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Steve Ritchie Mission To Restore Papa John’s Former Glory March 15, 2019

Papa John’s has a new professional taking on the position of chief executive officer. Steve Ritchie got the opportunity to serve his company in the respected position not long ago, and he is slowly putting everything in its right order. The businessman knows that the relationship he has with the customers means everything, and he wants to put it in the best order.


Steve Ritchie has been on a simple mission to make the reputation of the pizza company in the best place he can. Having been in the industry all his career life, the businessman has a clear understanding of the market. Everyone now believes that Steve Ritchie PapaJohns has the right tools to make the company better to the customers.


In a recent video that has been shared by Steve Ritchie and his company, the customers have been expecting so much from Papa John’s International  and it is time for them to get what they have always wanted. The video was published in their social media pages not long ago, and everything has started to take the right course.


The former top executive in the company is responsible for the problems Steve Ritchie PaPaJohn’s is trying to solve. In the recent months, the former leader is doing everything possible to make sure that he is control of the firm, and he has been using social media to take control of some of the people who supported him in the past.


Steve Ritchie has been deaf to the numerous threats that have been issued by the former management, and he is only dealing with making the reputation come to the normal state. Not long ago, Steve Ritchie was advised to write an open letter to all his customers and other stakeholders, and it has helped to show that the company is trying to recover from its losses. View Related Info Here.


Steve Ritchie has ordered all his employees to take classes about diversity so that they can prevent the situation that happened in the past to happen again. The sales are expected to continue to grow and return to the former numbers. The company is expected to take on more strategists to make things better.


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The secret to Ripe more Fruits in Your Business, Louis Chenevert February 27, 2019

Louis Chenevert is the current president and the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a multinational conglomerate American company that research, develops and manufactures a variety of products in different fields including aircraft engines, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems and aerospace systems and many others. He joined United Technologies in 2006, where he was serving as the Director of the company, and after four years of service, he was elected to lead as the president and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, he served as the President at Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006.

Chenevert also served for 14 years at the General Motors, St Therese Operations where he worked as the Production General Manager. He studied at the University of de Montreal, where he graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree in production management. He is the Chairman of HEC Montreal`s Advisory Board as well as the founding director and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the friends for HEC Montreal.

Besides him holding numerous prominent positions, Chenevert is also a motivational speaker who has published several blogs. In his publishes, Chenevert gives tips to employers useful while enrolling workers. He says that for a business to prosper, it begins with individual employee’s success from the grassroots. Several factors are needed to be observed in order to enhance the growth of the company. Some of these factors which according to Chenevert if observed keenly would result in a significant impact on the business.

Creating a conducive workplace. There are many ways to invest to your employees, but one way is through the creation of a workplace that employees enjoy while working. Also, it is also essential to ensure there are no Debbie Downers or Negative Nancy who poison your workplace.

Learn to recognize hard-working employees. Rewarding and enticing workers makes them feel appreciated and motivated to continue giving loyal services. It also increases competition in the business, and the long term improves the business output.

Enhance team building. This is the best way of bringing workers together. It helps to create unity and strengthens the bond between bosses and employees.

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The Works Of Steve Ritchie February 25, 2019

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, the third largest pizza company.

Steve has worked in the company for more than 20 years. Papa John’s has a strategy of training its employees to improve its performance. Steve says that equity and diversity were his top priorities when he became CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie leads the company’s global awareness and development.

Steve says that this activity of training is being held into account because of the Starbucks incident. Papa John’s is not going to lose some of its outlets as Starbucks did to focus on the training. The coffee company enhanced its staff to take racial bias training after an arrest of two black customers that they were loitering. The store manager called the police to report the scenario. Some of the citizens in the U.S. called for a boycott due to racism.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns says that this training is not a PR stunt but an effort on educating the staff. The company has merged with the Bank of America which will help in developing strategy and advising them. By 2025, Steve Ritchie looks forward to owning over 100 franchise units and be a director for Fortune 500 companies. Papa John’s is coming up with new technology and making products that are accessible to the bigger public.

He is a graduate from the Seneca high school.He started as a customer service representative of the company in 1996. He has held several positions like the Chief Operating Officer, area supervisor, delivery driver and many more. Papa John’s has over 120,000 employees globally who serve in their 5000 plus stores.He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his family. Find More Information Here.

Before joining Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie owned a local pizza joint in Louisville. He spent most of his time here learning how to work hard and dedicating himself to work. This business gave Steve Ritcie the passion for knowing how the pizza business operates.

Since its existence from 1984, Papa John’s serves as a distributor of pizzas but some outlets have dining areas for customers. The company has markets in Asia, Europe, and America. Steve and his team are dedicated to preparing high-quality pizzas.


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The Future Of Biotechnology And Carsten Thiel


According to a technology commentators and experts like Carsten Thiel, we are truly entering the Golden Age of Biotechnology. Carsten Thiel has a Ph.D and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical company for clinical-stages that mainly develops gene and cell therapies for genetic diseases that are rare and life-threatening. It is a company that is a major part of the golden age of biotechnology that Carsten Thiel is very much a part of.

