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Doe Deere Hopes To Be An Inspiration By Telling Her Immigrant Story November 7, 2018

The current political climate is a complex one with many U.S. voters looking to express their opinion on the number of immigrants arriving on American soil. One immigrant keen to share her story is Doe Deere, the LimeCrime cosmetics entrepreneur who arrived in the U.S. in the 1990s and became one of the innovators in the fashion industry. One of the messages Doe Deere wants to get across is the U.S. is a great country for those looking to build a brighter future for themselves.

The immigrant story of Doe Deere is a tough one but has a happy ending with the people of the U.S. showing their true colors as leaders in helping their fellow humans to live better lives. Looking back at the early stages of her life and career, Doe Deere admits she would not want anybody else to go through the difficult times she experienced as a teenager and young adult; however, she does admit these experiences molded her into the human being she is today and believes she would not have achieved success without the tough times her family experienced.

In telling her immigrant story, Doe Deere hopes to explain to the world the success she believes can be achieved when the greatness of the U.S. is embraced at all levels. After leaving their home in Izhevsk, Russia where less than 500,000 people lived and moving to Manhattan where over seven million citizens were making their lives times were hard for Doe Deere and her family. The inspirational immigrant story of Doe Deere saw her move from a homeless shelter to the New York Fashion Institute with the aid of the Sanctuary for Families charity headed by Dorchen Leidholdt.

Doe Deere wishes to show her appreciation to those who aided her family in their time of need when they were struggling to survive in New York City. With the aid of the American people, Doe Deere has pulled her family towards what is generally known as “The American Dream” of a career, home, and happy family.

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Fabletics: A Visionary Company in the Fashion Industry January 13, 2018

Not only was Fabletics able to make a difference for people who were a part of the fashion industry but they were also able to provide their customers with things they thought would work the best for them. They are an industry disruptor and they continue to help people realize how they can make things better. Fabletics knows what it takes to give women what they are looking for and they aren’t afraid to give them the clothing options that will make a difference. It is what the company has always wanted to do and what they have been able to do to truly make a difference.


For Fabletics, this is part of who they are as a brand. Their identity is what has made them a better brand and what has given them the chance to give others what they are looking for. Everything the company has done goes back to how they can make things better and how they can give people what they are looking for. Part of what they are doing is also so people can have a better understanding of how the fashion industry works and what it’s doing to truly make a difference for others.


As long as Fabletics is continuing to make new prints and styles, there will be people who want to enjoy them. There will also be options that people will have so they can take advantage of all the best parts of the business. Fabletics knows what it’s like to make a difference so they do what they can to give people that difference. It is part of what has helped the business stay relevant and what has allowed them to always give people what they are looking for no matter what issues they are dealing with in different situations.


For Fabletics to continue doing this, they have to stay innovative. They often use their ambassador, Kate Hudson, to help people realize what they are doing. In addition, they like to use her to come up with ideas for new prints and styles. They can try their best to use her to make sure she is connecting with the audience and she is giving people what they want. As a celebrity, she is relatable and she tries to help people realize what they are able to do with the clothing and accessory options she has available to them on their own.

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