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Reasons Why Richard Liu Qiangdong Is Successful In E-Commerce November 19, 2018

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one investor that is always challenging the status quo both in business and around his social life. When he graduated from college with a BA in Sociology, the business world was the last option to most of his colleagues. However, Richard Liu pursued investment as both his passion and the fact that his family could not afford an alternative.



Since then, Liu has continued to challenge some investments notions in this side of the world. Although he has had his share of challenges in the business world, especially the 2004 epidemic, the ability to adapt and reinvent himself is impressive.



Richard Liu Qiangdong is also an exceptional planner. In the 14 years, he has been in charge of; he has supervised not only the company’s operational growth but also building its future. In one of the recent interviews Liu did, he pointed out that his dream of the company is yet to be completed. He pointed out some deals he has settled with some likeminded companies will enable the company to make strides in the next phase.


These deals have enabled to improve on their basic delivery speed. It is impressive to note that the company is already in the implementation stage of 24-hour delivery, which according to Richard Liu Qiangdong will define the retail market in China. Being a planner, Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that he has always wanted to have a visionary group in his management. A good management team is his support system.



This nature of development and improvement in terms warehouses and storage according to him has been the company’s priority for the last five years. It is now possible to make orders without worrying about storage or the speed of goods. The improvement in storage according to Liu is also in line with their next phase as a company. In just 24 months ago, the company through its relevant department commissioned one of the most comprehensive studies on transport. Read This Article for additional information.


According to Liu, the future of cargo and goods delivery is not through delivery vans but automated freight system. On this note, the company is not only ensuring that they are part of the history, but they are making the first steps towards the attainment of an environmentally friendly system.


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Managing It All: Paul Herdsman November 13, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the founder and COO of a company called NICE Global. The company has been in business for over ten years. He is a man who will figure out a solution to a problem when one comes up. He is a man who works with people to get the best possible solution to a problem. Being able to find solutions to business problems has been the core of his success. In an Interview with IdeaMensch, Paul Herdsman talked about a variety of things including his daily life, business, and other things.

Paul Herdsman is a man who can manage to have it all. Herdsman has a successful business, a busy family and takes time out to enjoy his favorite thing which is fishing. When he talked about his business he remembers how it came to be. When he was working in Jamaica he saw that there were many parts of the work of the company were being outsourced. Read This Article for related information.

He thought that there must be a better way but was not sure if he could start a business in Jamaica. He was glad he took the chance and the company has paid off for him in more ways than one.

When it comes to balancing his life Paul Herdsman makes two things a priority. The first is seeing his children off to school in the mornings and tucking them into bed at night. He says that the rest of the day always varies in the middle but he makes sure that his family obligations come first.

Managing a busy family and a business is not an easy chore for one person but Paul Herdsman is doing everything right. If there were a handbook on how to have it all, Paul Herdsman should be the one to write it.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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Louis Chenevert, Businessman and CEO November 8, 2018

Louis Chenevert is a businessman from Canada. Chenevert grew up in Montreal, Quebec. Chenevert received a degree in business administration from HEC Montréal in 1979. HEC Montreal is a business school that has affiliation with the University of Montreal. During 2011, Chenevert received recognition from the same business school he attended years prior, HEC Montreal. As a result of his success in his career, he was presented with a “doctorate honoris” certificate from Concordia University during 2014.

Chenevert has had extensive experience with many different companies over the course of the career. He worked for General Motors for a total of 14 years as their general product manager. During 1993, he began working at the well-known aircraft engine manufacture, Pratt & Whitney. He was named the president of Pratt & Whitney during the year 1999.

During the year of 2006, he subsequently began woking with United Technologies Corporation. He became COO of United Technologies Corporation in 2006 and the CEO in 2008. Following both of these positions at United Technologies Corporation, he then became the chairman of their board during January of 2010. During 2011, following repeated success at a number of companies, he joined Cargill. At Cargill, he fulfilled the position of vice-chairman for their committee. It was here that he received the USO award for successful service and fund accomplishments for business efforts.

Following all of this success in business and funds, Louis Chenevert went on to be voted for the Congressional Medal of Honor during March of 2015. He had served on the board for a number of years.

After working in the aerospace industry for many years, Louis Chenevert accepted the position of Executive Advisor for Merchant Banking at Goldman Sachs. At his position for Goldman Sachs, he receives an undisclosed amount of fund compensation. His position requires him to seek and target the opportunities that arise in the aerospace sector and industrial industry. He will be advising other businesses on fund and company management for his field.

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Vinod Gupta Gives Towards Education For Future Indian Entrepreneurs November 6, 2018


Back more than 50 years ago when he left his small village to embark on his academic journey and eventually his professional career leading to becoming a millionaire, Vinod Gupta probably never imagined it would one day have its own polytechnic school for women and become developed with modern services.

