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Inside the Parisian Home of Chris Burch May 24, 2019

One of Chris Burch’s goals in life is to have his own apartment in Paris, he already thought of his exact floor plan and the building that he chose on rue de Seine. However, there was no available apartment that meets his requirements. According to his friend, Marco Scarani, one must be patient and hopeful when it comes to looking for a beautiful apartment with the best neighborhood in France. They were able to take a day trip to a village in Senlis and went to see a wonderful and splendid 1608 hotel particulier home. The three were very amazed when they saw the place because of its historic feel. Chris Burch impulsively bought the place and felt like it was the perfect home for his six children. He thought that it would be a great vacation home for his family.

Chris Burch loved the place even if it needed a lot of renovation to make it more contemporary and modern. Blending productivity and creativity is what Chris Burch is all about. Aside from being the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, he has also helped a number of companies in achieving success and tremendous growth. He uses his strategic mind and entrepreneurial values when it comes to implementing ideas and executing it. The company of Chris Burch is always open to opportunities and ensures customer satisfaction at all times. Purchasing the 1608 hotel particulier is something that he did not regret and the renovation was a huge success.

The development and renovation of the 10,000-square-foot house were done by Michel Pinet and Marco Scarani. The two worked together in renovating the iconic French exterior and interior design, the 17th, and 18th-century paneling and floors, and more. They maintained the historic feel of the house by providing modern and antique furniture as well as improved bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Chris Birch and the two were constantly exchanging ideas with one another and were able to agree with the specific plans and designs. Working and creating together plays a major role when it comes to designing and renovating a home.

In addition to this, the entire family of Chris Burch fell in love with the outcome of the renovated house. The atmosphere of the house was very relaxed and calm. Marco Scarani and Michel Pinet aimed for a cozy yet elegant look and they were happy with the result.

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Stratford Shields: Loop Capital Markets Managing Director May 23, 2019

Stratford Shields boasts of a vast wealth of experience that spans over 20 years in the financial markets. He has served in various capacities as Chairman of Securities, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the municipal Division of Securities Industry Financial Markets Association. His most notable achievement while in the Municipal Division was the ban on financial contributions for bond ballot elections.

Career Milestones and Achievements

Stratford Shields has worked as an investment banker in both the private sector and the public domain. He was one of the experts who were involved in the transaction for Ohio State University’s $480 million parking system concession. The Bond Buyer Category awarded the operation as the Deal of the Year with the realms of non-traditional financing.

Stratford Shields has served as an investment banker and overseen transactions that are worth over $30 billion in his corporate finance career. He has worked in transactions involving airports, banks, student loan agencies, toll roads, state revolving funds, hospital systems, and universities. His expertise in transaction inciting and credit strategies came in handy in achieving optimal financing results.

Stratford Shields has worked as the Head of Public Finance for two Wall Street-based firms during his career. For instance, he led a team that brought forth a turnaround in Morgan Stanley’s lead managed negotiated rankings during his five-year tenure at the bank. His skills and knowledge were essential in improving Morgan Stanley’s rank to #4 from #10.

Current Roles in the Financial Sector

Stratford Shields currently works at Loop Capital Markets as a Managing director in the Public Finance Department. Loop Capital Markets is a firm based in Chicago with most of its clients in the Midwest and the Northeast. Before joining the realms of investment banking, Stratford Shields worked in government departments and the political arena. The last position he held at the Ohio Office Management and Budget as Director and President of the State Controlling Board put him in the right spot for his future work as an investment banker.

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Gulf Coast Western, LLC under the Leadership of Matthew Fleeger May 15, 2019

Gulf Coast Western company was founded in 1970 as a managing venture of gas and oil exploration. The company has grown with time to be the leading oil company in the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. It has operations in other locations that it acquired through partnership and acquisitions. All this is possible through the excellent leadership of Matthew Fleeger who came into the company for the second time as the CEO after amassing a lot of expertise in the business operations.

 The story of Matthew Fleeger

He is an icon in the oil industry and a renowned business person in the region. He is even listed in the who is who list. This icon was passionate about business operations since his youthful time as he was inspired by his father’s operation of the company, Gulf Coast Western. He, therefore, pursued his passion at Southern Methodist University. The studies and acquiring enough knowledge, he delved in the career life, business pursuits.

He served several companies for seven years hopping from one to the other, and by the knowledge, he harnessed from each position, he managed to move up the ranks but late started his own MedSolutions company that dealt in collection and management of medical waste. Because of his excellent management skills, Matthew Fleeger drove this company to drastic success which attracted the attention of Stericycle which bout it at $59 million. He was now forced to go back to Gulf Coast Western where he was the best candidate to take the role of the company’s CEO. He was the most preferred because of his robust knowledge of management.

