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Steve Ritchie Mission To Restore Papa John’s Former Glory March 15, 2019

Papa John’s has a new professional taking on the position of chief executive officer. Steve Ritchie got the opportunity to serve his company in the respected position not long ago, and he is slowly putting everything in its right order. The businessman knows that the relationship he has with the customers means everything, and he wants to put it in the best order.


Steve Ritchie has been on a simple mission to make the reputation of the pizza company in the best place he can. Having been in the industry all his career life, the businessman has a clear understanding of the market. Everyone now believes that Steve Ritchie PapaJohns has the right tools to make the company better to the customers.


In a recent video that has been shared by Steve Ritchie and his company, the customers have been expecting so much from Papa John’s International  and it is time for them to get what they have always wanted. The video was published in their social media pages not long ago, and everything has started to take the right course.


The former top executive in the company is responsible for the problems Steve Ritchie PaPaJohn’s is trying to solve. In the recent months, the former leader is doing everything possible to make sure that he is control of the firm, and he has been using social media to take control of some of the people who supported him in the past.


Steve Ritchie has been deaf to the numerous threats that have been issued by the former management, and he is only dealing with making the reputation come to the normal state. Not long ago, Steve Ritchie was advised to write an open letter to all his customers and other stakeholders, and it has helped to show that the company is trying to recover from its losses. View Related Info Here.


Steve Ritchie has ordered all his employees to take classes about diversity so that they can prevent the situation that happened in the past to happen again. The sales are expected to continue to grow and return to the former numbers. The company is expected to take on more strategists to make things better.


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The Works Of Steve Ritchie February 25, 2019

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, the third largest pizza company.

Steve has worked in the company for more than 20 years. Papa John’s has a strategy of training its employees to improve its performance. Steve says that equity and diversity were his top priorities when he became CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie leads the company’s global awareness and development.

Steve says that this activity of training is being held into account because of the Starbucks incident. Papa John’s is not going to lose some of its outlets as Starbucks did to focus on the training. The coffee company enhanced its staff to take racial bias training after an arrest of two black customers that they were loitering. The store manager called the police to report the scenario. Some of the citizens in the U.S. called for a boycott due to racism.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns says that this training is not a PR stunt but an effort on educating the staff. The company has merged with the Bank of America which will help in developing strategy and advising them. By 2025, Steve Ritchie looks forward to owning over 100 franchise units and be a director for Fortune 500 companies. Papa John’s is coming up with new technology and making products that are accessible to the bigger public.

He is a graduate from the Seneca high school.He started as a customer service representative of the company in 1996. He has held several positions like the Chief Operating Officer, area supervisor, delivery driver and many more. Papa John’s has over 120,000 employees globally who serve in their 5000 plus stores.He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his family. Find More Information Here.

Before joining Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie owned a local pizza joint in Louisville. He spent most of his time here learning how to work hard and dedicating himself to work. This business gave Steve Ritcie the passion for knowing how the pizza business operates.

Since its existence from 1984, Papa John’s serves as a distributor of pizzas but some outlets have dining areas for customers. The company has markets in Asia, Europe, and America. Steve and his team are dedicated to preparing high-quality pizzas.


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