But that’s just what he helped it become after successfully growing InfoUSA into an international company and pledging to use the profits to make a difference in countries like India. Gupta also has given to universities in the US and has established grants and scholarship programs helping the underserved student communities. Gupta also invests in startup companies through his family office firm, Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta began his own business by turning what was s big task for the company he worked for at the time into an idea of his own. He had had to find new clients through business listings, and when he realized he was building no leads through the outdated lists, he decided to order yellow page phone books and build updated lists from those. View Additional Info Here.

While this work took quite some time for Gupta to accomplish, Vinod realized he could potentially make money by selling his new business contact lists back to the company. The company didn’t buy it from Gupta, but they did grant his request to be able to sell it to other companies.

The list Gupta built soon turned into other business-to-business contact information, and soon he had a whole database company built. It started with just a few thousand dollars in revenue, but it would grow into millions as it grew its office space, and it eventually reached over $680 million after it was renamed InfoUSA.

Vinod Gupta hired many people from poor communities at the company, and he often traveled around delivering lectures at business schools. He also served in the Clinton administration as the US Consul General to Bermuda.


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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Shares Lessons With Newbies… October 23, 2018


Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman founded Jamaican company NICE Global and he runs it as their current COO. NICE Global specializes in selling outsourced business services to B2B clients that require them. After being the guy that streamlined customer service processes for a number of employers, Paul eventually became the employer providing these services for others.

So what Business Lessons does he has for us to consider? Let’s look at a few of the most important ones that he discussed.

Paul starts with creating a positive culture for your company. Paul understands what many COO’s, unfortunately, don’t, if you create a positive work-family then people won’t feel the need to move on from your employment! A workplace full of happy, long time retained team members is always more effective than a workplace full of quickly trained ones that are likely to turnover. Retaining employees is good, turnover is terrible!

Paul Herdsman gives two other important pieces of advice; to reward employees correctly and make sure that everybody on the team understands what their position is! Rewarding the employees correctly goes hand-in-hand with what was discussed above. People will want to stay and be happy. A true team will exist. Making sure that everybody adheres to their roles serves an important purpose. Doing this makes sure that everybody specializes in a particular role and does not step outside of it. This allows all team members to hone in on a role and perfect it. When every little part is brought together, and all the roles are working together in unison, your team will do the largest amount of quality work in the least amount of time. Go Here for related Information.

Paul Herdsman lives in Florida, however, he was born in Kingston Jamaica. The head office for NICE Global is also located in Jamaica. Who knows, a businessman could discover their services while on a nice vacation!


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Paul Herdsman- Top Quality Services By NICE Global October 16, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the chief operating officer and the Co-Founder of NICE Global. He established this company in 2014 so that he could deliver business solutions to as many organizations as possible. He had worked with different organizations before he established his own company. While working with the other businesses, he realized that he had a passion for customer-oriented solutions. Herdsman had created solutions that had helped the organizations he was working to build a strong reputation among the customers.

Paul Herdsman found out that he could do more by creating his own company that would serve a higher number of people. In 2014, he established his offices in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from where he would serve his clients in five countries. By the time he was creating the facility, he had established a good number of clients that he would move in within the new office. It did not take long before he started enjoying the fruits of his work. The clients he had enabled him to transition quickly into profits. Herdsman is happy with the results he has seen in this new company. His customer-base keeps on rising due to the level of expertise and innovativeness he has displayed while serving his customers. Refer to This Article for more information.

Paul Herdsman is helping as many people as possible come up with solutions that can improve their business solutions. Looking at the way he has established his business, he has built something strong that will last for a long time. He is helping companies that want to outsource services to get these services with ease. His specialization is in customer services. He has put together a team of experts who are now ready to work with him and deliver to the customers. The team is motivated since Herdsman has established reward programs to reward performance in the company.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Shares His Views On The Risks Of Investing October 15, 2018


Businessman Vinod Gupta says that many people would love it if investing were as easy as using a money manager, waiting a bit as they quickly make a sizable sum, and then hand it back to you. It isn’t that quick or simple, though, and there are financial risks involved.


This is especially true for his line of work in regard to risk. Vinod Gupta operates a buyout firm. They invest huge amounts of money into a company in order to turn around its operations and have it start generating a profit. Since what they are investing in is unprofitable and they seek to make it profitable that has a very high degree of risk but also can return a huge amount of money is pulled off successfully.


Vinod Gupta says that calling the American economy something that is changing would be a big understatement. Just over the past few decades, it has collapsed twice and seen a number of bubbles form in various industries. We also have huge debts, both corporate and government in nature, nowadays. He says that how people think about investing their money has changed and there has been an increased need to make an income from alternative methods.