 Gulf Coast Western, LLC under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger

The company has now expanded its operations in the region with locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Colorado. Oklahoma and taxes. It has grown to what it is now, a leading Oil exploration company in the Gulf Coast.

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Igor Cornelsen Believes In Carefully Selecting The Right Investment Deals In Order To Increase Profitability: May 13, 2019

Though the country of Brazil is one of the world’s biggest investment markets it is also a market that presents a number of challenges that investors have to get past. Recent years have seen some ups and downs in the economy of Brazil that started off with the 2008 financial crisis. One individual who knows a lot about how to navigate in the Brazilian investment sector is Igor Cornelsen. He has been successfully operating in this market as a professional investor for more than forty years now and often counsels others how to find success in a Brazilian market that offers a lot of promise to investors who know how to operate within it.

The long career of Igor Cornelsen has led him to a position where he is seen as one of the most respected and trusted individuals in Brazil’s investment industry. The substantial fortune that Igor Cornelsen has made over his career has come from many different types of investments including ones made in Brazilian companies and Brazilian commodities. He currently runs his own firm known as Bainbridge Inc. One thing that Igor Cornelsen has learned over his career is the fact that there is always money to be made in investing if you are patient and know how to find the right deals with the right stocks.

As far as the future of investing in the country of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has made it clear that much will depend on the direction that the new governmental administration takes this year. He recognizes the fact that the country is in dire need of enacting some major reforms with its system of economics. If this can happen then he believes there is great hope for a country that presents a massive amount of potential in terms of its market.


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The roles of Ara Chackerian in healthcare and his philanthropic pursuits May 3, 2019

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Florida, Ara Chackerian delved into the business world where he has succeeded exemplary. He is a highly regarded entrepreneur and a serial investor in healthcare-related ventures as well as general business. He is also a phenomenal philanthropist pursuing a variety of community-oriented projects to uplift his community.

While he has spent most of his career investing in healthcare industries, Ara Chackerian is also well-known as an environmental conservationist through environment sustainability oriented ventures and projects aimed at furthering educational opportunities for the youth. Additionally, he has co-founded numerous companies in the healthcare industry which offers a multitude of employment opportunities in the society as well as revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Ara Chackerian keeps his medium account the most active. He continuously posts blogs and articles on the healthcare industry trends. Recently, he has been featuring information about the importance of mental health and mental health startups. In this post, he has focused on how startup companies take limited time to focus on the mental health of the employees. He advises the companies to change the working structure and include more flexible vacation days and break times. Besides, the companies should offer comprehensive insurance plans catering to different health problems including mental health.

In another post on medium, Ara Chackerian about environment conservation through using eco-friendly furniture. Over the last few decades, there has been rampant destruction of the environment as a result of industrialization and urbanization. This has posed a significant threat to humanity as the weather have drastically deteriorated reflecting poor health alike. Chackerian proposes a suggestion to stop this awful trend by using alternative environment-friendly furniture to save the environment from further destruction. According to him, conservation of the environment will indirectly impact the well-being and livelihood of the people across the globe.


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Steve Lesnard, Digitalized Marketing May 2, 2019

Digital and online platforms have changed the way brands market their products. Most businesses are now focused on marketing their products on social media platforms and using digital mediums instead of traditional outdoor advertising and word of mouth. The use of digital mediums for advertising has numerous benefits. However, Steve Lesnard believes that not every brand knows how to use these digital mediums for effective marketing. Most brands do not leverage digital mediums properly, and this does not produce positive effects for the brands. Steve Lesnard believes the brands that leverage digital mediums properly are those that place the needs of the consumers first and the only priority. Also, brands that use a clear strategy that outlays clear benefits are often successful.

Steve Lesnard has come up with two principles that brands can use to leverage digital mediums effectively. The following are the two principles.

  1. Keep it simple to make it memorable

A good marketing strategy is one that is simple and understandable. A brand should aim at having a clear strategy where the story is right, and consumers can easily comprehend it. Most consumers go for products that have outlined clear benefits and use simple slogans that are memorable. Simple slogans are more memorable because they are short and straight to the point. The slogan also communicates to consumers the value of the product and what they receive from purchasing it. An exceptional example of a brand that has used this principle is iPod through their slogan.

  1. Bring it to life, Make it real

This principle focuses on the consumer and Steve Lesnard advices brands to bring their products to life. Some of the elements that a brand can focus on to bring a product to life include how to use it, what it does and how does it look on the body. For instance, if one is marketing coolers, the video production needs to show how the consumer would use it in their day to day life. This means showing how it can cool and warm water and how one can enjoy cold water after a long day. This alone brings the product to life.

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