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James Aziz: A Man with Many Names December 21, 2017

Gregory James Aziz is a humble man. Although he’d never brag about it, he’s one of the greatest CEOs that’s ever-led National Steel Car. He joined the company in 1994 after giving up investment banking. Most people call him Greg Aziz, but he’s also been called Greg James Aziz, Gregory J. Aziz, and Greg J. Aziz.

Regardless of how articles print his name, he’s the same guy. He’s the guy that puts the company’s needs before his own. He never takes credit for himself, always crediting success to the employees. He even thanks the customers and suppliers for their business over the years.


He obviously credits the workforce more than anyone. Some of his best employees are the engineers that develop all the great products they offer. The engineers have the difficult task of staying on top of ever-changing technology and industry needs.


National Steel’s been able to acquire a top spot in the industry because it’s one of the best at developing effective products. It also has some of the highest standards of any company in the steel car manufacturing industry. Founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc., National Steel Car offers over 100 years of experience; something other companies can’t offer.


Unsurprisingly, Greg Aziz is taking the company to new heights. A lot has changed since Aziz took over but all of it’s been good changes. First, National Steel Car is now the only railcar company in North America that’s ISO certified. It’s also never missed a deadline or disappointed a customer.

It’s because of that brilliant leadership that National Steel Car has won the TTX SECO award every year for the past 13 years. Aziz will never admit it, but his leadership is one of the greatest things that happened to National Steel Car in the last 30 years.


Continuing a 100-year history of excellence is an exciting challenge for Aziz. It’s something that not just anyone can do. He’s figured out a way to maintain the company’s reputation while also improving upon it. To most people, National Steel Car is the number one manufacturer. Read This Article for additional information.


Among the many names he has as CEO, he’s also a local philanthropist. Since becoming CEO, he’s committed National Steel Car to numerous community food drives and other charities.



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National Steel Car Celebrates 100 December 20, 2017

The Canadian-based company, National Steel Car, has thrived under the leadership of chief executive officer Gregory James Aziz. Greg James Aziz has served National Steel Car as the CEO as well as the chairman of the board. He is an Ontario native and has planted his company in the city that he once called home.


Gregory James Aziz studied Economics while attending Western University. He would put this wisdom into marvelous use during his time as CEO at National Steel Car. It was due to the wise leadership of Greg Aziz that National Steel Car was able to celebrate its 100th year of doing business.


1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oWhen Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, he took the time to get to know what was going on in the business. Gregory James Aziz discovered very quickly that National Steel Car was selling products it created ten years ago. This was well and good for the last decade, but times were changing, and countries were moving toward being full of green energy. National Steel Car was not up to the trend and would not be able to survive stricter regulations should they be passed.


Greg Aziz then made it his priority to cast a vision of excellence and efficiency that was unparalleled in the rail industry. It was his constant and persistent pursuit of excellence that nearly guaranteed that National Steel Car would dominate the rail industry in North America.


Due to his constant push for a better and more efficient rail car, the research and development Department was able to create a car that consumed 50% less water and produced 90% fewer emissions. This car would serve them well when the Canadian government passed the strictest environmental regulations that the rail industry has ever seen. Read This Article for more information.


Just this last year, Greg Aziz was able to celebrate with National Steel Car their Centennial birthday. He knew that he had to thank the four pillars of a successful business for getting his company to where it was. He began by thanking his loyal customers who never bailed once they sign a contract with National Steel Car. He would then show his gratitude to his suppliers who kept costs low over the years. He would thank the executives for instilling the vision of excellence throughout his company. Lastly, he would uphold the workers as the primary reason that his company succeeded for the past 100 years.



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Setting Your Financial Goals with Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions December 19, 2017

Education is a key element in any financial plan. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions knows that educating yourself about options to reach your financial goals will lead to your financial success. His organization uses a three pillar approach to tackle goals effectively. The first pillar is mapping out where you want to be financially. The second pillar defines the obstacles and resources you have available to reach your goals. The third and final pillar is the implementation of the tasks needed to reach those goals.


  1. Defining Your Financial Goals

This is an important first step towards reaching your desired outcome. Richard Blair defines this as a road map with your origin and destination clearly defined. It is a necessary step to understand what your financial goals are before you jump into any investment strategies. This is the time to take advantage of the tools and resources Wealth Solutions has available to flesh out your goals successfully.


  1. Sorting out the Obstacles and Resources

In this second pillar you need to write down the obstacles you’ll face to reach your goals. Some obstacles may not be readily seen, but others are glaringly obvious. Blair has an extensive knowledge of common obstacles that trip people up when trying to reach desired goals. His team of financial experts can help you set and define your individual short and long term goals. They can also help you uncover resources that you may not be aware that you can use.


