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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman Shares Lessons With Newbies… October 23, 2018


Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman founded Jamaican company NICE Global and he runs it as their current COO. NICE Global specializes in selling outsourced business services to B2B clients that require them. After being the guy that streamlined customer service processes for a number of employers, Paul eventually became the employer providing these services for others.

So what Business Lessons does he has for us to consider? Let’s look at a few of the most important ones that he discussed.

Paul starts with creating a positive culture for your company. Paul understands what many COO’s, unfortunately, don’t, if you create a positive work-family then people won’t feel the need to move on from your employment! A workplace full of happy, long time retained team members is always more effective than a workplace full of quickly trained ones that are likely to turnover. Retaining employees is good, turnover is terrible!

Paul Herdsman gives two other important pieces of advice; to reward employees correctly and make sure that everybody on the team understands what their position is! Rewarding the employees correctly goes hand-in-hand with what was discussed above. People will want to stay and be happy. A true team will exist. Making sure that everybody adheres to their roles serves an important purpose. Doing this makes sure that everybody specializes in a particular role and does not step outside of it. This allows all team members to hone in on a role and perfect it. When every little part is brought together, and all the roles are working together in unison, your team will do the largest amount of quality work in the least amount of time. Go Here for related Information.

Paul Herdsman lives in Florida, however, he was born in Kingston Jamaica. The head office for NICE Global is also located in Jamaica. Who knows, a businessman could discover their services while on a nice vacation!


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Paul Herdsman- Top Quality Services By NICE Global October 16, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the chief operating officer and the Co-Founder of NICE Global. He established this company in 2014 so that he could deliver business solutions to as many organizations as possible. He had worked with different organizations before he established his own company. While working with the other businesses, he realized that he had a passion for customer-oriented solutions. Herdsman had created solutions that had helped the organizations he was working to build a strong reputation among the customers.

Paul Herdsman found out that he could do more by creating his own company that would serve a higher number of people. In 2014, he established his offices in Montego Bay, Jamaica, from where he would serve his clients in five countries. By the time he was creating the facility, he had established a good number of clients that he would move in within the new office. It did not take long before he started enjoying the fruits of his work. The clients he had enabled him to transition quickly into profits. Herdsman is happy with the results he has seen in this new company. His customer-base keeps on rising due to the level of expertise and innovativeness he has displayed while serving his customers. Refer to This Article for more information.

Paul Herdsman is helping as many people as possible come up with solutions that can improve their business solutions. Looking at the way he has established his business, he has built something strong that will last for a long time. He is helping companies that want to outsource services to get these services with ease. His specialization is in customer services. He has put together a team of experts who are now ready to work with him and deliver to the customers. The team is motivated since Herdsman has established reward programs to reward performance in the company.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.


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NICE Global Shines Under Paul Herdsman September 24, 2018


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, a company that offers business solutions. It has headquarters in Montego Bay, Jamaica and provides services to clients from all over the world. NICE Global was created in 2013 and has since then developed into a key business that offers outsourcing services to businesses around the world. This company aims to provide key services that will boost the growth of business working with them. NICE Global assists companies which outsource customer care services. They ensure that the companies have a good relationship with the customers.


Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global generates money through the services they offer to their clients, but they ensure that whatever they get is directly proportional to the success the clients are getting from their work. Whenever they take up a new client, they create measures or KPIs that determine the measure of success.


When NICE Global was started, it did not take long before it became profitable. Already they had existing clients in five countries, and it was only about a matter of consolidating them. They had trusted clients who helped them kick-start their operations with a bang. As soon as the company was set-up, it took a short time before they recorded profitability. The NICE Global team working in Jamaica was swift to arrange the operations of the company through a fast recruitment process. Read This Article for more information.


It is a normal thing for people starting out in business to get afraid and even question the decision to start the business in the first place. However, for Paul Herdsman, he was confident that his idea would bear fruits. In a matter of one year, Herdsman had a tight grip on the operations of the company and was delegating operations needed to keep the company in full operations.


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Paul Herdsman’s Beliefs On How To Become Successful July 16, 2018

Paul Herdsman co-founded a company that helps not only their customers but their employees as well. Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global is a full-service business solutions provider located in Jamaica. They offer their customers the comfort of knowing they have improved customer retention, lowered their overhead costs, and increased their revenue by working alongside their NICE Global employee.


From the employee stand point, NICE Global wants to make sure that they are happy, skilled, and are able to grow as individuals both personally and professionally (Get More Information Here).


How, then, does Mr. Herdsman measure success? Let’s look at some of Paul Herdman’s Business Tips that helped him become successful.


One of the first things he believes in is having a positive attitude. He notes that people with positive attitudes are, “better problem solvers, they have more energy, and are more resilient.” If this is an area of struggle for some people, he recommends writing a list of five things they are thankful for each night before bed.


It’s important to him as well to do work that he cares about and to have a vision for that work. After all, “A good entrepreneur is clear about the path they want their venture to take.”


Paul also believes in building the right team, making sure to pay extra attention to character and value. Part of that team must be a mentor, who has been there and is willing to help.


Likewise, character from the entrepreneur’s perspective must include understanding that we all make mistakes and the key to success is to learn from them. Understand that, though luck sometimes happens it is rare and there are no shortcuts.


Be persistent and don’t get discouraged if the business is not taking off quick enough.


Paul Herdsman believes in knowing his customers and making sure to go above and beyond.


Last but not least, Paul Herdsman believes that sometimes you have to say no. We only have twenty-four hours in a day and time is precious.




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Entrepreneurs, Paul Herdsman, Different Strategies And Personality Types May 19, 2018

There is a need for a strategy for every business. However, it is not a good idea for an entrepreneur to try any and every strategy in some cases. Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman himself needed to look at the different strategies before finding one that works best for him. It is important for people to look at all of the factors that influence what business strategy is going to work best for them. This can ensure that they are choosing a strategy that is going to bring them success both in the short term and the long term. While they are all equal, it is important for people to find something they can use. (See; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman)


One major factor to choosing a business strategy is personality type. There are many different personality types out there. For people that are a little more cooperative and introverted, there is the intellectual property strategy and value chain. One thing about these strategies is that they are a little slower paced. At the same time, there is always some room for this type of approach when it comes to business. The more competitive types might want to take the disruption approach. These types of people may want to bring something that not only beats out the other brands but shakes the industry as a whole to its core. See This Article for additional information.


Paul Herdsman has taken the time to know his personality type. This has helped Paul choose the strategies that are best suited to him.


One very important factor to success is diligence. The entrepreneur who is hard at work is going to be the one that succeeds.


Paul Herdsman is always working towards his goals. This is one of the reasons that he has managed to bring his business to the level of success that it is at. Herdsman emphasized self-knowledge is very important to success.


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