He has been the Manager at Everest Group for the past several years. He is well-known in business circles for taking on a $100 loan and turning that sum of money into a company that was worth $680 million. He says, though, that it’s not just about making money for him. It’s also about making a positive impact in the lives of others. He especially credits education for getting him where he is today so helping others earn a great education is one of his most important callings in life. Go Here for related Information.


In an article with Medium, Vinod shares his Business Advice on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


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National Steel Car Is Led By Gregory Aziz For Production Of New Rail Cars September 27, 2018


Each year there are a large number of rail cars that are pulled from the rails in order to make room for more cars to be used. Many of the cars that are pulled from the rails are retired because they are too old to maintain the reliability needed by its customers. One business that knows how to maintain reliability and customer satisfaction is National Steel Car. For this company, they have been in the market of rail cars since the year 1912.

National Steel Car is being operated under the authority of Gregory James Azizv. He has been working to keep the National Steel Car name at the top of the manufacturing of rail cars for a large number of years. As with any other type of transportation, there is always a need for improvements to be made. National Steel Car knows this and understands it.

Gregory James Aziz has signed a contract for the start of production for a number of rail cars to be made under the grain hopper car selection along with new lumber cars. These new cars are going to not only work to transport new products to customers but will also work to bring in more employees to the Hamilton assembly plant.

The new rail cars that are to be made by the National Steel Car label are going to be shorter in size than the older rail models for grain hoppers but will also be lighter when compared to older models.

How can a car that is lighter and shorter be good for farmers due to the idea of cutting back on the shipments however this is not true. The new cars that are lighter and shorter will actually care more than 10% more of the original cars. The original cars are more than 30 years old and are frequently causing problems for the farmers and shippers. Visit This Page to learn more.

The latest changes to be made to the fleet of cars is not just limited to grain hopper cars but also as lumber cars and more. With all of the new changes going into place, the number of people who will be hired to help create these rail cars is going to expand by over 500 new employees to the Hamilton assembly plant alone. That does not include the number of people to be hired by CN Rail for ensuring that their freight arrive on time and without much hassle according to Greg James Aziz.

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NICE Global Shines Under Paul Herdsman September 24, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, a company that offers business solutions. It has headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica and provides services to clients from all over the world. NICE Global was created in 2013 and has since then developed into a key business that offers outsourcing services to businesses around the world. This company aims to provide key services that will boost the growth of business working with them. NICE Global assists companies which outsource customer care services. They ensure that the companies have a good relationship with the customers.


Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global generates money through the services they offer to their clients, but they ensure that whatever they get is directly proportional to the success the clients are getting from their work. Whenever they take up a new client, they create measures or KPIs that determine the measure of success.


When NICE Global was started, it did not take long before it became profitable. Already they had existing clients in five countries, and it was only about a matter of consolidating them. They had trusted clients who helped them kick-start their operations with a bang. As soon as the company was set-up, it took a short time before they recorded profitability. The NICE Global team working in Jamaica was swift to arrange the operations of the company through a fast recruitment process. Read This Article for more information.


It is a normal thing for people starting out in business to get afraid and even question the decision to start the business in the first place. However, for Paul Herdsman, he was confident that his idea would bear fruits. In a matter of one year, Herdsman had a tight grip on the operations of the company and was delegating operations needed to keep the company in full operations.


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CFO Michael Burwell Brings Three Decades Of Experience To New Role At Willis Towers Watson July 17, 2018

The multinational risk management, advisory, and insurance brokerage firm Willis Towers Watson announced in a press release that they had brought on board Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer, replacing Roger Millay who has announced he plans to retire voluntarily. Michael Burwell has 31 years of experience in personal services and finance that he acquired at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. For the past decade, he has occupied senior leadership positions at PWC including chief operating officer, head of global transformation, chief financial officer, and head of transaction services in the United State.


Michael Burwell was welcomed to the team by Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Executive Officer John Haley. John Haley said that Mike is a great addition to his senior management team and will help take the company to the next level. He added that Michael Burwell has a keen understanding of managing and making results happen in a multinational and complex firm. For his part, Michael Burwell said that he was honored to join this company and looked forward to doing his part to drive long-term growth and complete ongoing integration efforts.


Michael Burwell completed his college education at Michigan State University. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in business administration he earned his CPA designation. He said that in his new role at Willis Towers Watson he will be heavily involved in rolling out their new investment management service, AMX, to the clients of this company. He said that this rollout first occurred in Europe and was just released in the United States. He said this service will help both big and small money managers reduce both the compliance and aggregation processes which will be extremely helpful in saving them both time and money. See This Article for additional information.


He says that he has a number of career accomplishments he is proud of. Perhaps the one that Michael Burwell is most proud of is the time he was tasked with increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of a professional services firm while he was its CFO. Burwell was able to eliminate $500 million in costs which was a big accomplishment but even more impressive he was able to do so without axing a single job.





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