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Inside the Parisian Home of Chris Burch May 24, 2019

One of Chris Burch’s goals in life is to have his own apartment in Paris, he already thought of his exact floor plan and the building that he chose on rue de Seine. However, there was no available apartment that meets his requirements. According to his friend, Marco Scarani, one must be patient and hopeful when it comes to looking for a beautiful apartment with the best neighborhood in France. They were able to take a day trip to a village in Senlis and went to see a wonderful and splendid 1608 hotel particulier home. The three were very amazed when they saw the place because of its historic feel. Chris Burch impulsively bought the place and felt like it was the perfect home for his six children. He thought that it would be a great vacation home for his family.

Chris Burch loved the place even if it needed a lot of renovation to make it more contemporary and modern. Blending productivity and creativity is what Chris Burch is all about. Aside from being the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, he has also helped a number of companies in achieving success and tremendous growth. He uses his strategic mind and entrepreneurial values when it comes to implementing ideas and executing it. The company of Chris Burch is always open to opportunities and ensures customer satisfaction at all times. Purchasing the 1608 hotel particulier is something that he did not regret and the renovation was a huge success.

The development and renovation of the 10,000-square-foot house were done by Michel Pinet and Marco Scarani. The two worked together in renovating the iconic French exterior and interior design, the 17th, and 18th-century paneling and floors, and more. They maintained the historic feel of the house by providing modern and antique furniture as well as improved bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Chris Birch and the two were constantly exchanging ideas with one another and were able to agree with the specific plans and designs. Working and creating together plays a major role when it comes to designing and renovating a home.

In addition to this, the entire family of Chris Burch fell in love with the outcome of the renovated house. The atmosphere of the house was very relaxed and calm. Marco Scarani and Michel Pinet aimed for a cozy yet elegant look and they were happy with the result.

Find out more about Chris:

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Hussain Sajwani’s has an ardent Eye on Business Leads May 2, 2018

Doubtlessly, creating an independent business calls for immense work as well as dedication. Alongside discovering the exact characteristics as well as attributes that will contribute to the business and draw clients along, starting a business can be mind boggling. Nevertheless, there are individuals who have succeeded in this quest. One such person is Hussain Sajwani.

Background Information

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent business professional who hails from the Middle East. As at now, he is the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. He also established the company. What is more, he hails from a humble background therefore, making it in business was not exactly guaranteed as he experienced firsthand challenges while growing up. However, he put his resources together and invested in the real estate business.

Early Life and Growth

Sajwani was born in 1954. At that moment, his family could hardly the middle-class earners. As conservative people, they owned a family business in which he dedicate time and effort to grow. Working closely with his father was an eye opener to business ideas. Having experienced first-hand challenges associated with profit-generation, Sajwani understood that he was delving into a series of impending business ideas that required professional skills more than talent. He decided to enrol for formal education and pursue medicine. However, he did not complete the course because he developed interest in entrepreneurship.

DAMAC Properties

Established in 2002, DAMAC Properties is a real estate firm that deals with commercial property development. It is located in Dubai and provides luxury property alongside high-tech designs. Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has worked hard to develop entrepreneurial networks with the likes of President Donald Trump and his billionaire associates. Good examples of projects they have worked on are the Trump Golf Courses.

The Overview

DAMAC owner is not only a business professional but also a philanthropist. He has contributed money to several charity organizations that distribute food, clothes and personal use items for less fortunate families. Additionally, he has developed strong business ties between his company and other universal real estate companies. He is an excellent role model for emerging entrepreneurs who would like to invest in real estate.

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Analysis of AvaTrade Reviews

There are several online Forex trading brokers. One legit broker is AvaTrade and CFD brokers. The company started in 2006. It originates in Dublin Ireland. Bitcoin, commodities, equities and Exchange Traded Funds is among the critical trade features that AvaTrade offers.

AvaTrade has expanded its territories in major nations where it has offices in several cities like Shanghai, Milan, Paris and Sidney. The company also boasts of opening over 200,000 accounts worldwide. Their customers are well trained in handling clients, and also the broker operates 24 hours basis.

