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Setting Your Financial Goals with Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions December 19, 2017

Education is a key element in any financial plan. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions knows that educating yourself about options to reach your financial goals will lead to your financial success. His organization uses a three pillar approach to tackle goals effectively. The first pillar is mapping out where you want to be financially. The second pillar defines the obstacles and resources you have available to reach your goals. The third and final pillar is the implementation of the tasks needed to reach those goals.


  1. Defining Your Financial Goals

This is an important first step towards reaching your desired outcome. Richard Blair defines this as a road map with your origin and destination clearly defined. It is a necessary step to understand what your financial goals are before you jump into any investment strategies. This is the time to take advantage of the tools and resources Wealth Solutions has available to flesh out your goals successfully.


  1. Sorting out the Obstacles and Resources

In this second pillar you need to write down the obstacles you’ll face to reach your goals. Some obstacles may not be readily seen, but others are glaringly obvious. Blair has an extensive knowledge of common obstacles that trip people up when trying to reach desired goals. His team of financial experts can help you set and define your individual short and long term goals. They can also help you uncover resources that you may not be aware that you can use.


  1. Establishing an Investment Strategy

Once you have completed an analysis of your short and long term financial goals, you will need to set them in motion. A good solid investment strategy can make a big difference in reaching your financial goals. Wealth Solutions provides financial advice and resources to help you establish an investment strategy that will help you reach your financial goals.


Richard Blair with his over twenty years of financial experience is well versed in the financial markets. He understands the market’s fluctuations and has helped thousands reach their financial goals. His clients include small businesses in the Austin area and many rich families in the Houston area. Wealth Solutions was founded in 1994 with the basic premise of making a positive and significant difference in people’s lives. Blair’s success in helping clients reach their retirement and other financial goals is legendary.


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