  1. Establishing an Investment Strategy

Once you have completed an analysis of your short and long term financial goals, you will need to set them in motion. A good solid investment strategy can make a big difference in reaching your financial goals. Wealth Solutions provides financial advice and resources to help you establish an investment strategy that will help you reach your financial goals.


Richard Blair with his over twenty years of financial experience is well versed in the financial markets. He understands the market’s fluctuations and has helped thousands reach their financial goals. His clients include small businesses in the Austin area and many rich families in the Houston area. Wealth Solutions was founded in 1994 with the basic premise of making a positive and significant difference in people’s lives. Blair’s success in helping clients reach their retirement and other financial goals is legendary.


Connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.

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Obsidian Energy is One Growing Company December 18, 2017

Obsidian Energy Ltd is known for being a small natural gas and Canadian oil production company that happens to be located in Calgary, Alberta. For the longest time, the company was known to be one of the sixty biggest companies that were on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It was in January of 2008 that the company was able to hit its all-time market capitalization high of US $9.5 billion. Obsidia has always made sure to base itself primarily on discipline and the passion that all of their workers have for the work that they do. Obsidian Energy Ltd. Expects to be able to hit a total reproduction, in 2017, of approximately 31,000 bbi a day. This is a goal number for the company and one that they hope to only increase in time.


Obsidian Energy Ltd. Had currently been known as being called Penn West. It was on June 26 of 2017 that the company decided that they wanted to make the name change to Obsidian Energy. They are hoping that the change will help to better define the company and help it to be able to grow more as time goes on. Visit This Page for additional information.


Penn West has been able to overcome many obstacles throughout the years and knows that the new name is going to be able to help them overcome many more. They have already been able to reduce to companies’ net debt and are hoping to be able to reduce it by much more in the years to come. Though they know that it will not be easy to achieve the company is more determined than ever to see just how far that they can go. Obsidian Energy is one company that is not going to stop improving until they are at the very top of the business world.

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Obsidian Energy: Leading The Fuel Industry Into Tomorrow December 16, 2017

Our vehicles and assorted machinery all need large amounts of fuel to keep them running at peak efficiency, which is precisely the business Obsidian Energy finds itself operating. The Canadian oil and gas producer is both experienced as well as knowledgeable in the field, having produced fuels at high volumes with great success for what is now several years. The company strives to please both prospective customers and longtime shareholders alike with an informed, yet flexible, operational strategy that aims to keep the business running as smoothly as the vehicles its product fuels.

Things haven’t always been so cut and dry for Obsidian Energy, however. This past June, the company underwent some serious changes: For starters, it changed its name. Previously known as Penn West, the company changed its branding to suit better the service it seeks to provide, as well as to present its operations more accurately. Obsidian doesn’t deal purely in oil and gas: it also produces more modern fuel alternatives, such as natural gas. Ultimately, the name change was met with praise and approval from company executives, employees, and shareholders alike. In addition to its new branding, Obsidian’s stock symbol has become “OBE’.


The transformation from Penn West Petroleum to Obsidian Energy has been a challenging journey for the company. It can be seen as a new start of sorts, or a transition into a new era of operations for the business. The reasoning for the change is undoubtedly complex, but it can mostly be attributed to the operation wanting to serve its three most sacred principles better.


Those principles are as such: Disciplined technical and commercial decision-making, relentless pursuit of progress, and transparent efforts to appease its shareholders and community. Obsidian Energy has an exceedingly positive outlook in regard to its future, in addition to these positive principles. According to a statement released by, Obsidian Energy is confident it has strong assets with which to proceed in this new space. In addition, they have also developed a prudent hedging strategy that has the potential to yield enormous results, even when operating in low-cost environments. Obsidian was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


See This Page for related information.

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Gregory Aziz: The Man With A Mission And A Heart December 15, 2017

1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oThere could be as many articles about Gregory James Aziz as there are Google pages about every single topic you can think about. Too much noise is deleterious to your health, and that’s why you might as well forget about all the information you think you want to read about Gregory J Aziz. It won’t be possible to read all of them. That is why we will attempt something different here. In this article, we will try to offer you a concise information about Greg James Aziz that won’t cause your brain to get clogged with drowning information. So, shall we start?


The Basics

One of the basic information that you probably don’t know about Gregory J Aziz right now is the fact that he comes from a family of business people. In fact, his parents were the owner of Affiliated Foods, which in 1971 he tried to help in the operations. It was also in this year that the company expanded itself to various locations in Central, Europe, and South America. The company has ever since been establishing itself as a leader in the distribution of fresh food in commercial arrangements across the United States as well as in Eastern Canada.


