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Surf Air: Airline Of The Future September 4, 2018

You’ve probably heard on the news that millennials are changing the way America does business. Some companies are bitter while others are innovating to suit new tastes. And the revolution can be most easily seen in transportation.


More people are living in cities than ever before. More than 50 percent of the American population will be living in a city in the next decade. This urbanization is due to globalization, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.


Transportation has seen a revolution due to urbanization. Rideshare apps have replaced car ownership for many young people. This actually saves a lot of money. Rideshare companies allow you to be picked up on the spot without having to worry about parking. And the cost savings are tremendous.


The urban millennial doesn’t have to worry about paying for parking, oil changes, fuel, tires, windshield wipers or car insurance. It turns out that a few rideshares per week add up to weigh less than the cost of ownership. But rideshare isn’t the only way millennials are changing transportation.


Efficiency is key. A bicycle in a city like Los Angeles allows the urban millennial to zip through traffic while simultaneously providing an opportunity for a workout. And scooters are becoming the next big craze. The electrified skateboard with handlebars is even available for scooter share in some cities.


It seems that Surf Air will be the airline of the future. The private airline’s members are allowed to schedule charter flights through the company’s app. It’s almost like a rideshare for air travel.


But Surf Air continues to innovate for ease and efficiency. The airline has its own terminal at the busy LAX Airport to allow for easy departures. Bags are taken right away as the flier is treated to private security, customs and immigration checks.


Surf Air flies to destinations all around the world, but the company often uses private airports to make departure even quicker. Surf keeps relationships with ride companies, hotels and vacation tour guides to make it even easier. The company claims it saves fliers two hours per trip. It could be the airline of the future. See This Page for additional information.



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