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Kimberly Bakker The Business Woman And Matriarch December 18, 2018


Kimberly Bakker is an American business woman born in San Francisco, California. Kimberly started off with early success in her life, she graduated high school with honors and then went on to attend USC University. Kimberly Bakker graduated from USC with a business degree in 1992. While attending USC Kimberly Bakker was the Women’s Advocate for the Panhellenic Board.

She also held down a full-time job as the Director of Sales and Marketing for L’ermitage Hotels for senior year. This earned her the Outstanding Senior award from USC. Kimberly Bakker started her own events management firm in 2000 called Kimberly Bakker Events. She has 15 years of experience in this business ranging from event planner, fundraising, and PR account executive.

Kimberly Bakker is also a very successful “Momtrepreneur”. She takes care of her morning mommy duties herself. Her morning routine consist of pampering herself and then tending to her daughter Quinian’s morning routine. She then checks her to do list and starts her day with poise, grace, and fierce success. When Kimberly is hosting an event she has everything organized so that the staff can operate the event smoothly and she monitors the event while mingling with the guests. Bakker also supports local businesses by choosing them as vendors for her events. Bakker values the way small businesses has personalized customer service. A few keys to Bakker’s company success is to ensure all guests, honorees,and attendees feel welcomed, cherished, and valued.

Kimberly’s family lineage is very rich and played a pivotal part in shaping parts of Northern California. Coleman Walker Graves is her great-great grandfather and he was San Francisco’s Assistant District Attorney in 1848. Kimberly is so proud that she even hangs a plaque from the Society of California Pioneers that documents her family’s arrival in Northern California. Kimberly Bakker grew up on a cattle ranch and she enjoyed the land. This upbringing motivated her to provide her daughter with the same thing. Kimberly Baker is an example two women in America and across the globe of how you can be successful as a business woman and most importantly as a mom. See This Article to learn more.


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