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Roseann Bennett Uncovers Some Practical Ways To Help Women In The Workplace December 18, 2018


Women have always faced struggles in the workplace, and Roseann Bennett is hoping that this aspect of women’s lives can improve. Equal pay has been an issue for many years, and continues to be, and women continue to be treated with an obvious lack of respect in many cases. Roseann Bennett is a businesswomen who set up her own mental health agency named the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which has gone a long way towards improving the community she lives in. As a woman entrepreneur, she can offer some advice for how businesses can improve the plight of women in the workplace.

Roseann Bennett has taken note when companies have set up internal diversity goals. Accenture and GE are two companies that have done so, and one of their goals has been to hire a set amount of women within a certain frame of time. Roseann Bennett also believes that transparency is hugely important for companies who are working to make the workplace a less hostile place for women. While some companies may find that this is uncomfortable and difficult to do, they will benefit greatly by being more open about how they are addressing diversity issues. View More Information Here.

Roseann Bennett would like for there to be more information released to the public that highlights the different experiences that women and men have in the workplace. Societal expectations can play a large part in this, but discrimination in the workplace can also be a factor. Roseann Bennett believes that a lot of these kinds of issues can be solved by simply hiring more women.

She also feels that there should be a different kind of recruitment process put in place for hiring women when compared to men. In the end, Roseann Bennett believes that there should be more conversations revolving around how these kinds of issues can be resolved because this is how problems are solved.


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