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Academy of Arts University: How to Become a Successful Athlete/Artist April 19, 2019

Experts say that creative and jocks are entirely different. These two separate features, but they have their similarities, according to the Academy of Arts University based in San Francisco. Artists and professionals in the athletic world might have so many differences that people do not know. Various characteristics lead to the success of the individuals in these two departments. The Academy of Arts University has been in the market for a long time, and it has helped many people to realize their dreams in both departments. The organization believes that these are characteristics are found in both athletes and artists.

They can process criticism

When you might be naturally talented in the art of sporting activities, you will need an old couch, mentor or even an instructor to make your skills better. Most of the teaching that is done by these experienced individuals will be delivered just like criticism. The Academy of Arts University states that the coaches and mentors can try and soften the critiques. However, they must be able to correct their students at the end of the day. If you want to be successful in these two areas, it is paramount to learn how to grow a very thick skin and accept every correction that is delivered to you with gratitude.

Excellent time management

For an athlete or an artist to perform well, they must practice every now and then. When you are exercising, you will have to use your time. You can never use all the time you have practice, and this means that you have to be extremely careful. The Academy of Arts University advice, its students, to be wise and set their priorities so that all the responsibilities can be met at the right time. People who fail to develop the ideal time management skills fail miserably in sports and art. When you are passionate about a particular activity, you will be able to make time for it. However, this does not mean that other areas of life should be abandoned so that an individual can pursue their passion in life.

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