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Business Executive Jana Lightspeed March 21, 2019

Jana Lightspeed joined the company known as Lightspeed Venture Partners after spending a number of years providing advice to companies. While she was advising companies, Jana held a number of important positions in engineering, business development, sales and marketing. She spent a lot of years contributing to the eventual success of high growth technology companies such as Twitter and Netflix.

Over the course of her career, Jana Lightspeed has been involved in both business and technology. This has enabled her to use her business expertise to help technology companies reach their full potential. With her experience in technology, she has been able to use this expertise to help other companies in the technology industry grow and develop on a consistent basis. While she is very experienced in both sectors, Jana chose to be more involved in the business side of the technology industry.

During her career, Jana has held a number of executive management positions. These include Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform at Twitter. While in this role, she was involved in overseeing strategic partnerships, developer relations and enterprise sales for the company. She was also involved in marketing for the company as well. Before she worked at Twitter, Jana held a position as a director of business development at Netflix. While at this company, she was involved in building partnerships.

In 2015, Jana Lightspeed co founded an entity known as Angels which is an organization devoted to helping women get more involved in startup businesses. While she was running Angels, she was also helping founders pursue their business ideas in a number of different industries. As well as investing in business ideas, Jana is very active in hosting community events that help promote women in a number of growing industries. She believes that women need to be included in the development of companies in order to help stimulate economic growth.

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Grace Farm’s Efforts Towards Nature Appreciation Through Sharon Prince, As Its President March 15, 2019

Grace Farms is a cultural institution that sits on more than 80 acres of beautiful landscapes. It’s open for visits by the public through which it not only tries to increase appreciation for nature but also tries to impact education and also show the need for nature preservation. Through this visits, people get to interact with nature, people from various cultures as well as leaders who have mastery in diverse disciplines. The public can also take part in various programs within the site. View Related Info Here.

Seasonal Bounties are some of the offerings that can be found within Grace Farm. These are mostly in summer whereby visitors can participate in activities such as catch-and-release fishing, exploration through nature walks not forgetting casual games with each other. Grace Farms is also a top destination for anyone who is interested in viewing the beauty of various diverse plants, trees and flowers. The vibrant colors from the scene also provide a perfect spot for taking exquisite photographs.

During winter, the beauty of trees filled with snow is also a beauty to behold and worthy of taking a photograph or two. It’s also a nice time to come into contact with various animals and observe their behavior. Ecological Appreciation and Biodiversity is also another aspect that can be explored within Sharon Prince Grace Farms. This is as seen through the various habitats that embrace diverse indigenous animals. This is one goal that the president, Sharon has put emphasis on.

Meadows are also another initiative that Sharon Prince Grace Farms has put effort in restoring thus providing natural habitats to bees, birds and even butterflies. These birds include the endangered Kestral Falcon which have chosen the serene habitat within the farm. In addition to all these initiatives, Grace Farms also offers Gardening Education and Earth Day Celebrations to its visitors.

Grace Farm’s president, Sharon Prince, has been at the helm of ensuring all these initiatives are successfully implemented and ran within the farm in order to achieve its vision of a shared public space that focuses on appreciation of nature.

Through her leadership, the farm has bagged various awards such as Architecture Honor Award and Innovation by Design Award. Sharon Prince herself, also received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farm Foundation has helped Sharon Prince fight against issues such as human trafficking, violence on women and child exploitation.


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Sharon Prince Founder Of Grace Farms A Safe Haven For All March 13, 2019

In 2009 Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms Foundation with the objectives to enhance lives through enhancing engagement with nature, the arts, and justice for all her clients, and faith in community. The non-profit organization was spearheaded to be a free, public space for individuals to share.

She commissioned SANAA to design the building that would be used by the organization. SANAA has won prizes such as the Pritzker Prize for their accomplishments. The organization since it opened has been a safe haven where people find peace and grace to face their daily lives and struggles. The organization has made significant contributions to the fields of architecture, environmental sustainability, and social wellness.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’ contributions have been recognized and awarded awards such as AIA National 2017 Architecture honor award, Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award which they got for the social wellness contributions. In addition, the company received the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize from the Illinois Institute of technology where Sharon Prince participated in the symposium Reimagining the Metropolis.

