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Read About Just About Anything Participates In The Launch Of The Smart Logistics Institute In Xiongan October 31, 2018

Ever since it commenced operations in 2004, has been growing rapidly due to its strategic moves and innovative use of technology. In recent past, the organization has been stealing all the limelight due to its involvement in projects that spark universal interest. Recently, JD took part in the formation of the urban smart logistics center based in Xiongan China. The research center became a reality after the firm partnered up with various bodies, such as Nankai University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Sinotrans & CC and Shanghai maritime university and several other facilities.


Jingdong announced the launch of the facility during the Global Smart Supply Chain Summit which is usually held every year. This year’s summit was held in Beijing in October. Through the research center, will once again help to protect Mother Nature, and at the same time promote sustainable consumption, by ensuring that businesses can continue with their production activities without impacting the environment negatively.


The primary objective of setting up the facility is to help reduce the number of freight vehicles in Chinese cities, hence reducing the rate of urban traffic emissions. The only way that it will achieve this is by coming up with a framework of underground logistics that will make use of subterranean tracks, and municipal pipe corridors to move products. Such a framework will help in reducing the rate of emissions, and preserving the “above ground space, which would probably be occupied by the myriads of freight vehicles used to move goods.


Additionally, the underground logistics system is even more beneficial, as it will cause little to no disruption of daily life. Apart from’s Chief executive officer, Zhenui Wang, other officials who were present, and agreed with the concept of the urban smart logistics institute. For instance, Chen Xiangsheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that, using underground space to establish a smart logistics system, will help in transforming the town into a Smart City. Thereby, it will eradicate traffic and environmental problems, and at the same time leave more urban space for more productive activities. Go To This Page for additional information.



How Promotes a Sustainable Business Environment


It’s not the first time that is involved in a project that will promote an environmentally friendly business environment. Last year, the company launched the green stream initiative, a program aimed at reducing environmental degradation through the use of degradable packaging materials.


The Company also introduced the concept of hydrogen energy delivery trucks in Shanghai, in an aim to reduce the carbon footprint on the eco-system. JD is indeed a game changer, and it’s no surprise that in less than two decades, the organization has developed in leaps and bounds.



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Unroll Me: Helping Users To Organize Their Emails Easily October 30, 2018


Unroll Me is the best thing that happened to email subscription management. With the app, users can now comfortably deal with junk emails and personal subscriptions. The service is free, and one can quickly and efficiently get rid of unnecessary subscriptions. Your work will appear neat and organized with just a little effort. Unroll Me will have your inbox look organized and give priority to your most important emails.


Both iOS and Android users can use Unroll Me services. You only need to link your email account and make use of Unroll Me features to clean your inbox. Using the service is both simple and fun. Swipe left to unsubscribe to the emails, swipe right to keep the emails in your inbox. To add a newsletter, you need to swipe up. The process will keep it in your daily Rollup. Think of it as getting rid of trash in your inbox.


Data from Unroll Me suggests that ordinary users have about 62 subscriptions after sign up. With the app, one can establish what stays where. The app is free, and the user can now manage the list of their subscriptions and check them out on Rollup.


Unroll Me CEO, Jojo Hedaya is impressed with how his team works to make life easy for users. Since the app’s launch, the CEO has managed to add features that make the user experience nothing but smooth. Being a tech enthusiast, Mr. Jojo Hedaya understands how the digital world can be overwhelming. He hopes to see everyone work without stress caused by email litter. He also insists that his plan is not to replace the standard email client. Unroll Me works with Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or any other email account you have. Find Additional Information Here.


If you have a problem sorting out your email, then Unroll Me is here for you. For instance, emails from sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr go to the “social” category while emails from online transactions and credit cards go to the “shopping” category. Unroll Me is the easiest way of dealing with email clutter.


Unroll.Me is part of Rakuten Slice, whose market research organization Rakuten Intelligence provides the world’s leading brands, retailers, and marketers e-commerce insights to help them better understand market and consumer trends.


Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


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Oren Frank: Talkspace Brings On Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace a new innovative startup company that is offering therapy online has reached 1 million users. Founder and CEO, Oren Frank as stated the company is generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue over the past years. The company gives users the opportunity to share their mental health concerns directly with a health professional via video or through text messaging. The company is the first of its kind and seems to be swooping the market. Mental health issues have become more talked about recently in the media and among employers. Several people have continued to suffer in silence and never get the help that they need. Talkspace is a revolutionary idea when it comes to seeking help from a therapist.

