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Kimberly Bakker Crunchbase January 8, 2019


Kimberly Bakker’s Company Grew From A Childhood Love Of Hosting Parities And Years Of Experience.

Kimberly Bakker seemed destined from a young age to own and operate her own event planning business. As a child, she enjoyed throwing fancy tea parties and other events for family members. Kimberly Bakker received her education from the University of Southern California and started her professional career as a Protocol Officer for a mayor.

Through her professional experiences of throwing successful parties, Bakker was able to perfect her skills. Her professional experience plus her childhood desire to throw parties resulted in Kimberly Bakker Events.

For Kimberly Bakker, starting her own business seemed like the next logical step. She already had plenty of experience with planning a wide range of events. Kimberly Bakker also had the love of creating something from nothing deeply rooted in her from her childhood. It is also important to Bakker that her own daughter understands that a mom can have a variety of responsibilities and still be a hands-on parent.

What sets Kimberly Bakker Events apart from other event planning companies is that from the beginning stages of planning to the very end Bakker adds her own personal touches. Whether it is using her grandmother’s tea set or making sure that the host has food to take home at the end of the evening, it is the attention to those details and those personal touches that people remember well after the party. Find Related Information Here.

For anyone interested in the event planning industry, Bakker cannot stress enough that organization is key. In order to keep herself and her staff organized, she makes detailed lists to keep everyone on track. Her other piece of advice is to follow your gut. Successful people truly know that their own instants will lead them to success.


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Creating A Stress-Free Holiday Season With Kimberly Bakker January 1, 2019


With the holiday season around the corner, there is no doubt that along with great memories comes added stress from preparing events for our family. Much like the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas day so is the tradition of running from store to store attempting to gather everything you need for the big day.

However, this year can be different, with a little help of course. Introducing one of the most sought-after event planners in California, Kimberly Bakker. Bakker brings a plethora of experience both academically and career-wise to the table.

Today this “Momtrepreneur”, philanthropist and CEO of Kimberly Bakker Events, has offered some of her advice on how to not only remove unwanted stress but prepare the best possible event for your family this coming holiday season.


The Art Of Delegation

Understandably we all want to do everything because we feel like nobody can do it how we want it exactly, however, Bakker points out that delegating the simple tasks such as preparing the table or putting out some cookies can relief unnecessary stress which in turn will make your job a whole lot easier. View Related Info Here.


Create The Conversation

Demonstrating the meaning of the holidays can be a powerful thing, therefore Kimberly Bakker suggests putting out a family heirloom as a centerpiece to create a conversation and atmosphere of togetherness. For example, Bakker uses whenever possible her late grandmother’s tea sets and silverware for her own family gatherings.


Be Apart Of your Own Event

Bakker states that often we are so busy trying to make sure that everyone has a drink in their hands and or food on the table that we forget to be a gracious host to the guest. Remember, your friends and family decided to spend the holiday season with you, so make sure that you give them your time if only for a few moments here and there.


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Vinod Gupta Shows How Persistence Can Pay Off December 31, 2018


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a successful businessman who has never forgotten his roots. His humble beginnings in a small Indian village. The lessons he learned as a child helped him grow and become a self-made millionaire. He started school at the Indian Institutions of Technology. While there Vin Gupta studied agricultural engineering. He continued his education in the United States at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied business and engineering.

After graduating, he went on to work as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturer. After realizing there was no cohesive list of mobile home dealers, he opted to compile a list by using all of the local phone books in print. After a while, Vin Gupta had compiled quite an extensive list to present to his employer.

After getting a $100 bank loan, Gupta sent out a series of letters to individuals who could take advantage of his database services. He founded American Business Information in 1972. After several years of amassing databases, his company grew to be worth $500 million. In 2010, he sold the company for $680 million.

While Gupta still dabbles in several businesses, it has always been his goal to give back to his community. Gupta recently donated nearly $1 million to the development of a women’s polytechnic institution in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan. The school, established in 2000, promotes “Women’s Education” and allows women the opportunity to achieve a post graduate degree in 24 months.

The polytechnic institute offers classes in textiles, computer applications, technology, and more. He has also set up scholarships for girls who have the desire to further their education after high school. He provides everything that is needed to ensure their success including clothing, books, buses, and more.

Additionally, Gupta has donated more than $50 million of his income toward educational endeavors and advancements. View More Information Here.



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Kimberly Bakker The Business Woman And Matriarch December 18, 2018


Kimberly Bakker is an American business woman born in San Francisco, California. Kimberly started off with early success in her life, she graduated high school with honors and then went on to attend USC University. Kimberly Bakker graduated from USC with a business degree in 1992. While attending USC Kimberly Bakker was the Women’s Advocate for the Panhellenic Board.

