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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Champions For Product Originality And Naturalness February 25, 2019

As Matrix Global Brand President, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been focusing on the augmentation of the latest wholesome and authentic products famous as R.A.W. The concept of R.A.W generated from the realization of the urgency for the consumption of natural products globally.

According to Mr. Bethelmy-Rada, today’s consumers are interested in items, which are 100% sustainable and natural with minimal environmental adversities. As such, he led Matrix in the creation of R.A.W to respond to the evolving client demand by incorporating an exclusive approach. According to Mr. Dan, the model will provide multiple products with unique environmental credentials in each segment, ranging from formulation to manufacturing and packaging.

Under the instructions of Mr. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Matrix will achieve this motive through the utilization of natural and biodegradable ingredients in its formulas. Daniel postulates that R.A.W is cautious thus guaranteeing that its formulas are compatible with different environmental-respectful green chemistry regulations. Besides, the project will speculate the formulas life cycle from the start to its completion to minimize the resources used during production. The incorporation of this project in the organization aims at maintaining a single top priority, which involves approaches that discourages naturalness compromise.

Mr. Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated that the company’s mission was to guarantee operations that barely compromise naturalness. As such, the company achieved impeccable results through ensuring that its products matched the standards of L’Oreal regarding capillary performance.

Besides focusing on the strategies to promote product authenticity and naturalness, Mr. Dan attests to the challenges associated with the project. To concur the project’s problems, Dan Bethelmy-Rada designed an extensive educational programme providing beauty experts with insights concerning the utilization of environmentally-conscious procedures in their salons. Through awareness creation, Mr. Bethelmy-Rada attests to the significance of the initiative given the numerous positive feedbacks received. Mr. Dan postulates that 90% of the customers reported positively concerning R.A.W. Given this success, Daniel intends to pursue an international R.A.W launch supplementing to its already attained success in Europe. Find Related Information Here.

Besides boosting his executive profile through professional participation, Mr. Daniel supplements his life with numerous elements. He is a trilingual speaker for Spanish, English, and French. His interests are diverse ranging from traveling, modern photography, fashion, and contemporary photography.


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