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Gregory Aziz: Exceptional Businessman and Person December 13, 2017

1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oIn London, Ontario a small baby was born on April 30th of 1949. The baby was named Gregory James Aziz, or James Aziz, and he would go on to do some incredible things. One of the first things that Aziz did that really set the tone for his life journey, was expand his studies in business. He became educated at Ridley College and from there went to the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. This was his first taste of the business world, and he liked it.


James Aziz’s decision to go into the business world was not that far removed from the general goals of his family. The owners of Affiliated Foods, the Aziz family was very much interested in putting their mark on the world. Affiliated Foods was established in 1968, but Greg Aziz did not start working there until 1971 after he graduated. The small grocery supply company took off over the 16 years that Aziz worked there, in part due to their decision to start importing fresh food from Europe, Central America, and South America. This had not been done before by anyone in their industry and set an example for innovation that Gregory J Aziz has carried throughout his life.


1994 was a big year for Aziz because he purchased the company National Steel Car from Dofasco. The company had once been a treasured railcar manufacturing and engineering plant in the heart of Hamilton Ohio. While many warned that the company was in ruins, Aziz saw what the company could become.


The first thing that he did was push for a bigger workforce that would be equipped with better training. This step helped secure the TTX SECO award for the highest quality product in 1996, only two years after Aziz took over. Later the company would go on to get there ISO 900I: 2008 certification in 1999. They are one of the only companies in North America to hold this prestigious certification. To this day, National Steel Car still holds both distinct honors. Aziz has never wavered on his desire to create a strong company. See This Article to learn more.


In addition to their commitment to growth, National Steel Car gives back to their community in a variety of ways. They are patrons of the local arts and donate to various local charities. Aziz and his wife are also the sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With all his hard work, Aziz has not only been a good businessman, but also a very exceptional person.