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Waiakea Water Leads in Innovation Once Again with Industry’s First Eco-Conscious Bottle November 14, 2017

Next year when Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water changes to their new packaging it will not only be a major milestone for the company, but also for the bottled water industry on the whole. The reason for this is that Waiakea is going to become the first ever bottled water producer to use a bottle that is fully degradable. This massive leap forward in food and beverage packaging was not an easy thing to accomplish to be sure, but it will position Waiakea as the leader in the industry in terms of eco-friendly consumer marketing.

The secret to producing a bottle that is strong enough to survive the rigors of manufacturing and market placement, but which is able to break down easily was found not in a different type of plastic, but in a different type of manufacturing of the bottles. Waiakea is going to be the first distributor to use the patented TimePlast nano-additive which helps to facilitate the natural breakdown of plastics at a much faster rate than ever before. With the use of TimePlast, the plastic which comprises the bottles will have their lifespan reduced from 1500 years to only 15. This, combined with a new reduced package design and the fact that the bottles are already 100% RPET, meaning that they are made fully of recycled plastic to begin with, provides for a 98% eco-friendly packaging model that is sure to be copied by distributors in all markets of the food and beverage industry.

Waiakea is no stranger to innovation. The company is the first to bring natural volcanic spring water to the marketplace. They use a very fast bottling process which delivers the freshest product and they introduce natural minerals to the water which have been long believed by the island’s residents to be in part responsible for their long life and good health. The minerals are introduced via the one of a kind filtering process which passes the water through multiple layers of volcanic rock. This gives mimics the same process that the islands drinking water undergoes, which makes it among the most desirable in the entire world. The pure, clean taste and unique product qualities have made this one of the fastest growing market entries in recent years. Waiakea is not only the most popular bottled water brand in the state of Hawaii, but has found itself quickly growing to markets across the United States and even into the international arena.

Waiakea is not only changing the industry with its new bottle, but is also making waves so to speak, with its other corporate philosophies, which include being 100% carbon neutral, operating on a fully sustainable manufacturing model, and being ethically sound and socially conscious in everything that they do. Waiakea is sure to be an innovator and marketplace leader in the packaged beverage market for some time if they keep thinking outside of the traditional box, or in this case bottle.

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