Oren Frank hopes to grab the interest of corporations. Employers have begun to understand the effects of mental illness when it comes to helping their staff members. Many are beginning to step up and find solutions. Talkspace has partnered with it’s first employer organization in the past months. Talk space has also recently hired Neil Leibowitz, who used to be the medical director at United Health. He is responsible for helping Talkspace increase its corporate interest and ultimately allow the business to administer prescription medication to patients through their video system.

There has been no word on what types of drugs Talkspace therapists would be allowed to administer. Oren Frank continue to helm the lead of the company by addressing the many issues about mental health and encouraging those to get help. In his twitter posts he makes a reference to Facebook, who is currently receiving backlash from its users, by stating that “ there is no human on the other end.” In another post Frank acknowledges the article addressing teens suffering from ADHD after spending too much time on social media. He lets them know, “we are here to help” and provides a link to Talkspace.

Talk space just changing the way we view reaching out to a therapist when dealing with mental health issues. It’s platform offers privacy when chatting directly through the video system or one’s smartphone in a series of text messages.

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Kimberly Bakker Tips To Stress Free Holiday Parties October 23, 2018


The holiday season is almost here, so it’s time to start getting serious about planning your parties. Soon you’ll be stressed about last minute arrangements. Time to throw a perfect party is running out, so don’t get less enjoyment from the holidays.

Kimberly Bakker is an event planner, Momtrepreneur; is familiar with balancing all aspects of life with party planning.

Bakker’s specialty is putting together private events for families that people remember for years. She has tips that will help you achieve your gathering with style and grace.



The lifeline of your party is the lists that you will create. There is a list for the invitations you are sending, things you have to do before the day of the party, and the menu. It is better to have multiple lists instead of one long list. Just make sure they are convenient to access.


Host Graciously

According to Kimberly Bakker, the best hosts make putting a party together and throwing one look easy even though it is not. The process can test your patience. This is when it’s time to sit back and enjoy your own party and your guests. Smile, and enjoy the event. You’ll forget all of the stress.


Include the Past

Bakker uses heirlooms from her family whenever possible. Embracing the past is one of the things that she suggests. It doesn’t have to be fancy silverware or fine china; it can be anything, even a special ornament for the Christmas tree that you turn into a centerpiece.


Conversations and Challenging People

The music should be low so that people can interact and carry on conversations. There are some that will not get along. It might help to avoid competition to keep things friendly. See Related Link to learn more.



You don’t have to do everything yourself. Give other people responsibility when they offer to assist you.

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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Shares Lessons With Newbies…


Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman founded Jamaican company NICE Global and he runs it as their current COO. NICE Global specializes in selling outsourced business services to B2B clients that require them. After being the guy that streamlined customer service processes for a number of employers, Paul eventually became the employer providing these services for others.

So what Business Lessons does he has for us to consider? Let’s look at a few of the most important ones that he discussed.

Paul starts with creating a positive culture for your company. Paul understands what many COO’s, unfortunately, don’t, if you create a positive work-family then people won’t feel the need to move on from your employment! A workplace full of happy, long time retained team members is always more effective than a workplace full of quickly trained ones that are likely to turnover. Retaining employees is good, turnover is terrible!

Paul Herdsman gives two other important pieces of advice; to reward employees correctly and make sure that everybody on the team understands what their position is! Rewarding the employees correctly goes hand-in-hand with what was discussed above. People will want to stay and be happy. A true team will exist. Making sure that everybody adheres to their roles serves an important purpose. Doing this makes sure that everybody specializes in a particular role and does not step outside of it. This allows all team members to hone in on a role and perfect it. When every little part is brought together, and all the roles are working together in unison, your team will do the largest amount of quality work in the least amount of time. Go Here for related Information.

Paul Herdsman lives in Florida, however, he was born in Kingston Jamaica. The head office for NICE Global is also located in Jamaica. Who knows, a businessman could discover their services while on a nice vacation!


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Paul Herdsman- Top Quality Services By NICE Global October 16, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the chief operating officer and the Co-Founder of NICE Global. He established this company in 2014 so that he could deliver business solutions to as many organizations as possible. He had worked with different organizations before he established his own company. While working with the other businesses, he realized that he had a passion for customer-oriented solutions. Herdsman had created solutions that had helped the organizations he was working to build a strong reputation among the customers.

Paul Herdsman found out that he could do more by creating his own company that would serve a higher number of people. In 2014, he established his offices in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from where he would serve his clients in five countries. By the time he was creating the facility, he had established a good number of clients that he would move in within the new office. It did not take long before he started enjoying the fruits of his work. The clients he had enabled him to transition quickly into profits. Herdsman is happy with the results he has seen in this new company. His customer-base keeps on rising due to the level of expertise and innovativeness he has displayed while serving his customers. Refer to This Article for more information.

