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Kimberly Bakker Tips To Stress Free Holiday Parties October 23, 2018


The holiday season is almost here, so it’s time to start getting serious about planning your parties. Soon you’ll be stressed about last minute arrangements. Time to throw a perfect party is running out, so don’t get less enjoyment from the holidays.

Kimberly Bakker is an event planner, Momtrepreneur; is familiar with balancing all aspects of life with party planning.

Bakker’s specialty is putting together private events for families that people remember for years. She has tips that will help you achieve your gathering with style and grace.



The lifeline of your party is the lists that you will create. There is a list for the invitations you are sending, things you have to do before the day of the party, and the menu. It is better to have multiple lists instead of one long list. Just make sure they are convenient to access.


Host Graciously

According to Kimberly Bakker, the best hosts make putting a party together and throwing one look easy even though it is not. The process can test your patience. This is when it’s time to sit back and enjoy your own party and your guests. Smile, and enjoy the event. You’ll forget all of the stress.


Include the Past

Bakker uses heirlooms from her family whenever possible. Embracing the past is one of the things that she suggests. It doesn’t have to be fancy silverware or fine china; it can be anything, even a special ornament for the Christmas tree that you turn into a centerpiece.


Conversations and Challenging People

The music should be low so that people can interact and carry on conversations. There are some that will not get along. It might help to avoid competition to keep things friendly. See Related Link to learn more.



You don’t have to do everything yourself. Give other people responsibility when they offer to assist you.

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