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Robert Deignan: Drawing from Personal Experience to Administer Entrepreneurial Counseling March 6, 2019

Robert Deignan is a businessman whose professional dedication and love for football took him above and beyond his expectancy of achievement. After graduating from high school with his football scholarship in hand, Deignan made the decision to study as a student at Purdue University where he completed the task of graduating with his Business Management degree in 1995. But upon graduating from college, Deignan’s affinity for football had such a strong hold on him that he was compelled to fulfill a professional career within the sport prior to pursuing his interest in business. He was drafted into the NFL where from 1997 to 1998, he had the privilege to play for the Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. However, after that lifetime goal had been achieved, Robert Deignan then decided to focus his attention on manifesting entrepreneurial objectives. After working with the Fanlink, Inc. project for a few years and making managerial decisions as the Executive Vice President of iS3 for nine years, Deignan felt confident enough from his corporate experiences to establish his own business. Therefore, after working for an anti-malware software company that experienced technical difficulties with customer resolutions, Deignan knew that he could create a company that could handle this issue.

With the idea in mind to incorporate the use of remote technology to troubleshoot and repair technical issues with customers’ phones, tablets, and computers, Deignan launched Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services in August 2011. As CEO and Founder of the Boca Raton,  Florida based company, Robert Deignan strives on the daily to promote the convenience and resourcefulness of screen-sharing technology on a global scale. Moreover, since debuting to the public, ATS had also become certified to be used as an app. From his company’s sustained success, Robert Deignan has been able to formulate several critical pieces of entrepreneurial advice he has been able to use that others can follow to help achieve their personal goals as well. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Deignan states that people must learn to never doubt themselves when business decisions because being instinctive has often proven to be most beneficial for him in his attainment of success. Secondly and thirdly, aspiring entrepreneurs must take the initiative to assess the underlying statistical data behind their business to determine the probability of its success rate prior to investing and to always hire those who are best qualified to carry out your personal objectives. Next, remember to avoid working with friends and family to avoid business stagnation and to always take the personal time to disconnect from the world to enable oneself to reflect on ways to uphold business viability.

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