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Alec Sellem: An Entrepreneur Who Has Made A Real Difference In Many African Villages April 30, 2019


Alec Sellem is a business professional who serves in the artisanal gold mining and refining sector. Alec Sellem is the Founder of Sellem Industries, who is referred to as a mining specialist. He has now joined the panel about energy law, one of the hottest topics in Africa today.


While his company is based out of England, it mainly operates in Africa. Sellem was able to break out of the traditional way of thinking about how gold is refined by looking at the larger picture. Instead of building a global gold company that sells its gold to Western refineries, Alec Sellem created a localized mining company, which has helped to improve the regions where the gold originates from, to begin with.


Alec Sellem spent a lot of time in Africa while he was going to college. He grew to love the different cultures, geography, and people in the country and now employs a people-centric approach as an entrepreneur. His hard work has improved the infrastructure of local villages and has created trust with locals who live in the areas where his company operates. Sellem has learned how to balance his time spent at work with his time spent at home with his wife and children. He feels that spending time with his family helps him to regenerate and clear his mind.


Alec Sellem spends a lot of his working days traveling to different locations in Africa. He has admitted that his job is not typical but that he does very well in an ever-changing working environment. When he spends time at a site in Africa, he remains extremely busy and knows that he needs to stay focused so he can ensure that everything is running smoothly. See Related Link for more information.


He doesn’t see his job as work, necessarily, because he loves what he does. Alec Sellem was recently invited to take part in a panel at the United Nations in New York. He enjoyed being able to take part in the panel and was happy to have the opportunity to speak about the topics he is so passionate about.


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