Sharon Prince was personally awarded the AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury for her own invaluable contributions to the architectural industry. Sharon Prince maintained firm footing on her disapproval for child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women, over the years through the foundation.

In an article with Medium, entitled “Exercise Your Voice in Everyday Moments”, Sharon Prince shared that embracing hopeful progress and use our voices in the moment, could create a world of respect and parity. Our voices matter. Collectively, they are our greatest instrument for change in the world.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms owns over 80 acres of vast land that was previously being destroyed by human activity. The land is now being restored to its former glory through conservation efforts. The species of birds that had been displaced are now making a comeback. The different seasons on the landscape accentuates the beauty of the land. The community garden in the property offers visitors a chance to learn the importance of self-sustainability, community involvement in matters of environment and stress relief effect that the outdoors have.


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Robert Deignan: Drawing from Personal Experience to Administer Entrepreneurial Counseling March 6, 2019

Robert Deignan is a businessman whose professional dedication and love for football took him above and beyond his expectancy of achievement. After graduating from high school with his football scholarship in hand, Deignan made the decision to study as a student at Purdue University where he completed the task of graduating with his Business Management degree in 1995. But upon graduating from college, Deignan’s affinity for football had such a strong hold on him that he was compelled to fulfill a professional career within the sport prior to pursuing his interest in business. He was drafted into the NFL where from 1997 to 1998, he had the privilege to play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. However, after that lifetime goal had been achieved, Robert Deignan then decided to focus his attention on manifesting entrepreneurial objectives. After working with the Fanlink, Inc. project for a few years and making managerial decisions as the Executive Vice President of iS3 for nine years, Deignan felt confident enough from his corporate experiences to establish his own business. Therefore, after working for an anti-malware software company that experienced technical difficulties with customer resolutions, Deignan knew that he could create a company that could handle this issue.

With the idea in mind to incorporate the use of remote technology to troubleshoot and repair technical issues with customers’ phones, tablets, and computers, Deignan launched Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services in August 2011. As CEO and Founder of the Boca Raton,  Florida based company, Robert Deignan strives on the daily to promote the convenience and resourcefulness of screen-sharing technology on a global scale. Moreover, since debuting to the public, ATS had also become certified to be used as an app. From his company’s sustained success, Robert Deignan has been able to formulate several critical pieces of entrepreneurial advice he has been able to use that others can follow to help achieve their personal goals as well. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Deignan states that people must learn to never doubt themselves when business decisions because being instinctive has often proven to be most beneficial for him in his attainment of success. Secondly and thirdly, aspiring entrepreneurs must take the initiative to assess the underlying statistical data behind their business to determine the probability of its success rate prior to investing and to always hire those who are best qualified to carry out your personal objectives. Next, remember to avoid working with friends and family to avoid business stagnation and to always take the personal time to disconnect from the world to enable oneself to reflect on ways to uphold business viability.

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The secret to Ripe more Fruits in Your Business, Louis Chenevert February 27, 2019

Louis Chenevert is the current president and the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, a multinational conglomerate American company that research, develops and manufactures a variety of products in different fields including aircraft engines, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems and aerospace systems and many others. He joined United Technologies in 2006, where he was serving as the Director of the company, and after four years of service, he was elected to lead as the president and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, he served as the President at Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006.

Chenevert also served for 14 years at the General Motors, St Therese Operations where he worked as the Production General Manager. He studied at the University of de Montreal, where he graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree in production management. He is the Chairman of HEC Montreal`s Advisory Board as well as the founding director and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the friends for HEC Montreal.

Besides him holding numerous prominent positions, Chenevert is also a motivational speaker who has published several blogs. In his publishes, Chenevert gives tips to employers useful while enrolling workers. He says that for a business to prosper, it begins with individual employee’s success from the grassroots. Several factors are needed to be observed in order to enhance the growth of the company. Some of these factors which according to Chenevert if observed keenly would result in a significant impact on the business.

Creating a conducive workplace. There are many ways to invest to your employees, but one way is through the creation of a workplace that employees enjoy while working. Also, it is also essential to ensure there are no Debbie Downers or Negative Nancy who poison your workplace.

