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The GCPS Names Businessman Aaron Lupuloff As New Senior Executive Director March 7, 2019


The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation (GCPS) of Gwinnett County, Georgia recently named Norcross businessman Aaron Lupuloff as their new senior executive director.

Lupuloff brings over twenty years of experience in the financial sector to the foundation. He graduated from the University of Alabama from 1982 with a degree in Business Administration. Through working in the financial sector, he has held previous positions as a senior managing director for Bear Stearns/JP Morgan, a managing director with Raymond James and most recently he has worked as a managing director for Fifth Third Bank Securities.

Aside from his finance sector work, he has served on the board of the Norcross foundation and was an active member of the local booster club.

Aaron Lupuloff and his wife Jan are also members of other boards, including the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board and UGA’s Disability Resource Center for Students where they help endow three different scholarships for students.

The couple are supporters of other nonprofit and charitable organizations such as Partners Against Domestic Violence, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Camp Twin Lakes. Jan Lupuloff is the current chairperson for Meals on Wheels in Norcross, Duluth and Lilburn. They have four children together. See This Page for more information.

The GCPS is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing financial aid that can help enhance education in Gwinnett County Public Schools. The GCPS is governed by a board of trustees that oversee the foundation. The Foundation are active in the Gwinnett County community and acts as representatives of the county.

The GCPS provides many opportunities for students and educators to earn scholarships and grants.

For the last twenty years the GCPS has hosted the Georgia United High School Scholarship Competition, where over 27,500 in scholarship money is award to Four different students ranging from $10,000 at the highest to $5,000 by the Georgia United Credit Union. The foundation also offers four different grants for teachers and over 30 scholarships for students.


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Vinod Gupta Shows How Persistence Can Pay Off December 31, 2018


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a successful businessman who has never forgotten his roots. His humble beginnings in a small Indian village. The lessons he learned as a child helped him grow and become a self-made millionaire. He started school at the Indian Institutions of Technology. While there Vin Gupta studied agricultural engineering. He continued his education in the United States at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied business and engineering.

After graduating, he went on to work as a marketing research analyst for a mobile home manufacturer. After realizing there was no cohesive list of mobile home dealers, he opted to compile a list by using all of the local phone books in print. After a while, Vin Gupta had compiled quite an extensive list to present to his employer.

After getting a $100 bank loan, Gupta sent out a series of letters to individuals who could take advantage of his database services. He founded American Business Information in 1972. After several years of amassing databases, his company grew to be worth $500 million. In 2010, he sold the company for $680 million.

While Gupta still dabbles in several businesses, it has always been his goal to give back to his community. Gupta recently donated nearly $1 million to the development of a women’s polytechnic institution in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan. The school, established in 2000, promotes “Women’s Education” and allows women the opportunity to achieve a post graduate degree in 24 months.

The polytechnic institute offers classes in textiles, computer applications, technology, and more. He has also set up scholarships for girls who have the desire to further their education after high school. He provides everything that is needed to ensure their success including clothing, books, buses, and more.

Additionally, Gupta has donated more than $50 million of his income toward educational endeavors and advancements. View More Information Here.



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Roseann Bennett Uncovers Some Practical Ways To Help Women In The Workplace December 18, 2018


Women have always faced struggles in the workplace, and Roseann Bennett is hoping that this aspect of women’s lives can improve. Equal pay has been an issue for many years, and continues to be, and women continue to be treated with an obvious lack of respect in many cases. Roseann Bennett is a businesswomen who set up her own mental health agency named the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which has gone a long way towards improving the community she lives in. As a woman entrepreneur, she can offer some advice for how businesses can improve the plight of women in the workplace.

Roseann Bennett has taken note when companies have set up internal diversity goals. Accenture and GE are two companies that have done so, and one of their goals has been to hire a set amount of women within a certain frame of time. Roseann Bennett also believes that transparency is hugely important for companies who are working to make the workplace a less hostile place for women. While some companies may find that this is uncomfortable and difficult to do, they will benefit greatly by being more open about how they are addressing diversity issues. View More Information Here.

Roseann Bennett would like for there to be more information released to the public that highlights the different experiences that women and men have in the workplace. Societal expectations can play a large part in this, but discrimination in the workplace can also be a factor. Roseann Bennett believes that a lot of these kinds of issues can be solved by simply hiring more women.

She also feels that there should be a different kind of recruitment process put in place for hiring women when compared to men. In the end, Roseann Bennett believes that there should be more conversations revolving around how these kinds of issues can be resolved because this is how problems are solved.


