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Sharon Prince Founder Of Grace Farms A Safe Haven For All March 13, 2019

In 2009 Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms Foundation with the objectives to enhance lives through enhancing engagement with nature, the arts, and justice for all her clients, and faith in community. The non-profit organization was spearheaded to be a free, public space for individuals to share.

She commissioned SANAA to design the building that would be used by the organization. SANAA has won prizes such as the Pritzker Prize for their accomplishments. The organization since it opened has been a safe haven where people find peace and grace to face their daily lives and struggles. The organization has made significant contributions to the fields of architecture, environmental sustainability, and social wellness.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’ contributions have been recognized and awarded awards such as AIA National 2017 Architecture honor award, Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award which they got for the social wellness contributions. In addition, the company received the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize from the Illinois Institute of technology where Sharon Prince participated in the symposium Reimagining the Metropolis.

Sharon Prince was personally awarded the AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury for her own invaluable contributions to the architectural industry. Sharon Prince maintained firm footing on her disapproval for child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women, over the years through the foundation.

In an article with Medium, entitled “Exercise Your Voice in Everyday Moments”, Sharon Prince shared that embracing hopeful progress and use our voices in the moment, could create a world of respect and parity. Our voices matter. Collectively, they are our greatest instrument for change in the world.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms owns over 80 acres of vast land that was previously being destroyed by human activity. The land is now being restored to its former glory through conservation efforts. The species of birds that had been displaced are now making a comeback. The different seasons on the landscape accentuates the beauty of the land. The community garden in the property offers visitors a chance to learn the importance of self-sustainability, community involvement in matters of environment and stress relief effect that the outdoors have.


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