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Kamil Idris: Speaking out for Intellectual Rights May 9, 2018

When it comes to intellectual rights, one may not readily recognize that the correlation between those and sustainability. Prof. Kamil Idris understands that there is a direct line between the protection of intellectual rights and the growth of the sustainability market. In fact, he recently put out a message discussing how important intellectual property and continued interest in World Intellectual Property Day on April 26th. People do not understand that intellectual property is not just dress designs, movie ideas, and software, it is also the solutions that scientist are coming Up with for many of the growing problems we deal with daily. Intellectual property must be protected not only to encourage scientist to continue their valuable research but also to prevent it from being corrupted by malicious individuals. Prof. Kamil Idris is an exceptional figure and advocate for this sector of the human rights population.


Currently, Prof. Kamil Idris is located at WASD, the World Association for sustainable development. It is here that he serves as president and promotes collaboration among international institutions to help further the development of sustainable scientific research. His interest in the intellectual property has been important to him since he received his Bachelor of Law from a university in his home state of Sudan, Khartoum University. He also holds a doctorate from the University of Geneva in international law. This means that he understands the ins and outs of the legal system, and the importance of human rights. In a lot of ways having a safe and sustained environment is a human right, intellectual property can help guarantee that right.


Looking at the career of Prof. Kamil Idris, you see a portrait of a man who has taken every possible step to increase the awareness of some of the world’s most important issues. It may not always be popular to stop and think about the creators of specific inventions or processes, but it is important to understand where things come from. It is also important when it comes to sustainability to keep that in mind. Prof. Kamil Idris is hopeful that in the future these rights will continue to be protected.

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