Learn to recognize hard-working employees. Rewarding and enticing workers makes them feel appreciated and motivated to continue giving loyal services. It also increases competition in the business, and the long term improves the business output.

Enhance team building. This is the best way of bringing workers together. It helps to create unity and strengthens the bond between bosses and employees.

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A Look At How Waiakea Water Is Revolutionizing The Bottled Water Industry November 9, 2018

Most people who invest in the highly competitive bottled water industry, usually do so for the money but for the Hawaiian water company known as Waiakea water, it’s not just about the cash but is also about providing the world with high quality Hawaiian volcanic water.

How Waiakea Water Came To Be

When the founder and chief executive officer of Waiakea water, Ryan Emmons went to visit his family in Hawaii during a certain spring and summer break a few years back, he was taken back by the delicious, cool and natural tasting water he made while there. When his vacation was over, Mr. Emmons was determined to share this goodness with the world, and this is when he decided to establish the company that is now known worldwide as Waiakea water.

Why Waiakea Water Is A Big Deal

Today, Waiakea water is not just any other ordinary water company but a company that strives to offer the best not only to its consumers but also to Mother Nature. Established in 2012, Waiakea water offers consumers the best of nature through its water filtering process. Instead of establishing a water plant and adding artificial additives to make its water natural, the company uses a 14,000 feet porous volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa Volcano as its aquifer. Because it’s a volcanic rock, it boasts and enriches Waiakea water with natural minerals such as calcium, silica, and magnesium giving it its natural, distinctive and delicious taste and feel. Besides a great distinctive taste, the water has a natural pH and thus packs a ton of volcanic water benefits in each bottle.

Waiakea water also takes care of the environment by packaging its water using degradable materials. Unlike most bottled water companies which use bottles that take a 1000 years to degrade, Waiakea water packages its water in bottles that only take a decade and a half to fully degrade. Likewise, they give back to the community by donating clean drinking water to communities that cannot access it such as Malawi thus improving their conditions. Besides offering clean water, the company also donates funds to charitable foundations and organizations such as Pump aid. With such uniqueness and innovative methods in carrying out its operations, it is no wonder that the firm was recently awarded and even gained a segment on Good Morning America.


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Louis Chenevert, Businessman and CEO November 8, 2018

Louis Chenevert is a businessman from Canada. Chenevert grew up in Montreal, Quebec. Chenevert received a degree in business administration from HEC Montréal in 1979. HEC Montreal is a business school that has affiliation with the University of Montreal. During 2011, Chenevert received recognition from the same business school he attended years prior, HEC Montreal. As a result of his success in his career, he was presented with a “doctorate honoris” certificate from Concordia University during 2014.

Chenevert has had extensive experience with many different companies over the course of the career. He worked for General Motors for a total of 14 years as their general product manager. During 1993, he began working at the well-known aircraft engine manufacture, Pratt & Whitney. He was named the president of Pratt & Whitney during the year 1999.

During the year of 2006, he subsequently began woking with United Technologies Corporation. He became COO of United Technologies Corporation in 2006 and the CEO in 2008. Following both of these positions at United Technologies Corporation, he then became the chairman of their board during January of 2010. During 2011, following repeated success at a number of companies, he joined Cargill. At Cargill, he fulfilled the position of vice-chairman for their committee. It was here that he received the USO award for successful service and fund accomplishments for business efforts.

Following all of this success in business and funds, Louis Chenevert went on to be voted for the Congressional Medal of Honor during March of 2015. He had served on the board for a number of years.

After working in the aerospace industry for many years, Louis Chenevert accepted the position of Executive Advisor for Merchant Banking at Goldman Sachs. At his position for Goldman Sachs, he receives an undisclosed amount of fund compensation. His position requires him to seek and target the opportunities that arise in the aerospace sector and industrial industry. He will be advising other businesses on fund and company management for his field.

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Doe Deere Hopes To Be An Inspiration By Telling Her Immigrant Story November 7, 2018

The current political climate is a complex one with many U.S. voters looking to express their opinion on the number of immigrants arriving on American soil. One immigrant keen to share her story is Doe Deere, the LimeCrime cosmetics entrepreneur who arrived in the U.S. in the 1990s and became one of the innovators in the fashion industry. One of the messages Doe Deere wants to get across is the U.S. is a great country for those looking to build a brighter future for themselves.

