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Kimberly Bakker: The Mom, The Entrepreneur, The Trailblazer November 5, 2018


Cultivated, enterprising, and ambitious, Kimberly Bakker is the quintessential businesswoman. From a tender age, Bakker’s flair for event planning was unmistakable. From throwing elaborate parties for imaginary guests to hosting elaborate soirées for her stuffed animals, Bakker’s prowess as a party planner manifested early on. Bakker ascribes her aptitude for planning to the family rituals her mother upheld. According to Kimberly Bakker, she derived great joy from these traditions and developed a fondness for the sacred feeling it engendered. Pairing her sentimentality with her attention to detail, Bakker set out to create her own event planning business.


Kimberly Bakker Events is her full-service consulting firm, and as the founder of this enterprise, Bakker takes her duties very seriously. In fact, Bakker states that she makes extensive to-do lists and checks them thrice to ensure that no detail goes overlooked. Bakker maintains that making a good impression bodes well for enduring success, which is why she’s a strong proponent of abiding by strict organizational tendencies. What’s more, by paying attention to “small, intricate, and important details,” Bakker believes that experiences are more “wholesome, unique, and successful.” Bakker’s structured mentality is in large part why she thrives in her domain.


When she’s not navigating the ins and outs of her trade, Bakker relishes her role as a doting mother to her beloved daughter. Every morning begins with a healthy mother-daughter breakfast, followed by a rundown of the day’s events. Once Bakker’s ensured that her daughter is prepared for the day, she relinquishes her duties to the caregiver and takes off to work. Upon returning home, Bakker enjoys a relaxing evening with her mini-me, eating dinner, bathing, snuggling, and reading before finally pleading exhaustion. Bakker believes that her ability to strike a balance between personal and work life is her key to success. Get Related Information Here.


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