According to Carsten Thiel, in this era, people are seeing the birth of technologies that were long considered strictly the domain of science fiction. The implications for human health and happiness are profound. Just as aerospace engineering and computing went through massive growth in less than two decades in the mid-20th century, so will biotechnology experience massive growth in the course of the next few years.

An inflection point can happen in any field when the pace of fresh discoveries in the field speeds up significantly. Biotechnology is currently in the process of going through this inflection point. This science discipline is important because it addresses the most basic, essential concerns of humankind: How to live longer lives that are free of disease and disability. Biotech experts like Thiel deal with these concerns every day.

One need only look at the DNA and sequencing of the human genome to see just how rapidly biotechnology is progressing. Back in 1995, it cost over $2.6 billion to sequence the human genome. Today the same process costs a mere $10,000. This collapse in technology pricing has led to an explosion in new medicines and therapies. Go To This Page for more information.

The price drop occurred concurrently with dramatic advances in computers, statistical processing and digital information storage. Now that we can more closely examine human genetic material, it is far easier to develop newer, more effective medicines. In the future, people like Carsten Thiel should play an outsized role in the history of biotechnology.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Man Who Created February 11, 2019 is one of China’s most successful e-commerce businesses. According to Forbes, the online retailer is worth is $57.6 billion and is the only rival to mega-retailer Alibaba.’s founder, Richard Liu Qiangdong, launched the company in the face of forced failure.

These days, companies shutting down because of health hazards or environmental danger are nothing new. In the early 2000s, business owners faced more economic problems, so issues like public outbreaks or 100-year storms was a priority. Many Chinese store owners learned the hard way just how bad nature could affect their businesses.

Before Richard Liu Qiangdong was estimated to be worth $11 billion, he was the son of two nearly impoverish shipping company owners. His family never had much money, and Richard Liu Qiangdong wasn’t too focused on making much money at first. He wanted to go into politics and make a difference from inside the system.

In 1996, he earned a degree in sociology from one of China’s most prestigious institutions, Renmin University, with the intention of pursuing a career in politics. Sadly, his grandmother fell ill, and choose to find a more lucrative career to help for his grandmother’s treatment.

He quickly learned computer programming and began writing code for anyone willing to hire him. As a freelance coder, he discovered how challenging, yet rewarding a business career could be. He replaced his political ambitions with entrepreneurial hopes and started working toward a business degree from the China Europe International Business School. Find Related Information Here.

In 1998, after earning an EMBA, he opened a little store in Beijing called Jingdong. Jingdong sold magneto-optical products and gave Richard Liu Qiangdong his first taste of entrepreneurial success. Within five years, he had 12 stores throughout Beijing and was making more money than he ever expected. Before he could expand again, the 2003 SARS outbreak shut everything down.

SARS made face-to-face not only undesirable but dangerous for employees and customers. On the brink of defeat, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to move Jingdong online, and was born one year later. In 2017, Richard Liu Qiangdong became an official “Variety 500 Honoree” due to his hard work and service to the world.


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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Understands The Benefits Of Maintaining A Sense Of Balance In Life January 8, 2019


In order for a person to succeed at their chosen profession, it is often quite beneficial for that person to take a break from what they’re doing, so they can recharge their batteries and gain a new perspective.

In a 2018 Blog webpedia interview entitled “Paul Herdsman’s Hobbies and their Impact on NICE Global”, the COO discusses how engaging in his hobbies away from work can help him with his professional duties. The two hobbies that Mr. Herdsman benefits from the most are playing golf and fishing.

When asked about his beginnings with the hobby of fishing, Mr. Herdsman says that he was around five or six years old when he received a fishing pole as a Christmas present. Ever since the first time he tried fishing, he enjoyed it very much, and still does. See Related Link for additional information.

It wasn’t until he was finished with high school that Paul Herdsman started golfing, but as time went on, he became a big fan of the game. This business executive finds that golf is the most challenging sport he’s ever taken part in.

Even though he is very busy in his professional life, Paul Herdsman still manages to go fishing and golfing once every week. By doing so, he is able to relax and free his mind of stress and tension.

When he was younger, Mr. Herdsman used to participate in tournament fishing, but these days he is more interested in going fishing with his two daughters. It is his hope that his daughters will participate in activities such as golf and fishing in the future.

By taking part in activities such as golfing and fishing, Paul Herdsman feels that people can develop patience and problem-solving skills that can help them throughout their lives.


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Vinod Gupta Shows How Persistence Can Pay Off December 31, 2018


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a successful businessman who has never forgotten his roots. His humble beginnings in a small Indian village. The lessons he learned as a child helped him grow and become a self-made millionaire. He started school at the Indian Institutions of Technology. While there Vin Gupta studied agricultural engineering. He continued his education in the United States at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied business and engineering.

After graduating, he went on to work as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturer. After realizing there was no cohesive list of mobile home dealers, he opted to compile a list by using all of the local phone books in print. After a while, Vin Gupta had compiled quite an extensive list to present to his employer.