The Philanthropy

It might also be useful for us to say here that Greg and his wife are also active sponsors for the prestigious organizations and advocacies in the United States. One of the non-profit groups that Gregory is very active in is the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is Canada’s No. 1 agricultural fair that has a very prominent standing among the Canadian population.


While philanthropy is an active part of Gregory J Aziz, you can also observe the rise of Greg from his involvement in various stock ventures and investments that indeed gave well-paying gains for his wealth. In fact, Greg was able to use his investment skills in finding business opportunities in New York around the 1980s when the options there were not yet saturated.


The Dream

It was always the dream of Greg to be part of something big. One of the biggest dreams that Greg had was to transform a Canadian company into one of the largest and most successful railroad companies in North America. This is also the reason that gave Greg the drive to make sure that he gathers all the engineering experts that he can tap to build a great brand. Go Here to learn more.


It is also his vision to create a large and reliable freight company that enabled him to grow his human capital and resources large enough to be able to produce 3,500 cars every year. Good thing that Greg was able to hit this goal by being the CEO of National Steel Car, among other achievements. In fact, the company that Greg grew is so successful, that it now employs about 3,000 people, from 600 when it just started.

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Gregory Aziz: Exceptional Businessman and Person December 13, 2017

1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oIn London, Ontario a small baby was born on April 30th of 1949. The baby was named Gregory James Aziz, or James Aziz, and he would go on to do some incredible things. One of the first things that Aziz did that really set the tone for his life journey, was expand his studies in business. He became educated at Ridley College and from there went to the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. This was his first taste of the business world, and he liked it.


James Aziz’s decision to go into the business world was not that far removed from the general goals of his family. The owners of Affiliated Foods, the Aziz family was very much interested in putting their mark on the world. Affiliated Foods was established in 1968, but Greg Aziz did not start working there until 1971 after he graduated. The small grocery supply company took off over the 16 years that Aziz worked there, in part due to their decision to start importing fresh food from Europe, Central America, and South America. This had not been done before by anyone in their industry and set an example for innovation that Gregory J Aziz has carried throughout his life.


1994 was a big year for Aziz because he purchased the company National Steel Car from Dofasco. The company had once been a treasured railcar manufacturing and engineering plant in the heart of Hamilton Ohio. While many warned that the company was in ruins, Aziz saw what the company could become.


The first thing that he did was push for a bigger workforce that would be equipped with better training. This step helped secure the TTX SECO award for the highest quality product in 1996, only two years after Aziz took over. Later the company would go on to get there ISO 900I: 2008 certification in 1999. They are one of the only companies in North America to hold this prestigious certification. To this day, National Steel Car still holds both distinct honors. Aziz has never wavered on his desire to create a strong company. See This Article to learn more.


In addition to their commitment to growth, National Steel Car gives back to their community in a variety of ways. They are patrons of the local arts and donate to various local charities. Aziz and his wife are also the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With all his hard work, Aziz has not only been a good businessman, but also a very exceptional person.


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Ted Bauman Service to the Community December 8, 2017

     Ted Bauman is an influential figure who has been focusing on transforming the lives of the people in the society by publishing great content concerning investments. The businessman and influential journalist is currently working as one of the most respected editors for Banyan Publishing. While serving in this position, the journalist has changed the lives of so many individuals, especially those who want to make safe investments in the highly competitive market. Ted Bauman is not a newbie in Banyan Publishing, the businessman joined the organization four years ago, and he has managed to establish himself in the competitive market as an experienced pillar in the investment world. The businessman has written several publications in the recent times. One of this concerns the use of bitcoins as a form of currency.

In the recent times, people are looking for ways to make that extra coin. Everyone is working hard to make it life, and this has made life extremely competitive in the recent times. There are several forms of currencies that are used by people from all over the country and parts of the globe. Bitcoin was introduced into the market several years ago, and it has not yet been accepted by people from several industries. There are people who now think that this form of investment is used in the black market, making it unsuitable for the economy of a country. People like Ted Bauman have a different opinion concerning this matter. According to an article that was recently published by the journalist, by the year 2020, Bitcoins will be an important form of currency in the market that all people from all walks of life must embrace.

The current stock market has been affected by the modern technology too. According to Ted Bauman, investors who are not keen are risking losing their money in the competitive market. The businessman urges all investors to observe the market before they make any investments. For the newbies, it is paramount to have a role model who is already excelling in the market so that you are guided throughout the entire process. It is also paramount for the investor to understand the basics of the market so that they are not at a risk of losing their money to the cons that are in the market. Ted Bauman has been writing about investments for a long time, and this means that he has a lot of knowledge about the competitive market.

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