Some of the characteristics that make them unique are:



In the matters of reliability, unlike other scam brokers, AvaTrade is a legit company with two decades of operation. The company is fully registered and authorized to operate. Furthermore, the broker was once awarded ‘The Best Customer Support’ award.


Trading Platform

Besides reliability, AvaTrade offers multiple trading platforms. The platforms include Mobile trading, automated training and Web trading platform.


Education and Bonus

AvaTrade brokers have several benefits to its clients. If one opens an account for the first time and deposits $ 200, he/she is awarded $ 40. Besides bonuses, the broker company also provides a free online tutorial for their new clients. The tutorials help customers to learn how to observe trends. This way, customers receive more earning.


Trading Accounts.

There are two major accounts that AvaTrade offers to its clients. The standard trading account which requires a minimum of $ 100 or £ 100 depending on the currency you are using to trade. The other account is Multi- Account Manager (MAM). MAM has several features like multiple sub trading accounts, many allocation parameters and order placement from a master account. All transaction is with MasterCard or wireless transfer.


Customer Support

The customer service works 24 hours. You can either reach them: through a call, through social media platforms, emails and live chats. In addition, call rates are low since most of their telephone numbers are localized.

AvaTrade is the best trading broker to use. Since the company is legit, there is no reason to fear. Moreover, their vast mode of training platform is an added advantage. Finally, the customer support is always there for its client no matter the time.

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Meet Shervin Pishevar: An Honored Entrepreneur March 7, 2018

Public researcher, founder, co-founder, chairman and entrepreneurial ambassador are some of the titles attached to Shervin Pishevar. Shervin Pishevar graduated from the University of California, Berkley, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is known to be a renowned entrepreneur, capitalist and investor. Shervin then went on to founding and co-founding several ventures which includes: Sherpa Capitals, Menlo Ventures,, Lonside Interactive, Application Corporation, Seges Capital and WebOs – which were very successful.


Shervin Pishevar’s drive and commitment to what he does has seen him investing in sixty plus businesses throughout different sectors. He has served on a number of boards including the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. Shervin served in the U.S State Department Delegations to the Middle East and Russia in the capacity of Entrepreneurial Ambassador.

He is an author of several U.S patents, and he has helped publish many posts alone, as well as with others, on subjects that he is very knowledgeable of. Go Here to learn more.


Shervin Pishevar is a visionary investor, a leading capitalist, a great investor and a researcher whose enthusiasm and devotion has taken him, and will continue to take him, to great heights. He has worked very hard to get to where he is at today. It has taken a lot of time, patience and effort, but when it is all said and done, it has all paid off in the end for him. Shervin Pishevar has been working hard towards his goals of becoming the best that he can possibly be from a very young age, and even though his studies have taken up a lot of his time, I am positive that he will tell you that he would not take back a single thing he did, or sacrificed, to become the great man that you know him as today!


More on:

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Madison Street Capital is a Winning Team That Can Help January 15, 2018

Madison Street Capital reputation is the one thing that they value second after their customer since 2002. This Chicago financial firm which helps businesses handle finances. Some of the services that they assist with are listed here below.


– Capital restructuration

– Reorganization

– Bankruptcy

– Buy Out

– Acquisitions and Mergers

– Mid-level investments


It won awards for their work over the years. David Fergusson is the President and Co-CEO of the company. Barry Peterson is the acting senior manager over and Charles Botchway is the CEO. As one of the winners at the 16th annual M&A winners, they are well vetted as a company to be trusted in the world financial marketplace.


They offer the kind of service and dedication to their clients which is dedicated to your company’s financial success. Their approach to this process begins with an analysis of your needs. Then a plan is put in place to reach your financial goals. If your company needs business restructuring, then that is planned and executed precisely as well to help you reach your goals. Their team of analysts are dedicated to this plan of action every step of the way.


In today’s economy, this is something that gives peace of mind. Your dreams of success are attainable with a strong team like this behind you. As award winners, they are one of the best in the financial marketplace. It takes one step at a time, with the right guidance to reach your company’s goals.


