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Preston Smith of Rocketship Education Responds to NRP’s Allegations July 16, 2018

Preston Smith of Rocketship Education Responds to NRP’s Allegations

About ten years ago, the first Rocketship School was formed in San Jose. Even though the management boasts of making an outstanding impact in the country, Rocketship Charter School has a long way to go in terms of reaching out to more scholars. And definitely, the institute has learned the value of encouraging parents to start tutoring their children at a tender age, from home.


Behind the success of Rocketship Education is Preston Smith who serves as the CEO. He is also the co-founder. He first served as a teacher before becoming the principal of Rocketship Education. He resides in San Jose.

The Report

Far from that, Rocketship Charter School has been on the limelight for the wrong reasons of late. NRP published a take-down article that attracted many prospective clients including parents to scholars. The report indicated that the institution is too strict on students. It also noted that the teachers offer rigorous lessons to their students irrespective of age. Although only two parents complained, the NRP report smudged the name of the school by suggesting that students were uncomfortable.

Smith’s Sentiments

Today, Preston Smith is telling the nation that NRP did not get it right. For starters, Rocketship Education was formed more than five years ago. It has been service its purpose since then. Even just as a boutique school when it was established, it still delivered by instigating policies that work well for students, parents, and teachers. That explains the reason behind many parents sticking with the school even with the smeared PR. Also, Preston Smith is confident that the education system provided at Rocketship Education is good enough for scholars.


Moreover, over 90% of their students returned to school this year. That indicates that the education center is still preferred and if it was not, like painted by NRP’s report, these students would not have returned to school. Besides, they do not have to enroll at Rocketship Education. There are many charter schools around.


In a recent survey by Rocketship Education, 72% of parents proposed Rocketship Education as their school of choice to their friends. It means that the education center is still one of the best in the regions.

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