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Gulf Coast Western, LLC under the Leadership of Matthew Fleeger May 15, 2019

Gulf Coast Western company was founded in 1970 as a managing venture of gas and oil exploration. The company has grown with time to be the leading oil company in the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. It has operations in other locations that it acquired through partnership and acquisitions. All this is possible through the excellent leadership of Matthew Fleeger who came into the company for the second time as the CEO after amassing a lot of expertise in the business operations.

 The story of Matthew Fleeger

He is an icon in the oil industry and a renowned business person in the region. He is even listed in the who is who list. This icon was passionate about business operations since his youthful time as he was inspired by his father’s operation of the company, Gulf Coast Western. He, therefore, pursued his passion at Southern Methodist University. The studies and acquiring enough knowledge, he delved in the career life, business pursuits.

He served several companies for seven years hopping from one to the other, and by the knowledge, he harnessed from each position, he managed to move up the ranks but late started his own MedSolutions company that dealt in collection and management of medical waste. Because of his excellent management skills, Matthew Fleeger drove this company to drastic success which attracted the attention of Stericycle which bout it at $59 million. He was now forced to go back to Gulf Coast Western where he was the best candidate to take the role of the company’s CEO. He was the most preferred because of his robust knowledge of management.

 Gulf Coast Western, LLC under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger

The company has now expanded its operations in the region with locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Colorado. Oklahoma and taxes. It has grown to what it is now, a leading Oil exploration company in the Gulf Coast.

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Bob Reina: He Can Do It All April 30, 2018

Bob Reina wants to help and for a lot of people, that is half the battle. There are a lot of people in positions of power that could help and should help, but they aren’t helping others. They are too worried about themselves and how they can add money to their bank accounts. They could really be doing something great with that money instead of buying a big flat screen TV. They are too focused on themselves. Bob Reina has always been focused on helping other people and if opportunity knocks, he is going to answer it, each and every time. He knows people are counting on him and he has to deliver. He will deliver it, and people never doubt that fact. Learn more:


With a lot of other bosses and CEO’s out there in the world today, people wonder if their intentions are true or if they are just looking to get some good publicity for themselves. They never worry about that with Bob Reina, which is a great thing. Worry is a waste of time and when people worry, they are not being as productive as they could be or should be with their lives. Bob Reina wants to eliminate all worry from people out there in the world. He wants them to be focused on the task at hand, which they can be with Talk Fusion, the video technology company.


They can be focused on building up their company. This company is their baby. It is something they have thought about, dreamed about, and wanted for the longest time. They just never had anything like it in Talk Fusion before, which is what was holding them back in the past. Now that they have Talk Fusion, they can really soar in their lives and they can really get things off the ground.


Bob Reina would never take any credit or praise for this. He just believes it is what he is supposed to be doing with his life. However, someone has to give this man his due for all that he’s done throughout his career at Talk Fusion.






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