Once you reach that goal you might have others. Madison Street Capital can assist with all of your personal or business needs. It is not hard to understand how they have won so many awards over the years. Considering the level of care they provide each individual and business, it’s easy to see why.


Sometimes a company simply needs restructuring. Often a merger will happen to strengthen a company. If that is the case, then you will need guidance on the best choices each step of the way.


No matter what issues exist financially, they can all be resolved with the right financial guidance. Changing structuring can be beneficial to your business sometimes too. Madison Street Capital knows that. If that is what you need to do, then trust your company’s future to those that know how to do it the right way. It will make all of your financial investments and transitions far easier.


Visit to learn more.

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Glen Wakeman: A Savvy, Successful Businessman August 31, 2017

After several decades in a career with building and finance, Glen Wakeman co-founded Launchpad Holdings, LLC., a SAAS company, in 2015. Launchpad Holdings was created as a means to assist entrepreneurs with finding a way to have success rates at building a small company into an enterprise. With a B.S degree in Economics and Finance and an M.B.A. in Finance, he is the perfect person to inspire small company entrepreneurs in how to become a successful business.

Born in 1968 in Miami, Florida, Glen Wakeman continued his education to graduate from the University of Scranton, in 1981, with a B.A. in Economics and Finance, he did not stop there, he went on to further his education and graduated from the University of Chicago in 1993, with his MBA in Finance ( Glen Wakeman then started his successful career working at GE Capital founding and leading Nova Four, as well he was recognized as a “Growth Leadership Role Model“, by GE’s Board of Directors.

Wakeman revolutionized the business world, during his career, he has gone on to offer his knowledge of business to serve as a mentor and entrepreneur to new businesses. Some of these businesses have a staff of 17,000 employees, as well a multi billion dollars in assets ( Glen Wakeman has assisted these companies with their initial start-up, market entries, M&As, divestitures, and exponential growth, as well as so much more. When mentoring these business owners, he uses his five key methodologies which have been proven to work: execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management.

Wakeman shares his knowledge and insight by posting a daily blog post. As an investor and a writer, this is a good way to keep others informed on international fiscal matters, upwardly mobile markets, strategies of other markets administration and much more.

Having lived in six different countries around the world, and having responsibilities toward the operation of 30 worldwide regions. Glen Wakeman has been given much notifiable recognition’s for his achievements world wide.

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Glen Wakeman – Genius Entrepreneur And A Leader With A Social Conscience August 1, 2017

Glen R. Wakeman knows how to build and maintain a business. He earned and an MBA from the University of Chicago, and his BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

He is a remarkable entrepreneur and committed to his clients’ business stability and success. He received multiple awards for his leadership skills, locally, nationally and internationally, and is dedicated to corporations exhibiting social responsibility.

Glen Wakeman has lived in multiple countries and managed thirty projects in various regions of the world. He also brandishes a Six Sigma black belt certification.

One who is certified has a proven record of team leadership, which requires an appreciation of team dynamics. The purpose of this training is to maximize and predict business success by applying a statistical cost benefit analysis of business operations.

Based on Wakeman’s business philosophy he follows specific methods in business management according to the following five procedures:


  1. Leadership skills – required to prepare a company for changes.
  2. Human Capital – to align vision, strategy, and tactics.
  3. Execution – integrating process, technology, and people.
  4. Risk Management – minimizing disruptions.
  5. Governance – enable constructive dissent.

Wakeman’s formulation of his philosophy towards business development and leadership was when he spent over twenty years with GE Capital. Wakeman ran the gamut, progressively moving through his roles in leadership, management, operations and business development His skills were tested at home and in international markets

Glen Wakeman founded and presently is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. Wakeman again is testing his entrepreneurial skills by overseeing an automated software service. This service is designed to thrust beginning entrepreneurs forward by organizing their ideas and developing workable plans.

These start-up companies are enjoying capital providers and advisors. LaunchPad Holding’s success rate is accelerating and is taking advantage of its national user base.

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