She also held down a full-time job as the Director of Sales and Marketing for L’ermitage Hotels for senior year. This earned her the Outstanding Senior award from USC. Kimberly Bakker started her own events management firm in 2000 called Kimberly Bakker Events. She has 15 years of experience in this business ranging from event planner, fundraising, and PR account executive.

Kimberly Bakker is also a very successful “Momtrepreneur”. She takes care of her morning mommy duties herself. Her morning routine consist of pampering herself and then tending to her daughter Quinian’s morning routine. She then checks her to do list and starts her day with poise, grace, and fierce success. When Kimberly is hosting an event she has everything organized so that the staff can operate the event smoothly and she monitors the event while mingling with the guests. Bakker also supports local businesses by choosing them as vendors for her events. Bakker values the way small businesses has personalized customer service. A few keys to Bakker’s company success is to ensure all guests, honorees,and attendees feel welcomed, cherished, and valued.

Kimberly’s family lineage is very rich and played a pivotal part in shaping parts of Northern California. Coleman Walker Graves is her great-great grandfather and he was San Francisco’s Assistant District Attorney in 1848. Kimberly is so proud that she even hangs a plaque from the Society of California Pioneers that documents her family’s arrival in Northern California. Kimberly Bakker grew up on a cattle ranch and she enjoyed the land. This upbringing motivated her to provide her daughter with the same thing. Kimberly Baker is an example two women in America and across the globe of how you can be successful as a business woman and most importantly as a mom. See This Article to learn more.


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Vinod Gupta Gives Towards Education For Future Indian Entrepreneurs November 6, 2018


Back more than 50 years ago when he left his small village to embark on his academic journey and eventually his professional career leading to becoming a millionaire, Vinod Gupta probably never imagined it would one day have its own polytechnic school for women and become developed with modern services.

But that’s just what he helped it become after successfully growing InfoUSA into an international company and pledging to use the profits to make a difference in countries like India. Gupta also has given to universities in the US and has established grants and scholarship programs helping the underserved student communities. Gupta also invests in startup companies through his family office firm, Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta began his own business by turning what was s big task for the company he worked for at the time into an idea of his own. He had had to find new clients through business listings, and when he realized he was building no leads through the outdated lists, he decided to order yellow page phone books and build updated lists from those. View Additional Info Here.

While this work took quite some time for Gupta to accomplish, Vinod realized he could potentially make money by selling his new business contact lists back to the company. The company didn’t buy it from Gupta, but they did grant his request to be able to sell it to other companies.

The list Gupta built soon turned into other business-to-business contact information, and soon he had a whole database company built. It started with just a few thousand dollars in revenue, but it would grow into millions as it grew its office space, and it eventually reached over $680 million after it was renamed InfoUSA.

Vinod Gupta hired many people from poor communities at the company, and he often traveled around delivering lectures at business schools. He also served in the Clinton administration as the US Consul General to Bermuda.


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Kimberly Bakker: The Mom, The Entrepreneur, The Trailblazer November 5, 2018


Cultivated, enterprising, and ambitious, Kimberly Bakker is the quintessential businesswoman. From a tender age, Bakker’s flair for event planning was unmistakable. From throwing elaborate parties for imaginary guests to hosting elaborate soirées for her stuffed animals, Bakker’s prowess as a party planner manifested early on. Bakker ascribes her aptitude for planning to the family rituals her mother upheld. According to Kimberly Bakker, she derived great joy from these traditions and developed a fondness for the sacred feeling it engendered. Pairing her sentimentality with her attention to detail, Bakker set out to create her own event planning business.


Kimberly Bakker Events is her full-service consulting firm, and as the founder of this enterprise, Bakker takes her duties very seriously. In fact, Bakker states that she makes extensive to-do lists and checks them thrice to ensure that no detail goes overlooked. Bakker maintains that making a good impression bodes well for enduring success, which is why she’s a strong proponent of abiding by strict organizational tendencies. What’s more, by paying attention to “small, intricate, and important details,” Bakker believes that experiences are more “wholesome, unique, and successful.” Bakker’s structured mentality is in large part why she thrives in her domain.


When she’s not navigating the ins and outs of her trade, Bakker relishes her role as a doting mother to her beloved daughter. Every morning begins with a healthy mother-daughter breakfast, followed by a rundown of the day’s events. Once Bakker’s ensured that her daughter is prepared for the day, she relinquishes her duties to the caregiver and takes off to work. Upon returning home, Bakker enjoys a relaxing evening with her mini-me, eating dinner, bathing, snuggling, and reading before finally pleading exhaustion. Bakker believes that her ability to strike a balance between personal and work life is her key to success. Get Related Information Here.