The immigrant story of Doe Deere is a tough one but has a happy ending with the people of the U.S. showing their true colors as leaders in helping their fellow humans to live better lives. Looking back at the early stages of her life and career, Doe Deere admits she would not want anybody else to go through the difficult times she experienced as a teenager and young adult; however, she does admit these experiences molded her into the human being she is today and believes she would not have achieved success without the tough times her family experienced.

In telling her immigrant story, Doe Deere hopes to explain to the world the success she believes can be achieved when the greatness of the U.S. is embraced at all levels. After leaving their home in Izhevsk, Russia where less than 500,000 people lived and moving to Manhattan where over seven million citizens were making their lives times were hard for Doe Deere and her family. The inspirational immigrant story of Doe Deere saw her move from a homeless shelter to the New York Fashion Institute with the aid of the Sanctuary for Families charity headed by Dorchen Leidholdt.

Doe Deere wishes to show her appreciation to those who aided her family in their time of need when they were struggling to survive in New York City. With the aid of the American people, Doe Deere has pulled her family towards what is generally known as “The American Dream” of a career, home, and happy family.

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Robert Deignan- Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

Technology has been getting better and better over the years. Today, if you look at any industry, you will spot some great changes that have been brought about by technology. There are some unimaginable wonders of technology that have taken place in the past few decades and which have brought us closer to advanced levels of technology applications. The growth of technology in the past few decades has been so huge that it has created new industries. To know how technology has brought huge impacts, look at Robert Deignan, one of the technology experts today. He has created a company called ATS Digital Services. This company has been created out of the gaps that have been brought about by technological developments.

The main role of this company is to help consumers to troubleshoot different tech problems that they may encounter. Even this company has evolved due to the changes that are rapidly coming into effect. What is the trend today is no longer the trend after a few years. There is so much happening in the industry that users of tech gadgets need to reevaluate their knowledge frequently. To make sure that customers from all over the world are helped, the company has continued to advance their customer services to facilitate the effective growth of the industry. ATS Digital Services is offering the best tech support for users with all manner of the challenges. It is the company you should call any time you encounter a problem. They can offer remote services that will resolve the issues.

About Robert Deignan

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your influence in the technology sector, Robert Deignan is one person you can emulate. He has been in the tech industry for over 20 years; he has seen technology evolve and therefore is the best-suited person to say how to respond to tech changes. He always wanted to be a successful business person and built his first company once he was out of the university. He then worked with an organization that mentored him to be a great business person.

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Meet Shervin Pishevar: An Honored Entrepreneur March 7, 2018

Public researcher, founder, co-founder, chairman and entrepreneurial ambassador are some of the titles attached to Shervin Pishevar. Shervin Pishevar graduated from the University of California, Berkley, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He is known to be a renowned entrepreneur, capitalist and investor. Shervin then went on to founding and co-founding several ventures which includes: Sherpa Capitals, Menlo Ventures,, Lonside Interactive, Application Corporation, Seges Capital and WebOs – which were very successful.


Shervin Pishevar’s drive and commitment to what he does has seen him investing in sixty plus businesses throughout different sectors. He has served on a number of boards including the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. Shervin served in the U.S State Department Delegations to the Middle East and Russia in the capacity of Entrepreneurial Ambassador.

He is an author of several U.S patents, and he has helped publish many posts alone, as well as with others, on subjects that he is very knowledgeable of. Go Here to learn more.


Shervin Pishevar is a visionary investor, a leading capitalist, a great investor and a researcher whose enthusiasm and devotion has taken him, and will continue to take him, to great heights. He has worked very hard to get to where he is at today. It has taken a lot of time, patience and effort, but when it is all said and done, it has all paid off in the end for him. Shervin Pishevar has been working hard towards his goals of becoming the best that he can possibly be from a very young age, and even though his studies have taken up a lot of his time, I am positive that he will tell you that he would not take back a single thing he did, or sacrificed, to become the great man that you know him as today!


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