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Common Skins Conditions By Tim Ioannides February 18, 2019

One’s skin condition can tell whether someone health is good or bad. Skin is usually an explanation of one’s internal health. It is an impression. For example when your skin is with sores then obviously your immune system is weak and this is because of maybe a disease which one has. This tells us skin tells us what is already taking part in our body internally.

Tim Ioannides during his career has come with various skin conditions. He says the most skin conditions which he has come across many people having and having hard time include;

Psoriasis this condition is where the patient’s skin cells multiply at a very high speed. Our skins are made up of cells, that is the epidemic and dermic layers which contain skin cells. In this condition, these cells multiply at high rate than the usual. The condition leads to the patient’s skin turning red and having white scales. When the skin cells are growing fat then the persons skin start becoming more thicker. The epidemic and dermic layers will increase leading to the thickness.

Eczema is a group name. It is made up of conditions which lead the skin having itchiness, the skin becomes red and it also becomes irritated. Basically the cause of eczema is unknown but it is usually thought to be caused by overactive response by the immune body system to irritation.

Another common skin condition is Atopic Dermatitis; it is mostly common affecting both the children and adults. According to Tim Ioannides, the skin is usually swollen, it turns red and it is usually a inflammation will end up cracking and a fluid coming out from it. I happened to have this condition when I was young, my body will get this inflammation and it ended up me allergic to Sulphur.

The other condition is rosacea which usually has symptoms of the patients having inflammatory which have fare ups. The condition usually causes redness and pimples which occupies nose, cheeks, around the cheeks and also on the forehead.

Tim Ioannides, is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology which is usually involved with treatment of cancer. They are also involved with skin conditions. They help promoting good skin conditions by treating the patients. They also educate their patients about what is needed to help their skin remaining healthy.

“TIM IOANNIDES, Dermatologist in Port St. Lucie, Florida”, an article on, talks about his credibility, successes and his role in educating future dermatologists in dermatologic surgery and reconstructive surgery.


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