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Roseann Bennett Incorporates Canine-Assisted Therapy At Her Treatment Center February 20, 2019

Roseann Bennett is the executive director and co-founder of Center for Assessment and Treatment. She is also a successful marriage and family therapist and has been practicing for more than ten years. When Roseann Bennett began her career, she majored in helping adolescents together with their families.

During her many years of being a therapist, Roseann Bennett identified a marketing gap in the industry. She noticed that there was not enough outpatient treatment for people who would not afford expensive therapy treatment. This made her spearhead the formation of the Center for Assessment and Treatment.

Roseann Bennett and her husband formed the Center for Assessment and surgery in 2009 and opened it in 2010. The primary goal for the center is to provide continuous and extensive therapy and counseling sessions to all people regardless of their financial background. When the center began, Roseann Bennett had to use her funds to ensure the survival of the center. See This Page to learn more.

Since Roseann is the executive director of the Center, she is tasked with developing a curriculum for the programs they offer. She also has the responsibility of ensuring that day to day operations at the center are carried out as planned. Roseann is continually searching for new types of therapeutic activities for her patients.

Currently, she has introduced “Canine-Assisted Therapy” to the traditional therapy methods they offer at the center. Roseann Bennett got the idea to use dogs in treatment after noticing the excellent relationship that children who grew up with dogs have with their dogs.

According to her, she has observed these relationships assist children with autism to remain calm. Roseann Bennett then proceeded to include therapy dog, Jack to her center. Roseann Bennett hopes that by including Jack to the treatment center, she will have enhanced patient interventions.


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Roseann Bennett Taking Advantage Of Canine-Assisted Therapy To Assist Her Patients July 19, 2018

The reason why kids love dogs is that they are drawn to the friendliness and playfulness that a dog has. There are so many benefits to having a pet that has been documented the recent recognition is the use of dogs to change the lives of people positively. Roseann Bennett is a therapist at Hackettstown who has made good use of the dog to help the clients face the issues.


Bennett got the license to practice as a marriage and family therapist, and she has been in the field for the past ten years. Through the work of Roseann Bennett, her peers even recognize her. At the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family, she offers her services as the president.


Roseann is among the co-founders of the Center for Assessment and Treatment that opened their doors in 2010. From the time the company was founded, it has been of help to many people. Together with the support of the staff, Bennett ensures that she will be able to offer the best even if they don’t receive the funding to provide the services. Read This Article for more information.


They will work tirelessly to ensure that the community is helped so that they can live life’s that are free from the mental health stigma. Roseann will not turn away the patients even if they don’t have means of paying she will come up with ways to help the patients now and then.


Previously while she was working with kids, that’s where the interest of canine-assisted therapy came to her. According to kids, they find dogs to be calm to them, that’s why they will be their safety net. A kid will feel that the dog does not judge her or him and that they will be safe when the dog is around. Once the kids feel safe, then they will not have any difficulty in opening up.


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Career Achievements Of Shiraz Boghani May 13, 2018

Shiraz is a popular hotelier and he has made a great reputation for himself through his many accomplishments in the sector. Born in Tanzania, Shiraz moved to the United Kingdom in where he launched his ventures that have attracted a vast number of customers since their establishment. His thirty years of experience in the hotel management sector has been marked by commitment and passion to be the best. He is currently the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group and he has helped the firm grow tremendously just like his previous hotels.


Shiraz Boghani has been honored for his ability to establish fast-growing hotels in the UK and he was honored as the hotelier of the year in the awards that were judged by a prominent journalist in the country. His ability to elevate the growth and rise of the Splendid groups firm is impressive and during the awards, the renowned entrepreneur thanked his team of employees for their commitment towards establishing the firm as well as their determination towards accomplishing the firm`s goals.


Shiraz has also successfully established many other hotels in the UK, with Hilton hotel being among his most successful and lucrative hotels. He is also the founder of Sussex Health Care, a firm that provides rare health care services to people. The healthcare community is one of the ways through which Shiraz gives back to the community and his step has been received with a great appraisal.

Sussex health care has since its establishment strived to give the care of the old people as well as people that suffer from mental disorders. Shiraz`s knowledge in the field of investment has seen him support the firm to its current success, and through his team work with the firm’s employees, Sussex has successfully established over 20 homes across the broader parts of England. Go To This Page for additional information.


Due to the dire care that people with neurological conditions require, Boghani has not hesitated to hire an individual that is highly qualified in the field of medicine so that they can correctly identify the exact conditions that such individuals suffer from, as well as establish the right cure to restore their good health. Most people that visit the nursing homes have shown a lot of improvement, thanks to the high-tech equipment that are used in their therapy. Though achieving success in such a filed is quite challenging, Shiraz has taken the initiative to encourage other investors to come together and save the lives of other unfortunate people in the community and by sharing of ideas, Sussex has emerged to be an award-winning health care center in the UK.


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