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Dr. David Samadi’s Prolific Career January 21, 2018

Dr. David Samadi is arguably one of the most widely known prostate surgeons in the world. He came into the limelight following groundbreaking work as the chief of robotics and surgery at Lenxo Hill hospital in New York City. Dr. Samadi is a licensed urologist who specializes in treatment of urological disorders, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. Dr. Samadi has conducted more than 7 thousand prostate cancer treatments using laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. This Makes him one of New York’s best prostrate surgeons and to date he remains the only surgeon to use the Da Vinci robotic system to conduct SMART.

Dr. Samadi attended Stony Brook University where he graduated with a biochemistry degree before obtaining his medicine degree from the university’s school of medicine in 1994. Dr. Samadi later pursued postgraduate training at the Montefiore medical center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He also did many other fellowships that sharpened his skills to become a renowned urologist and prostrate surgeon. He has also held some senior positions such as the professor of urology and head of urology at the Hofstra North Shore School of medicine and Lenox Hill Hospital, respectively. It was seen as a great win and acquisition for the medical school because of Dr. Samadi’s high profile reputation for doing innovative surgical development work.

Dr. Samadi has been invited to give talks on a variety of health topics and legislation that affects the medical community. He now has a radio show that is broadcast out of New York. He also has written a blog and published many books on various surgical topics. It’s important to know his personal background to fully appreciate the long journey he has made to reach the pinnacle of his career. He fled his homeland, Iran after the political revolution in 1979 to continue with his studies overseas. He studied in various schools throughout London, Belgium and the US. It took a lot of courage and resilience to travel around the world looking for better education and life. His efforts and hard work were recognized when he was given a full scholarship to study at Stony Brook University. This is where his journey to become a medical doctor began in earnest. Dr. Samadi has been praised for his empathy and ability to think outside the box to find treatment for his patients. He commits himself fully to helping patients until they recover to their full potential.

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