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Vinod Gupta Gives Towards Education For Future Indian Entrepreneurs November 6, 2018


Back more than 50 years ago when he left his small village to embark on his academic journey and eventually his professional career leading to becoming a millionaire, Vinod Gupta probably never imagined it would one day have its own polytechnic school for women and become developed with modern services.

But that’s just what he helped it become after successfully growing InfoUSA into an international company and pledging to use the profits to make a difference in countries like India. Gupta also has given to universities in the US and has established grants and scholarship programs helping the underserved student communities. Gupta also invests in startup companies through his family office firm, Everest Group.

Vinod Gupta began his own business by turning what was s big task for the company he worked for at the time into an idea of his own. He had had to find new clients through business listings, and when he realized he was building no leads through the outdated lists, he decided to order yellow page phone books and build updated lists from those. View Additional Info Here.

While this work took quite some time for Gupta to accomplish, Vinod realized he could potentially make money by selling his new business contact lists back to the company. The company didn’t buy it from Gupta, but they did grant his request to be able to sell it to other companies.

The list Gupta built soon turned into other business-to-business contact information, and soon he had a whole database company built. It started with just a few thousand dollars in revenue, but it would grow into millions as it grew its office space, and it eventually reached over $680 million after it was renamed InfoUSA.

Vinod Gupta hired many people from poor communities at the company, and he often traveled around delivering lectures at business schools. He also served in the Clinton administration as the US Consul General to Bermuda.


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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Shares His Views On The Risks Of Investing October 15, 2018


Businessman Vinod Gupta says that many people would love it if investing were as easy as using a money manager, waiting a bit as they quickly make a sizable sum, and then hand it back to you. It isn’t that quick or simple, though, and there are financial risks involved.


This is especially true for his line of work in regard to risk. Vinod Gupta operates a buyout firm. They invest huge amounts of money into a company in order to turn around its operations and have it start generating a profit. Since what they are investing in is unprofitable and they seek to make it profitable that has a very high degree of risk but also can return a huge amount of money is pulled off successfully.


Vinod Gupta says that calling the American economy something that is changing would be a big understatement. Just over the past few decades, it has collapsed twice and seen a number of bubbles form in various industries. We also have huge debts, both corporate and government in nature, nowadays. He says that how people think about investing their money has changed and there has been an increased need to make an income from alternative methods.


He has been the Manager at Everest Group for the past several years. He is well-known in business circles for taking on a $100 loan and turning that sum of money into a company that was worth $680 million. He says, though, that it’s not just about making money for him. It’s also about making a positive impact in the lives of others. He especially credits education for getting him where he is today so helping others earn a great education is one of his most important callings in life. Go Here for related Information.


In an article with Medium, Vinod shares his Business Advice on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


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National Steel Car Is Led By Gregory Aziz For Production Of New Rail Cars September 27, 2018


Each year there are a large number of rail cars that are pulled from the rails in order to make room for more cars to be used. Many of the cars that are pulled from the rails are retired because they are too old to maintain the reliability needed by its customers. One business that knows how to maintain reliability and customer satisfaction is National Steel Car. For this company, they have been in the market of rail cars since the year 1912.

National Steel Car is being operated under the authority of Gregory James Azizv. He has been working to keep the National Steel Car name at the top of the manufacturing of rail cars for a large number of years. As with any other type of transportation, there is always a need for improvements to be made. National Steel Car knows this and understands it.

Gregory James Aziz has signed a contract for the start of production for a number of rail cars to be made under the grain hopper car selection along with new lumber cars. These new cars are going to not only work to transport new products to customers but will also work to bring in more employees to the Hamilton assembly plant.

The new rail cars that are to be made by the National Steel Car label are going to be shorter in size than the older rail models for grain hoppers but will also be lighter when compared to older models.

How can a car that is lighter and shorter be good for farmers due to the idea of cutting back on the shipments however this is not true. The new cars that are lighter and shorter will actually care more than 10% more of the original cars. The original cars are more than 30 years old and are frequently causing problems for the farmers and shippers. Visit This Page to learn more.

The latest changes to be made to the fleet of cars is not just limited to grain hopper cars but also as lumber cars and more. With all of the new changes going into place, the number of people who will be hired to help create these rail cars is going to expand by over 500 new employees to the Hamilton assembly plant alone. That does not include the number of people to be hired by CN Rail for ensuring that their freight arrive on time and without much hassle according to Greg James Aziz.

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