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Grace Farm’s Efforts Towards Nature Appreciation Through Sharon Prince, As Its President March 15, 2019

Grace Farms is a cultural institution that sits on more than 80 acres of beautiful landscapes. It’s open for visits by the public through which it not only tries to increase appreciation for nature but also tries to impact education and also show the need for nature preservation. Through this visits, people get to interact with nature, people from various cultures as well as leaders who have mastery in diverse disciplines. The public can also take part in various programs within the site. View Related Info Here.

Seasonal Bounties are some of the offerings that can be found within Grace Farm. These are mostly in summer whereby visitors can participate in activities such as catch-and-release fishing, exploration through nature walks not forgetting casual games with each other. Grace Farms is also a top destination for anyone who is interested in viewing the beauty of various diverse plants, trees and flowers. The vibrant colors from the scene also provide a perfect spot for taking exquisite photographs.

During winter, the beauty of trees filled with snow is also a beauty to behold and worthy of taking a photograph or two. It’s also a nice time to come into contact with various animals and observe their behavior. Ecological Appreciation and Biodiversity is also another aspect that can be explored within Sharon Prince Grace Farms. This is as seen through the various habitats that embrace diverse indigenous animals. This is one goal that the president, Sharon has put emphasis on.

Meadows are also another initiative that Sharon Prince Grace Farms has put effort in restoring thus providing natural habitats to bees, birds and even butterflies. These birds include the endangered Kestral Falcon which have chosen the serene habitat within the farm. In addition to all these initiatives, Grace Farms also offers Gardening Education and Earth Day Celebrations to its visitors.

Grace Farm’s president, Sharon Prince, has been at the helm of ensuring all these initiatives are successfully implemented and ran within the farm in order to achieve its vision of a shared public space that focuses on appreciation of nature.

Through her leadership, the farm has bagged various awards such as Architecture Honor Award and Innovation by Design Award. Sharon Prince herself, also received the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award along with the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award”.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farm Foundation has helped Sharon Prince fight against issues such as human trafficking, violence on women and child exploitation.


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