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Frontera Fund Attempts to Save DACA March 9, 2018

The DACA program has been the target of many fronts of attack from the GOP’s extremist members. The news is finding its way across young immigrant’s networks and organizations. DACA provides protection from deportation to undocumented youth who meet the prerequisites set. It also provides social security numbers and the ability to work in the U.S. for a period of two years which is renewable. The program also allows in-state tuition fees and the ability to get a driver’s licenses in some states.

The Trump administration received a letter from Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General asking that the DACA program be rescinded by September 5, and threatened legal action if the demand was not met. This will terminate the program abruptly but instead the proposal is to no longer consider new applications and to stop renewals. The letter was signed by a governor from one of the red states and nine attorneys general.

A closed-door meeting was held with John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security and Hispanic Caucus members. The program which protects eight hundred thousand people is in jeopardy, and there are already legal cases challenging the program which were mentioned as the reason for the communication. Kelly’s announcement increased the worry even though advocates and dreamers have been sounding the alarm for a while.

There have been clear benefits for the U.S. from the DACA program which has been implemented for five years. Ninety-five percent of those who benefits from the DACA study, work or both. This leads to millions for universities and colleges nationwide. They are paying higher taxes since their earnings have improved. Most economic gains by those who are using DACA invest in furthering education, creating businesses, buying cars and homes.

There are several studies that prove the program’s success. It is not time to panic but there is alarm among allies and scared people among the dreamers. It is time to start organizing to aid in preventing the elimination of DACA. A DREAM Act legislation will be fought for by the Frontera Fund as a permanent solution as well as giving guidance, assisting in the fight for preservation of the DACA and informing people about the act.

The DACA requires that applicants were younger than thirty-one by June 15, 2012 and that they entered the U.S. prior to their sixteenth birthday. They must have been living in the country continuously from June 15, 2007 until they file the application. Applicants must be in the United States physically at the time of application.

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Meet Shervin Pishevar: An Honored Entrepreneur March 7, 2018

Public researcher, founder, co-founder, chairman and entrepreneurial ambassador are some of the titles attached to Shervin Pishevar. Shervin Pishevar graduated from the University of California, Berkley, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is known to be a renowned entrepreneur, capitalist and investor. Shervin then went on to founding and co-founding several ventures which includes: Sherpa Capitals, Menlo Ventures,, Lonside Interactive, Application Corporation, Seges Capital and WebOs – which were very successful.


Shervin Pishevar’s drive and commitment to what he does has seen him investing in sixty plus businesses throughout different sectors. He has served on a number of boards including the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. Shervin served in the U.S State Department Delegations to the Middle East and Russia in the capacity of Entrepreneurial Ambassador.

He is an author of several U.S patents, and he has helped publish many posts alone, as well as with others, on subjects that he is very knowledgeable of. Go Here to learn more.


Shervin Pishevar is a visionary investor, a leading capitalist, a great investor and a researcher whose enthusiasm and devotion has taken him, and will continue to take him, to great heights. He has worked very hard to get to where he is at today. It has taken a lot of time, patience and effort, but when it is all said and done, it has all paid off in the end for him. Shervin Pishevar has been working hard towards his goals of becoming the best that he can possibly be from a very young age, and even though his studies have taken up a lot of his time, I am positive that he will tell you that he would not take back a single thing he did, or sacrificed, to become the great man that you know him as today!


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The Success of Tour Manager Clayton Hutson March 2, 2018

Clayton Hutson is a well-respected tour manager. He wears many hats in order to get the job done, and bring an artists’ vision to reality. Clayton has worked with musicians from all genres on tours both small and large. He also has 25 years of live sound experience, and extensive credits in assignments requiring production management, production design, show producing, monitor engineering, rigging, logistics, and stage management. As tour manager, his knowledge of musical engineering and mixing has contributed to his success and longevity in the business. Clayton has been known to quickly find solutions to problems that may arise on tours. One of his early, tours where he did just that, took place in 2005 for the “Bleed Like Me” Tour as monitor engineer for the alternative rock band Garbage. It has continued ever since to the delight of his clients.

He contributed to the “Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live at the Head Rock Casino Las Vegas” for the band Guns & Roses as monitor and production manager, stage designer and lighting designer. Hutson played an integral part in the co-bill tour with soul singer Maxwell, and soul/R&B singer-songwriter Jill Scott. He utilized the SD7 console which enabled Clayton to control both acts in a timely and well-synched fashion. The stage production went off without a hitch due to the mastermind and expertise of Clayton.

Clayton is proud to have brought along the first SD11 console on tour with singer Arron Lewis. Hutson had been using this system for several years which is produced by DigiCo. Clayton decided to obtain the very first SD11 for this specific tour where he worked as the day to day production tour manager, and FOH /monitor engineer. He has incredible skill using almost every console on the market including SD7’s and SD8’s on several one-off gigs. It was a milestone in Hutson’s career to use this technology, and debut it here since Arron Lewis was in an acoustic duo setting entertaining to sold out stages. Lewis headlined 700-seat casinos, churches and honky tonks. He played to 50,000 seat arenas and festivals. Clayton Hutson’s success keeps escalating as he remains a top choice in the industry. Learn more:

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