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Ever since it commenced operations in 2004, has been growing rapidly due to its strategic moves and innovative use of technology. In recent past, the organization has been stealing all the limelight due to its involvement in projects that spark universal interest. Recently, JD took part in the formation of the urban smart logistics center based in Xiongan China. The research center became a reality after the firm partnered up with various bodies, such as Nankai University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Sinotrans & CC and Shanghai maritime university and several other facilities.


Jingdong announced the launch of the facility during the Global Smart Supply Chain Summit which is usually held every year. This year’s summit was held in Beijing in October. Through the research center, will once again help to protect Mother Nature, and at the same time promote sustainable consumption, by ensuring that businesses can continue with their production activities without impacting the environment negatively.


The primary objective of setting up the facility is to help reduce the number of freight vehicles in Chinese cities, hence reducing the rate of urban traffic emissions. The only way that it will achieve this is by coming up with a framework of underground logistics that will make use of subterranean tracks, and municipal pipe corridors to move products. Such a framework will help in reducing the rate of emissions, and preserving the “above ground space, which would probably be occupied by the myriads of freight vehicles used to move goods.


Additionally, the underground logistics system is even more beneficial, as it will cause little to no disruption of daily life. Apart from’s Chief executive officer, Zhenui Wang, other officials who were present, and agreed with the concept of the urban smart logistics institute. For instance, Chen Xiangsheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that, using underground space to establish a smart logistics system, will help in transforming the town into a Smart City. Thereby, it will eradicate traffic and environmental problems, and at the same time leave more urban space for more productive activities. Go To This Page for additional information.



How Promotes a Sustainable Business Environment


It’s not the first time that is involved in a project that will promote an environmentally friendly business environment. Last year, the company launched the green stream initiative, a program aimed at reducing environmental degradation through the use of degradable packaging materials.


The Company also introduced the concept of hydrogen energy delivery trucks in Shanghai, in an aim to reduce the carbon footprint on the eco-system. JD is indeed a game changer, and it’s no surprise that in less than two decades, the organization has developed in leaps and bounds.



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Kimberly Bakker Tips To Stress Free Holiday Parties October 23, 2018


The holiday season is almost here, so it’s time to start getting serious about planning your parties. Soon you’ll be stressed about last minute arrangements. Time to throw a perfect party is running out, so don’t get less enjoyment from the holidays.

Kimberly Bakker is an event planner, Momtrepreneur; is familiar with balancing all aspects of life with party planning.

Bakker’s specialty is putting together private events for families that people remember for years. She has tips that will help you achieve your gathering with style and grace.



The lifeline of your party is the lists that you will create. There is a list for the invitations you are sending, things you have to do before the day of the party, and the menu. It is better to have multiple lists instead of one long list. Just make sure they are convenient to access.


Host Graciously

According to Kimberly Bakker, the best hosts make putting a party together and throwing one look easy even though it is not. The process can test your patience. This is when it’s time to sit back and enjoy your own party and your guests. Smile, and enjoy the event. You’ll forget all of the stress.


Include the Past

Bakker uses heirlooms from her family whenever possible. Embracing the past is one of the things that she suggests. It doesn’t have to be fancy silverware or fine china; it can be anything, even a special ornament for the Christmas tree that you turn into a centerpiece.


Conversations and Challenging People

The music should be low so that people can interact and carry on conversations. There are some that will not get along. It might help to avoid competition to keep things friendly. See Related Link to learn more.



You don’t have to do everything yourself. Give other people responsibility when they offer to assist you.

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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Shares His Views On The Risks Of Investing October 15, 2018


Businessman Vinod Gupta says that many people would love it if investing were as easy as using a money manager, waiting a bit as they quickly make a sizable sum, and then hand it back to you. It isn’t that quick or simple, though, and there are financial risks involved.


This is especially true for his line of work in regard to risk. Vinod Gupta operates a buyout firm. They invest huge amounts of money into a company in order to turn around its operations and have it start generating a profit. Since what they are investing in is unprofitable and they seek to make it profitable that has a very high degree of risk but also can return a huge amount of money is pulled off successfully.


Vinod Gupta says that calling the American economy something that is changing would be a big understatement. Just over the past few decades, it has collapsed twice and seen a number of bubbles form in various industries. We also have huge debts, both corporate and government in nature, nowadays. He says that how people think about investing their money has changed and there has been an increased need to make an income from alternative methods.


He has been the Manager at Everest Group for the past several years. He is well-known in business circles for taking on a $100 loan and turning that sum of money into a company that was worth $680 million. He says, though, that it’s not just about making money for him. It’s also about making a positive impact in the lives of others. He especially credits education for getting him where he is today so helping others earn a great education is one of his most important callings in life. Go Here for related Information.


In an article with Medium, Vinod shares his Business Advice on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


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