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Alex Pall Leads The Chainsmokers Around The World November 6, 2018

The Chainsmokers have been a top electronic dance music act since the release of their single, “#Selfie” which allowed Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to travel the world marketing the song. The question DJs often face is, how to build on the success of a single song? For DJs and producers, this problem is magnified by the fact they are often struggling to get their face known as the lead vocals of most songs are taken by a guest vocalist who often takes credit for the success of the track.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are known for the success they have achieved as DJs and producers of their own songs, but they understand the need to move forward with their recordings and their image. The Chainsmokers image is closely monitored by Pall through various social media platforms, such as Instagram providing instant feedback on the choices made by The Chainsmokers regarding their image and song choices. As the fanbase of the duo has grown to include many nations around the world, the ability to monitor the growth of the producers is made simpler through the use of social media.

The release of any album is stressful and the period before the launch of the debut album, “Memories… Do Not Open” was described by Alex Pall as a difficult time. One of the most impressive aspects of the work of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has been their desire to change the way the DJ is seen in the mainstream. Both performers believe it is important to allow their image to be seen by as many fans as possible who expect more from a show than DJs standing behind decks. In the buildup to the release of their debut album the pressure was on The Chainsmokers from their record label but now fans have high expectations about the direction of the duo. Collaborations with guest vocalists continue but both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have sung on their latest releases to give the world a view of what they can achieve.

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Jeunesse Global creates groundbreaking energy drink March 22, 2018

Jeunesse Global has had an exciting decade. The company was founded in September of 2009 by industry stalwarts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had long been involved in building successful businesses in the direct-marketing industry. Their newest effort was to be a company that focused on the creation of products to fill unaddressed market niches while providing a significant economic opportunity for new distributors across the globe.

From its earliest moments, the strength behind Jeunesse was the ability of Ray and Lewis to harness their vast industry experience in order to quickly build an industry-leading company. Ray was able to focus his efforts on crafting an excellent business plan, which he was then able to quickly begin pitching to many of the direct-marketing industry’s top distribution talent. For her part, Lewis was able to reach into her vast industry contacts while making use of her own personal experience as a successful leader in product development. The culmination of the couple’s combined efforts has been nothing short of astonishing.

While Ray’s efforts at expanding the company’s network of distributors across the world has been both indispensable and an unqualified success, Lewis’ ability to quickly spot underserved market segments and create highly effective products to fill those needs has been extraordinary and a key factor in Jeunesse Global’s rapid rise.

One of the company’s most popular products has been its Nevo energy drink. From the outset, Jeunesse sought to create a different kind of energy drink. Although the presentation of the beverage is similar to other drinks in its market segment, Nevo has some features that make it truly singular among energy drinks.

The first is that it is formulated using almost completely natural ingredients. Unlike many other similar drinks, Nevo taps into the natural energy-generating properties of such ingredients as guarana, yerba mate and green tea. The caffeine is also largely sourced from natural ingredients, which Jeunesse keeps closely guarded as a trade secret.

Nevo comes in four great flavors. These are acai grape, peach mango, lemon ginger and mixed berry. It is only available through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors, who can be contacted from the firm’s website.

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The Success of Tour Manager Clayton Hutson March 2, 2018

Clayton Hutson is a well-respected tour manager. He wears many hats in order to get the job done, and bring an artists’ vision to reality. Clayton has worked with musicians from all genres on tours both small and large. He also has 25 years of live sound experience, and extensive credits in assignments requiring production management, production design, show producing, monitor engineering, rigging, logistics, and stage management. As tour manager, his knowledge of musical engineering and mixing has contributed to his success and longevity in the business. Clayton has been known to quickly find solutions to problems that may arise on tours. One of his early, tours where he did just that, took place in 2005 for the “Bleed Like Me” Tour as monitor engineer for the alternative rock band Garbage. It has continued ever since to the delight of his clients.

He contributed to the “Appetite for Democracy 3D: Live at the Head Rock Casino Las Vegas” for the band Guns & Roses as monitor and production manager, stage designer and lighting designer. Hutson played an integral part in the co-bill tour with soul singer Maxwell, and soul/R&B singer-songwriter Jill Scott. He utilized the SD7 console which enabled Clayton to control both acts in a timely and well-synched fashion. The stage production went off without a hitch due to the mastermind and expertise of Clayton.

Clayton is proud to have brought along the first SD11 console on tour with singer Arron Lewis. Hutson had been using this system for several years which is produced by DigiCo. Clayton decided to obtain the very first SD11 for this specific tour where he worked as the day to day production tour manager, and FOH /monitor engineer. He has incredible skill using almost every console on the market including SD7’s and SD8’s on several one-off gigs. It was a milestone in Hutson’s career to use this technology, and debut it here since Arron Lewis was in an acoustic duo setting entertaining to sold out stages. Lewis headlined 700-seat casinos, churches and honky tonks. He played to 50,000 seat arenas and festivals. Clayton Hutson’s success keeps escalating as he remains a top choice in the industry. Learn more:

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