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NewsWatch TV Review: Avanca Indiegogo Campaign Success January 2, 2019

NewsWatch TV is a very well acclaimed TV program that has garnered a lot of award since its erection since 1990. They are a television program that focuses on consumers, entertainment, technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, editorials, sponsored reviews, mobile application reviews, breaking medical news, government news and of course, public service announcements.

  1. Gold Marcom Award for their Nationwide 30 minute television program (2017)
  2. Platinum Marcom Award for their Nationwide 30 minute television program (2017)
  3. 2017 Videographer Award for Excellence in their 30 minute entertainment program
  4. 2016 Silver Telly Award

NewsWatch TV has displayed excellence in their industry that they have been awarded with numerous awards.

NewsWatch TV broadcasts every Monday at 7am on the AMC Network and on all Ion Television subscribers.

One of the companies that have used NewsWatch TV as a platform to advertise their products is Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign – and their goal was to raise over ten thousand dollars for their new start up product that was set to run over 30 days. They needed a platform that was sure to advertise and promote their product healthily and so the hired NewsWatch TV to create a one minute promotional segment as part of the NewsWatch TV Reviews to help promote and advertise their Indiegogo campaign.

NewsWatch TV has been able to help Avanca’s Indiegogo campaign and it actually surmounted to a huge success that was way over requirement – they were able to raise over 400 thousand dollars and that was abou 2939% way over their quote in the 30 days that the campaign run. Avanca Indiegogo Campaign’s partnership with NewsWatch TV was one of the main reasons why their crowdfunding venture was a great success. They found it that they have made one of the best decisions that they made for their company. And they highly recommend NewsWatch TV as partners for every company that has the same goal.

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