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Jim Larkin- Changing the Lives of Irish People April 30, 2018

Jim Larkin fought for the compensation rights of the Irish people, born in 1876 on 21st January, he believed in fair pay for all workers. Jim was uneducated, but he involved himself in manual jobs rising to the position of Liverpool foreman. His agenda was giving employees fair working conditions making him become a socialist and joined the NUDL- National Union of Docks Labourers and finally in 1905 he became fully involved in trade union as their organizer.


Larkin formed the Irish Transports and General Workers Union with the aim of making both unskilled and skilled Irish industrial workers join one union and work for their welfare. In 1908 Jim Larkin outlined his agenda to form a political program under the union that would make workers work for only eight hours per day. Additionally, the program would have provisions for pension benefits to workers until the age of 60 years and rule of daily work for all those unemployed. He fought for compulsory Adult suffrage, Arbitration Courts, railways, nationalization of canals and workers means of transports to work and home. His agenda was people of Ireland to have a good life. Larkin joined hands with James Connolly forming the most popular party Irish Labour Party. Through the party, he led sequence of strikes with the 1913 Dublin Lockout being the most significant one. The strike had 100,000 and more unskilled workers who were fighting for their rights, and it lasted for over seven months. The strike brought about better things for unskilled workers giving them right to receiving excellent employment benefits.


Larkin’s method of fighting for workers drew considerable attention to other leaders like Constance Markievics. He admitted that Jim had the power to emanate words and his personality drew vast crowd since Jim connected to their pain, emotions, and joy. Larkin went for a lecture tour to the United States in 1914 where he aimed to raise fund. Jim joined hands with Socialist Party of America. He got deported back to Ireland where he formed the WUI-Workers Union of Ireland, and in 1945 he became Irish Labour Party member. Jim Larkin continued supporting and working for Irish workers benefits and support until 30th January 1947 when he passed away.

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