking with the school even with the smeared PR. Also, Preston Smith is confident that the education system provided at Rocketship Education is good enough for scholars.


Moreover, over 90% of their students returned to school this year. That indicates that the education center is still preferred and if it was not, like painted by NRP’s report, these students would not have returned to school. Besides, they do not have to enroll at Rocketship Education. There are many charter schools around.


In a recent survey by Rocketship Education, 72% of parents proposed Rocketship Education as their school of choice to their friends. It means that the education center is still one of the best in the regions.

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Betsy DeVos on Education Choice Programs July 10, 2018

Many do not realize that Betsy DeVos does come from an education background. While many focus on her lack of teaching experience, DeVos does not seem to need that to know about education reform. In fact, part of her background comes from her mother, who was a public school teacher who used to tell DeVos about her experiences as a teacher. Those were some of the reasons that she got into education reform, because she wanted to be able to help students get into a school that made sense for them.


So much of public schooling today is about standardized testing and Common Core Math. DeVos says that it shouldn’t be that way. Other schooling options offer better ideas for students and parents. One of the main reasons that students fail is because they are not excited to go to schools that are failing and don’t seem to have the same programs or resources as other schools. The main benefit of being able to pick a school through educational choice is that the student gets to find a curriculum that is interesting.


However, most still criticize DeVos for not being a teacher and believing that she knows better than teachers who work in the public education system. DeVos has said that many do not take the time to really understand what educational choice provides, just that it might take away finding for public education systems. However, philanthropy has currently been the main supporter for private and charter schools at this time. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton are big contributors to the educational choice movement.


DeVos has been working in this area ever since her time at Calvin College. She has been making moves politically and thinking about ways to help other states be more successful with their programs. To date, DeVos says that Florida is the most successful state with educational choice options because it provides virtual schooling, magnet programs, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools. In addition, you can get a tuition-based scholarship to go to school in Florida.


DeVos has also been tasked with helping the school safety movement. In a recent interview she was asked whether teachers should bring guns to school, and she said that there were other way to deal with safety that hadn’t been explored yet. It doesn’t look like she is a supporter of any guns on campus, and she is working with legislators to make sure that schools are safe going forward. DeVos has two more years in office to see through educational choice, but it may be challenged sooner than that as many public school systems are protesting the changes.


DeVos says that many people are just misunderstanding what educational choice is about and wants to help people in their communities make better decisions when it comes to education. She believes that students need better options right now more than ever.


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The Huge Contribution Of Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car June 25, 2018

1Gregory J Aziz is the owner and the CEO of the National Steel Car. He has made the organization ruled the market of engineering freight manufacturing of car since he took over the leadership in the firm. Several firms he has the worker in has infused him with the right skills on how to drive the organization to the peak point in the market. Gregory James Aziz is also the chairman of the board of the National Steel Car. Greg was born in the urban city of London. He then excels in the field of economics at the degree level from the Western Ontario University. The ideas he has implemented in his life has the close relation to his field of study.


Greg Aziz made a considerable contribution to the family business called Affiliated Foods when he became a team member in playing the role of assistance. He learned a lot of managerial skills from the position he was playing in the company. He developed the interest on the part of management and put many efforts to the area till he served as the manager of the firm. Greg registered tremendous achievement in the organization. For instance, he placed the name of the company to the international scene after making it the top company dealing with the imports of the fresh produce in Europe. Additionally, he stretched the limits of the company by boosting the marketing of its products to other regions of the world such as the United States and Canada. See This Article for additional information.


Gregory James Aziz had earlier invested in the city of New York while he was serving in some banking institution. Greg spent the returns to acquire National Steel Car. The transfer of the company possession took place in 1994. Gregory Aziz had confidence that he will restore the old glory of the company and make it reach the market with quality products. The measure that he set in place to attain the primary goals of the firm is the adoption of the current technological way in running the system of the company. Aziz further registered the National Steel Car under ISO to give its client assurance of the quality products through conformity to the statement of the policy of ISO.


Dedication of Gregory James Aziz in the leadership of the National Steel Car has propelled the company to the position where it was in the market before. National Steel Car became the leading in manufacturing of the quality freight car in North America and won the trust of many clients across the globe. Gregory Aziz invested his efforts to push the goals of the National Steel Car to the current state in the market.


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A look into the Chainsmokers’ “Somebody” video June 14, 2018

The song “Somebody” by the Chainsmokers talks a lot about the duo. The song not only connects with the fans on a deeper level but also reveals the high level of expertise possessed by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Today, every person is talking about this. What is so special about this hit song? It combines a lot of elements from Pop music, R&B and Electronic Dance Music. They are synchronized uniquely, and this makes a person want to listen to it severally.


The Chainsmokers have also established a way of connecting to the fans by talking about real life issues. In the song “Somebody”, the duo talks about how difficult it can be for someone to be true to themselves. While people aim at reaching material stuff, a person should focus on who they are by not being fake.


This duo has appreciated the positive responses that they have gotten from their fans. They even released a short clip to show how the song was produced and the variations of the pitches. Listening to this video shows how multitalented Pall and Taggart are in their music genre. They promised her fans that in future, they will teach them more about the production of the music video through a tutorial.


Chainsmokers have come a long way since 2012 when they both met. After the music partner of Alex Pall left, Andrew Taggart travelled to New York City to join him. Both of them had a lot of interest in this music genre. Their collaboration, commitment and hard work have seen them achieve immense growth in the industry.


The Chainsmokers creativity and originality in producing music has enabled them to be awarded severally even in the Grammys. For instance, on the 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony, their song “Don’t let me down” was ranked number one in dance music. They have been awarded twice in AMA and won five times in the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The US Billboard ranked their song “Roses” as number ten. This shows the ability of the duo to produce quality music and entertain their fans.

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