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Market America CEO has Revolutionized the way People Shop August 16, 2017

Market America was founded in 1992. The company was started by former top Amway distributor JR Ridinger and his wife as a mean to empower entrepreneurs. The headquarter of the enterprise is located in Greensboro, NC. The company prides itself of having made over 300 millionaires worldwide and employed over 650 employees. The enterprise focuses on product brokerage and digital marketing services it also conducts business through several affiliated companies spread across the globe. The company is among the leading social products and service retailers in the world with an experience of over 20 years.


Market America offers diverse products and services including health and nutrition, automotive care, personal care, cosmetics products, personal financial management among others. The company initially operated under the domain name ‘’ However, it changed to ‘’ to expand the cash-back program. It operates under a simple business model which involves marketing of products manufactured by other companies. It highly relies on experienced distributors who earn money from product sales commissions and recruitment of new members to their sales team.


About Market America CEO


JR Ridinger was born in New Jersey, and he is the current president and CEO of Market America, Inc. The company operates in over nine countries worldwide. Under his leadership, the company has tremendously expanded to become one of the successful business models in the world. The company makes an average annual sale of over one billion dollars. Market America CEO is a hardworking and a visionary entrepreneur, and he has revolutionized the way people shop. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife and two daughters.

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