After getting a $100 bank loan, Gupta sent out a series of letters to individuals who could take advantage of his database services. He founded American Business Information in 1972. After several years of amassing databases, his company grew to be worth $500 million. In 2010, he sold the company for $680 million.

While Gupta still dabbles in several businesses, it has always been his goal to give back to his community. Gupta recently donated nearly $1 million to the development of a women’s polytechnic institution in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan. The school, established in 2000, promotes “Women’s Education” and allows women the opportunity to achieve a post graduate degree in 24 months.

The polytechnic institute offers classes in textiles, computer applications, technology, and more. He has also set up scholarships for girls who have the desire to further their education after high school. He provides everything that is needed to ensure their success including clothing, books, buses, and more.

Additionally, Gupta has donated more than $50 million of his income toward educational endeavors and advancements. View More Information Here.



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Richard Liu Qiangdong On His Company December 26, 2018

A Man on a Mission

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese millionaire, and he is the creator of Liu Qiangdong was raised in China by hard-working parents who prepared him for a life of success. Liu Qiangdong went to a prestigious college in China, and he had the hope of having a career in politics.


Soon, Liu Qiangdong realize that a career in politics would not be sustainable, so he started to dabble in computer programming in his spare time. Before Qiangdong graduated from college, he opened up a restaurant. He was able to get money from friends and family, but the restaurant did not do well. This failure did not disappoint Liu Qiangdong, but instead it gave him the impetus to continue. Read This Article for more information.



The climb To the Top


For several years, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked for a Japanese company. In this company, Liu Qiangdong learned management skills that would enable him to move on and create his own company. Within a short amount of time, Liu Qiangdong opened up a store selling optical products. Since the store was so successful, he was able to open up 11 more stores.


An Interview with


Recently, did an interview with Richard Liu Qiangdong entitled “An Insight, An Idea”. Liu Qiangdong spoke about how he was able to create his successful company called After open opening all his stores, there was a SARS outbreak in the country of China that caused people to want to avoid interactions with possible carriers.


Liu Qiangdong wanted to continue selling his product, but he did not want to put anyone’s health in danger. Instead of selling his products at stores, Richard Liu created an online platform. This e-commerce platform became widely successful, and now it is China’s most successful e-commerce platform. Richard Liu Qiangdong was able to find success because of his dedication to education, high-quality products, and innovation.


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Reasons Why Richard Liu Qiangdong Is Successful In E-Commerce November 19, 2018

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one investor that is always challenging the status quo both in business and around his social life. When he graduated from college with a BA in Sociology, the business world was the last option to most of his colleagues. However, Richard Liu pursued investment as both his passion and the fact that his family could not afford an alternative.



Since then, Liu has continued to challenge some investments notions in this side of the world. Although he has had his share of challenges in the business world, especially the 2004 epidemic, the ability to adapt and reinvent himself is impressive.



Richard Liu Qiangdong is also an exceptional planner. In the 14 years, he has been in charge of; he has supervised not only the company’s operational growth but also building its future. In one of the recent interviews Liu did, he pointed out that his dream of the company is yet to be completed. He pointed out some deals he has settled with some likeminded companies will enable the company to make strides in the next phase.


These deals have enabled to improve on their basic delivery speed. It is impressive to note that the company is already in the implementation stage of 24-hour delivery, which according to Richard Liu Qiangdong will define the retail market in China. Being a planner, Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that he has always wanted to have a visionary group in his management. A good management team is his support system.



This nature of development and improvement in terms warehouses and storage according to him has been the company’s priority for the last five years. It is now possible to make orders without worrying about storage or the speed of goods. The improvement in storage according to Liu is also in line with their next phase as a company. In just 24 months ago, the company through its relevant department commissioned one of the most comprehensive studies on transport. Read This Article for additional information.


According to Liu, the future of cargo and goods delivery is not through delivery vans but automated freight system. On this note, the company is not only ensuring that they are part of the history, but they are making the first steps towards the attainment of an environmentally friendly system.


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Managing It All: Paul Herdsman November 13, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the founder and COO of a company called NICE Global. The company has been in business for over ten years. He is a man who will figure out a solution to a problem when one comes up. He is a man who works with people to get the best possible solution to a problem. Being able to find solutions to business problems has been the core of his success. In an Interview with IdeaMensch, Paul Herdsman talked about a variety of things including his daily life, business, and other things.

Paul Herdsman is a man who can manage to have it all. Herdsman has a successful business, a busy family and takes time out to enjoy his favorite thing which is fishing. When he talked about his business he remembers how it came to be. When he was working in Jamaica he saw that there were many parts of the work of the company were being outsourced. Read This Article for related information.

He thought that there must be a better way but was not sure if he could start a business in Jamaica. He was glad he took the chance and the company has paid off for him in more ways than one.

When it comes to balancing his life Paul Herdsman makes two things a priority. The first is seeing his children off to school in the mornings and tucking them into bed at night. He says that the rest of the day always varies in the middle but he makes sure that his family obligations come first.

Managing a busy family and a business is not an easy chore for one person but Paul Herdsman is doing everything right. If there were a handbook on how to have it all, Paul Herdsman should be the one to write it.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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