Paul Herdsman is helping as many people as possible come up with solutions that can improve their business solutions. Looking at the way he has established his business, he has built something strong that will last for a long time. He is helping companies that want to outsource services to get these services with ease. His specialization is in customer services. He has put together a team of experts who are now ready to work with him and deliver to the customers. The team is motivated since Herdsman has established reward programs to reward performance in the company.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Shares His Views On The Risks Of Investing October 15, 2018


Businessman Vinod Gupta says that many people would love it if investing were as easy as using a money manager, waiting a bit as they quickly make a sizable sum, and then hand it back to you. It isn’t that quick or simple, though, and there are financial risks involved.


This is especially true for his line of work in regard to risk. Vinod Gupta operates a buyout firm. They invest huge amounts of money into a company in order to turn around its operations and have it start generating a profit. Since what they are investing in is unprofitable and they seek to make it profitable that has a very high degree of risk but also can return a huge amount of money is pulled off successfully.


Vinod Gupta says that calling the American economy something that is changing would be a big understatement. Just over the past few decades, it has collapsed twice and seen a number of bubbles form in various industries. We also have huge debts, both corporate and government in nature, nowadays. He says that how people think about investing their money has changed and there has been an increased need to make an income from alternative methods.


He has been the Manager at Everest Group for the past several years. He is well-known in business circles for taking on a $100 loan and turning that sum of money into a company that was worth $680 million. He says, though, that it’s not just about making money for him. It’s also about making a positive impact in the lives of others. He especially credits education for getting him where he is today so helping others earn a great education is one of his most important callings in life. Go Here for related Information.


In an article with Medium, Vinod shares his Business Advice on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


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Why Anthony Constantinou Is Raising Eyebrows October 11, 2018


Anthony Constantinou, an assistant lecturer and professor at Queen Mary University, is raising some eyebrows these days. Anthony Constantinou’s passion is for anything that can utilize artificial intelligence, as well as for data mining. It seems to be the primary focus of companies these days, but the use of machines and Bayesian Artificial Intelligence really get his motor running.


People are always curious how he goes about conducting his research, but Anthony Constantinou isn’t shy about reaching out to organizations around the world to gather more information. He also focused on collaborating with other academics to gather his information and make observations. Where does he apply his research? Generally, Constantinou’s focus is on topics that are well-known and loved like sports, gaming, and even finance.


While it is certain that technology and data mining are increasing, it isn’t clear the role that artificial intelligence will play in this. There are many interesting projects that Anthony Constantinou has put together for the purpose of teaching machines to do things that are more like humans. One of his models, “Dolores”, was ranked second place in an international competition. The goal of this competition was to teach a machine how to play soccer.


One of the most talked about projects is the one that was created for football. It was entitled, “A Bayesian Network Model For Forecasting Association Football Match Outcomes.” It seems there are many things that machine learning can do for civilization, and Anthony Constantinou is going to find out. His testing includes a description on what was done and the components that it took to accomplish it, as well as historical data that has been presented and new data that has been captured for comparison.


All of the facts must be presented in order for him to do his work, and he must consider that he is using appropriate models for each and every test. Additionally, he notes that the football scores could be tested using any league as long as the subjects of the study were still the same. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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Charlamagne Tha God and the Carter V Album October 2, 2018


Charlamagne Tha God recently gave his opinion on the much anticipated new album for Lil’ Wayne Carter V. His first reaction to what he heard was not a pleasant one. On his morning radio show The Breakfast Club for Power 105.1 he mocked the first track he had listened to from the album which was “Let it Fly” featuring Travis Scott. Since that incident, he has offered more of what he was thinking about the album as a whole. He retracted a little bit of the negativity he was feeling about the first track he listened to and instead said the album as a whole was just “good.”


This incident is just one example of how Charlamagne Tha God has stirred up controversy among his listeners. When he first started in the entertainment business he was on the radio as the second mic to Wendy Williams during her time as a radio DJ. Charlamagne was known to cause arguments between himself and guests of the show when he would go off script and question the artists who appeared on the show about unorthodox subjects. Even though this helped Charlamagne increase his public notoriety and start making a name for himself in the industry it eventually led to him getting laid off from the show in 2008.


Even though Charlamagne had a little bit of a rocky start to his career in the entertainment industry he has had continued success. Besides being the host of The Breakfast Club, he has also been on several tv programs including Guy Code and Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne Tha God. His views and role as a social media influencer have also helped the conversations on hip-hop, race, and politics get national attention and have helped others be able to discuss those issues more openly. Go Here for more information.


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