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The roles of Ara Chackerian in healthcare and his philanthropic pursuits May 3, 2019

Having obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Florida, Ara Chackerian delved into the business world where he has succeeded exemplary. He is a highly regarded entrepreneur and a serial investor in healthcare-related ventures as well as general business. He is also a phenomenal philanthropist pursuing a variety of community-oriented projects to uplift his community.

While he has spent most of his career investing in healthcare industries, Ara Chackerian is also well-known as an environmental conservationist through environment sustainability oriented ventures and projects aimed at furthering educational opportunities for the youth. Additionally, he has co-founded numerous companies in the healthcare industry which offers a multitude of employment opportunities in the society as well as revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Ara Chackerian keeps his medium account the most active. He continuously posts blogs and articles on the healthcare industry trends. Recently, he has been featuring information about the importance of mental health and mental health startups. In this post, he has focused on how startup companies take limited time to focus on the mental health of the employees. He advises the companies to change the working structure and include more flexible vacation days and break times. Besides, the companies should offer comprehensive insurance plans catering to different health problems including mental health.

In another post on medium, Ara Chackerian about environment conservation through using eco-friendly furniture. Over the last few decades, there has been rampant destruction of the environment as a result of industrialization and urbanization. This has posed a significant threat to humanity as the weather have drastically deteriorated reflecting poor health alike. Chackerian proposes a suggestion to stop this awful trend by using alternative environment-friendly furniture to save the environment from further destruction. According to him, conservation of the environment will indirectly impact the well-being and livelihood of the people across the globe.


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